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King Wilhelm looks on while Queen Vienna speaks as they sit upon the Thrones of the East during their last court.

Photo courtesy of Disa Michel

Bright and early in the morning on April 6th A.S. LIII, known in the common era as 2019 Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna arrived at the Coronation of Their successors, Ozurr and Fortune. Before the Coronation ceremony it’s self would begin, They had some final awards and accolades to bestow, and so Their Final Court began not long after They arrived.

The very first name the herald called that day was Anne De Basillon. She was brought forward by an honor guard, and as she knelt before her King and Queen, King Wilhelm teased her that this last year was like 1000 quests for her. He then urged her to be quiet and listen, which she finally did, as a scroll, which had been written by The King himself and made by Katherine Stanhope, was read. This scroll spoke of her many fine qualities and named her a Baroness of the Court. Then she was given both a long term loan of Baroness Maria von Ossenheim’s personal coronet, and a leather battle coronet made just for her.

Next the Queen called for Malcolm, Brigantia Herald of the East, for he had business with the court. Once he had come forward, he turned and called for Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah and Wulfgar Silfrahárr to come before their King and Queen. Once they were standing before Wilhelm and Vienna, The Queen took Treannah’s hand and spoke of their long history together, of how young She had been when they first met, and how glad She was that Treannah had been Their herald, and asked that she accept the Queen’s Cypher, which Treannah most gladly did. The King then addressed both Treannah and Wulfgar, and spoke about how they may have come to this reign as Vienna’s friends, but how now He counted them among His as well, and He asked Wulfgar to accept His Cypher, which he gladly did.

Treannah quickly got back to work, calling for Serafina Reis to come forward. King Wilhelm spoke about how many might not know her as a combat archer, and recalled being killed “a whole lot” by her at 100 Minutes War. She is also a photographer and had been a retainer for this reign as well, and so They would give to her an Award of Arms this day. With a scroll made for her by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova and Isa of Ruantallan, Lady Serafina was introduced for the first time.

Katerina de la Bere was called before Queen Vienna next. They promised one another not to cry, as the Queen spoke of how Katerina had done “all the work” and She would give Katerina Her Cypher in gratitude.

Wilhelm and Vienna pose with their personal household and regnal staff. Photo by Disa Michel.

Klaus Winterhalter, the Captain of the Queen’s Guard, was called forward now. As he knelt before Queen Vienna, She expressed Her gratitude for all the setup and breakdown and organization, for all the work he had done to ensure She was looked after. She would give him Her Cypher as well.

The herald called for Kiena Stewart – who could be heard by all to exclaim “oh! That’s me!” as she came forward. Queen Vienna would thank Their Chief of Staff with Her Cypher as well, for not only had Kiena helped coordinate many things, but she had been a steady presence, and a calming voice throughout the reign.

Next the name of Ysabella de Draguignan was called. While this gentle was not present, The Queen expressed Her gratitude to Their Event Coordinator, who had also helped with scheduling for staff and retainers, and announced that She was giving to her a Queen’s Cypher.

Katherine Barr of Cumberland was now called before The Queen. In gratitude for keeping things moving properly throughout the reign, and for all Katherine had done for Them and the Kingdom of the East, Queen Vienna would give her Her Cypher as well.

The King would see Goerijs Goriszoon before Him now. King Wilhelm spoke of all the travels, and toting of things, and building of things that this man does to support a reign as Chamberlain of the East Kingdom. In gratitude for so much work, He would give to Goerijs His Cypher.

The next name the herald called was Erhart von Stuttgart, who had been the Award Scheduler for the reign. He came forward with his son toddling along at his side. The toddler handed Queen Vienna a rose, charming all present. Queen Vienna would give Erhart Her Award of Esteem in recognition of all his work.

The herald now called for Khay of Clarion. King Wilhelm spoke about how watching this brand new fighter see the SCA through new eyes, brought back His own passion for things He’d been doing for years. The time had come to make Khay a Lord of Their Court, and with his Award of Arms it was so. A scroll by Tiffan Fairaday was read, and Lord Khay was presented.

The Deputy Captain of the Queen’s Guard, Vasia von Königsberg was next called before The Queen, for She would see Vasia awarded the Queen’s Award of Esteem for all she had done throughout the reign.

The Queen would have Trentus Nubianus before Her now. He had stepped up as the point person for the Queen’s Guard many times, and again She would see those efforts recognized with Her Award of Esteem.

The Queen’s Thrown Weapons Champion, Matteo Genovese, was next to hear his name. As he knelt before Her Majesty, they made a “no crying” pact. Queen Vienna thanked him profusely for making her feel so welcomed by the thrown weapons community, though King Wilhelm noted that he was not quite as grateful as the Queen was. The Queen, undeterred, would give Matteo Her Award of Esteem.

The Queen called for Joachim Liechtenauwer to come before her now. As he knelt there before Her, She spoke about how he had gone to hell and back for Them. Following Them from one end of the Kingdom to the other, and even outside the Kingdom. For this She would give to him Her Award of Esteem.

Her Majesty next had the Herald call for Lucie Lovegood. While she was not present today, Queen Vienna would have all know that Lucie had coordinated the State Dinner at Birka, and then gotten wrangled into so many other tasks. More tasks than one person could reasonably handle – and She wanted to be sure that Lucie knew how very much They appreciated her and her efforts, and giving her a Queen’s Award of Esteem seemed very much in order.

Now the herald called for Wulfgar Michel. This gentle had been raised in the SCA, he was a heavy weapons fighter, a bartender, a yurt maker and an all-around great person. Their Majesties would see all this acknowledged with an Award of Arms. With a scroll by Elizabeth Lovell and Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, Wulfgar was presented as a Lord of Their Court.

Next Jacob Fisher, Bartholomew Sharpe, Agapios Cargos, Christoffel d’Allaines-sur-Comte, Asher de Lincolia, and Colin MacKenzie were all called before Her Majesty. All of them had served as Queen’s Guards and attended many events in order to serve, Queen Vienna would give them each Her Award of Esteem in gratitude.

Niclaß Michel (called Hugar)and Disa Michel were next called before the King and Queen. Their Majesties would see both Awarded Arms, for all of their participation in the SCA. Niclaß received a scroll made by Sláine báen Ronán, and Disa a scroll by Eadaoin Chruitire, and a new Lord and Lady were introduced to all gathered.

The names Deirdre of Mitgaard, Safiya al-Naghira, Vigmarr Nefsbrjøtr, Suuder Saran and Mikael Melrakki were all called. All of these gentles had also served as Queen’s Guards, and also attended many events and served faithfully. They too would have a Queen’s Award of Esteem from Her Majesty.

Onora inghean Ui Ruairc now heard the herald call her name. As she knelt before the King and Queen, King Wilhelm spoke about how absolutely breathtaking her scroll work was, and about how evident her passion for this art was. He next mentioned that there was an award in the East for a single work or performance, that manifests and represents the fire and passion of the East Kingdom arts. He would see her receive this award, and gave to her the Golden Lyre, symbolized by a medallion bearing that very symbol upon it.

Queen Vienna awards her Order of Courtesy to His Majesty. Photo by Lady Deirdre of MITGaard

Queen Vienna awards her Order of Courtesy to His Majesty. Photo by Lady Deirdre of MITGaard

His Majesty, thinking this was the last award, stood to speak. However, Queen Vienna, suggested He wait just a moment – for She had one more award to give. She spoke about how there was one who’s courtesy was a true inspiration to Her, and that as the very last award She would give, She would give to Wilhelm, Her Queen’s Order of Courtesy. As the King knelt now before Her, She gave to Him Her glove.

He arose, and stood beside her, and with a few final words about how eye opening His time as King of the East had been. About how after 30 years in the SCA, He had only seen the small portion of the Society that is the Heavy Weapons community, and now He has seen and knows how amazing the rest of what the SCA encompasses is, and He is excited to take part in it.

Her Majesty called forward all of Her Queen’s Guards, and one at a time, took their baldrics back, and thanked them for their service as She dismissed them.

Which closed the final court of King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna of the East Kingdom.

Court Heralds were Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Anne de Basillon, Kirsa Oyutai and Silent Heralds: Oda Lally.

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.
Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah