Golden Seamstress Challenge II


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Pennsic has passed. The insistent drumbeats of war have faded, allowing us to once again listen to gentler melodies. If you listen carefully, you can hear the siren song of the muses, coaxing you to the arts. The weather is (FINALLY) growing cooler; the creative juices begin to flow. The urge is upon us to… make something. And yet we also still want to *crush our opponents.* And then, you know, have dinner with them. How to reconcile these urges?

Do we have a deal for you!

The Barony Beyond the Mountain is *delighted* to host our second Golden Seamstress Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

Assemble a team of up to six crazy, err… motivated sewers. READ THE RULES. Alert the event steward that you intend to drive your opposition weeping from the field, err… that you intend to compete. READ THE RULES. Plan your outfit. Assemble your tools and materials. Assemble your snacks! (WE am STILL in awe of the snacks from last year.) Arrive on site on Friday October, 26, and at 10pm… SEW! SEW LIKE THE WIND!

As an aside, we should see if we can find someone who looks reasonably like Martin Short to roam the event saying that at random intervals. But we digress.

Eighteen hours later, the judges will determine whose snack fueled visions will take bragging rights for this year. (Seriously – the snacks were amazing.) And then win or lose, you can wear it to Crown Tournament to wow the masses and casually say “Oh, this? This is just something we whipped up at Golden Seamstress.”

You know you want to.

All the details can be found via the event announcement: Please note that only the first link to the full website is functional.

For honor and glory! And snacks!

Unofficial Court Report – Ducal Challenge


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On Saturday September 8th, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn did visit their Barony of of Settmour Swamp to hold their annual Ducal Challenge. In the morning before the tourney, Their Majesties did call in the following individuals and send them on vigil: Anastasia da Monte for Defense, Arne Ulrichsson for Chivalry, and Ellesbeth Donofrey for the Pelican.

Many combattants entered the challenge set for by Their Majesties, and all went home with a new piece of art, having been created as the entry fee by combattants or sponsors.

In the afternoon, Their court was reopened. Their Majesties announced an Exile from the Realm. Additionally, many newcomers to the Society received tokens, the toybox was run by Duke Hans of the Kingdom of the West, and everyone in attendance sang Happy Birthday to celebrate His Majesty’s birthday.

The following gentles were awarded as follows:


SCA Name Award Scroll
Eyjá of the Isles Award of Arms Scroll forthcoming
Thora Kottr Award of Arms C&I: Audrye Beneyt

W: Malcolm Bowman

Dominico of Settmour Swamp Award of Arms C&I: Embla Knútrdottir

W: Malcolm Bowman

Sigvardr halfdanarson Silver Brooch Katherine Stanhope
Chiba Touta Yoshitaki Silver Brooch No scroll
Isabel del Okes Silver Brooch No scroll
Anastasia da Monte Defense C&I: Kay Leigh MacWhyte, Vettorio Antonello
W: Donovan Shinnock, Marguerite ingean Lochlainn, Ridolfo Capo Ferro
Galvyn Lockhart King’s Order of Excellence Christiana Crane

W: Nicol mac Donnachaidh


Lexi of House Full Circle Award of Arms Svea the Shortsighted
Phelippe le Vigneron Troubadour Cup only
Arne Ulrichsson Chivalry I: Thyra Eiriksdottir

C: Eloise of Coulter

Emeline la Chauciere QoC Glove Only
Katerina Falconer de Lanark Silver Rapier Tactus Malus Scriptorium
Mýrún Leifsdóttir Silver Rapier C&W: Tola Knitýr

I: Elizabeth Elenore Lovell

Magnus Tindal OTC Vettorio Antonello
Jan Janowicz Bogdanski King’s Order of Excellence Icon by: Emma Makilmone

C: Aleksei Dimitriev

Wynflæd aet Hamtunscire (previously Wynflaed of Bergental) Court Barony w Grant C&I: Shoshana Gryffyth

W: Edmund Beneyt

Ellesbeth Donofrey Pelican C&I: Jonathan Blaecstan

W: Dietrich Schwelgengraber


Thus concluded Ducal Challenge.


Thank you to Malcolm Bowman for running court, and to Marion Kirkpatrick, Pagan Graeme & Thomas de Castellan for helping him to herald.



Lady Liadan ingen Chineada

Unofficial Court Report – Adventus in Eisental


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On Saturday August 25th, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn did visit their Shire of Eisental to attend Adventus in Eisental. Many festivities were held throughout the day to the delight of all. In the afternoon, Their Majestier did open their court. Many newcomers were gifted tokens, and His Majesty ran the toybox for the children attending.

Additionally, these gentles were awarded as follows:


SCA Name Award Scroll
Merlyn Kuster AoA Hedda Bonesetter
Malys MacGregor AoA Shoshana Gryffyth
Reinhert Der Spinner AoA C&I: Wulfgar Silverbraid

W: Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah

Sophia Von Konastanz Silver Wheel I: Ellesbeth Donofrey

C: Mariette de Bretagne

Brit Taillyell Silver Wheel Aaradyn Ghyoot
Derek Fairhair Court Baron C: Brennan mac Fearghus

I: Harold von Auerbach

W: Anastasia Guta


Thus concluded Adventus in Eisental.


Thank you to Malcolm Bowman for running court, and to Lady Sláine báen Ronán FitzRobert for helping him to herald.



Lady Liadan ingen Chineada

Unofficial Court Report – Pennsic War 47


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In early August, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn did visit the Kingdom of Aethelmearc and bring their army to attend the 47th Pennsic War. Many contests, tournaments and combats were held over many days, and in the end, the East Kingdom and their allies were victorious.

Over several days, Their Majesties held several courts and gentles were awarded as follows:


Sunday Princess Lynette Semere of Atlantia QoC no scroll
Sunday Ioannes Valerius Severus Silver Tyger Tola Knitýr
Monday Zhigmun’ Czypsser OTC I: Honig Von Sommerfeldt

C: Onoro inghean Ui Rorke

W: Ryouko’jin of the Ironskies

Monday Hakan Al Bashir OTC C&I: Robin dit Dessaint

W: Mohamad Sevim Oglu Gowan Oglu

Monday Charlotte Orr, known as Charlie Award of Arms Aislinn Chiabach & Broccin MacIvyr
Monday Kelsi mac Phárlain Award of Arms Triona MacCasky
Monday Auron MacInstalker Award of Arms I: Lorita deSiena

C: Faolan an Sccreccain

W: Aislinn Chiabach

Court Pesha, known as Gypsy Court Barony scribe unknown
Court Brigid nyn Thomas O’Neill Award of Arms Donnchadh mac Eóin
Court Sarah le Payller Silver Wheel Sláine báen Ronán
Court Catalina de Valencia Silver Wheel C&I: Mairi Crawford

W: Edmund Beneyt

Court Erin inghean Chonchobhair Silver Wheel no scroll
Court Yehoshua HaLevi Award of Arms no scroll
Court Jonathan Miles Chivalry C: Charis Accipiter

I: Charis Accipiter, Orlando Sforza, Melora of Settmour Swamp

W: Orlando Sforza

Court Murdock (of Buckland Cross) Award of Arms C&I: Malys MacGregor

W: Reinert der Spinner

Court Raymonda the Second Award of Arms Ommadan inigena Ru (aka Mouse)
Court Nissa Karahisari of the West QoC no scroll
Court Cassius Pontianus Silver Brooch Katherine Stanhope
Court Sorcha inghean Ui Neill Silver Brooch C&I: Mairi Crawford

W: Marian Kirkpatrick

Court Melina del Andalousia Silver Brooch Robin dit Dessaint
Court Calliagh Award of Arms Leonete d’Angely
Court Ännlin Ulrich Award of Arms Ulfiedr Artudottir

c:  Elisif Hoarr Kona

Court Musa Thorsonsdottir Award of Arms C&I: Leonete d’Angely

W: The Northern Ravens

Court Arabella de Mere Maunche Elen Alswyth of Eriskay
Court Gnaea Celera Maunche C&I: Sunniva Ormstung

W: Estgar aet Hrofeceastre

Court Tree of the Forest Pelican Kis Marika
Court Eldrich Gaiman Silver Crescent C&I: Mýrún Leifsdóttirr

W: Lorenzo Gorla

Court Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin Silver Crescent Ekaterina Volkova
Court Bric James Beech Court Baron I: Cassius (Pontianus)

C: Shadiyah al-Zahra

W: Nicol mac Donnachaidh

Court Sorcha Dorchair MoD C&I: Mýrún Leifsdóttir

W: Marguerite inghean Lachlainn

Wednesday Edmund Harper Grand Master Bowman no scroll
Wednesday Ruan Shi Tian Master Bowman no scroll
Wednesday Kenric aet Essex Pelican no scroll
Thursday Hassan ibn Abd al-Malik Chivalry Ro Honig Von Sommerfeldt
Thursday Kari of the Midrealm QoC no scroll


Thus concluded the 47th Pennsic War.


Thank you to Malcolm Bowman, Pagan Graeme, Duarcain MacWard, Doroga Voronin, Yehuda ben Moshe, Peronelle de Croy, Aloysius Sartore, Martin Wasser Spier, and Bella di Sicilia for helping to herald, and to Brigit inghean ui Crotaigh & Oda Lally for Silent heralding.



Lady Liadan ingen Chineada

Unofficial Court Report – Novice Day


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On Saturday July 21st, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn did visit their Shire of Rusted Woodlands and attend their kingdom Novice Day. Many novices attended that day to showcase their skills and prowess.

After the tournaments were concluded, Their Majesties did open their court. A vast number of newcomers were presented with tokens, many participants in the competitions of the day received awards and tokens, and the toybox was run for the children.

Additionally, the following gentles were awarded:


Ceol McChesney AoA Hedda Bonesetter
Catriona MacSweeney AoA Aesa Lokabrenna Sturladottir
Brandr Nuefsbreiter Aronsson Silver Brooch Sláine báen Ronan
Anneke Walmarsdotter Silver Brooch Tactus Malus Scriptorium
Alaxandair Mórda mac Mata AoA Scroll Forthcoming
Seònaid inghean Mhic Aoidh AoA Lada Monguligin

W: Lilie Dubh inghean ui Mordha

Caera Fitzpatrick Maunche Mariette de Bretagne


Thus concluded East Kingdom Novice Day.


Thank you to Master Malcolm Bowman, Lady Mabel Fortune, Lord Phelippe le Vigneron for helping to run and herald court.



Lady Liadan ingen Chineada

Eastern Results from the June 2018 Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LOAR)



Compiled by Mistress Alys Mackyntoich

The Society College of Arms runs on monthly cycles and letters. Each month, the College processes name and armory submissions from all of the Kingdoms. Final decisions on submissions are made at the monthly meetings of the Pelican Queen of Arms (names) and the Wreath King of Arms (armory). Pelican and Wreath then write up their decisions in a Letter of Acceptances and Return (LoAR). After review and proofreading, LoARs generally are released two months after the meeting where the decisions are made.badge Herald

An “acceptance” indicates that the item(s) listed are now registered with the Society. A “return” indicates that the item is returned to the submitter for additional work. Most items are registered without comments. Sometimes, the LoAR will address specific issues about the name or armory or will praise the submitter/herald on putting together a very nice historically accurate item.

The following results are from the June 2018 Wreath and Pelican meetings (with some delay due to Pennsic falling during proof reading time). Continue reading

Their Royal Highness’s Crown Tournament

Greetings unto all those intending to enter Fall Crown Tournament:

The following is the Crown Tournament format from Their Highnesses:

There will be the standard double elimination format up to the Final 16. Then, it will be the best of three per round to the Final 4. Final 4 will be the best of three matched weapons forms. The finals will be the best of five matched forms.

Any questions concerning the format should be directed to His Highness.

Please be aware that both the combatant and the consort must submit a joint letter of intent, either through the following link (preferred): or by email to TRH Prinz Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Princesse Vienna de la Mer with a copy to the Kingdom Seneschal.

The Letters of Intent must be received prior to 11:59 p.m. on October 3, 2018. If using email, the letters of intent must include all of the following information for both combatant and consort: Society name, legal name, address, telephone number, years of residency, a statement that both the combatant and consort affirm that they do not have knowledge of any legal basis why they would not be able to legally cross the United States/Canadian international border for the duration of their reign, and be accompanied by proof of membership with membership number & expiration date that is valid at least thirty days after Crown. If both entrants are combatants, then that should be clearly indicated.

As a reminder, East Kingdom Law requires that the consorts be present at Crown Tournament.

Should you wish for Their Highnesses to grant any allowable exception to the requirements, be sure to clearly state your request in your letter of intent.

Their Highnesses request that combatants bring heraldic shields for the list trees.

BoD Issues Updated Mission Statement


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The following is a statement released by the Board of Directors:

After careful review and consideration of all feedback, the Board of Directors has decided to update the mission statement to be more inline with current society practices:

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international non-profit volunteer educational organization.
The SCA is devoted to the research and re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat, culture, and employing knowledge of history to enrich the lives of participants through events, demonstrations, and other educational presentations and activities.

The Board of Directors wishes to thank everyone who took the time to write in with their comments for the betterment of our society.

Should you have any comments, please send them with the subject line “Revised Mission Statement Aug 2018“.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036
You may also email
This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Continue reading

Lady Catherine Peacock – A Memorial



We are saddened to report that Lady Catherine Peacock of the Barony of Stonemarche passed on June 29, AS LIII.

Lady Catherine PeacockLady Catherine was a long time citizen of the Barony of Stonemarche, joining in the mid 1990’s.  She received her Award of Arms from Lucan III and Elspeth at Market Day at  Birka in AS XXXI and her order of the Millstone in AS XXXIV.  She also received three Burdened Tygers  – from Lucan V and Marieke II (A.S. XXXIV) , from Lucan VI and Yana III (A.S. XXXVI), and from Andreas II and Isabella II (A.S. XXXVII). She became a companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent in A.S. XXXVI.

arms of Lady Catherine Peacock

Arms of Lady Catherine Peacock

In the society she bore the arms Azure, a peacock in its pride within a bordure invected Or. (Image courtesy of The Memorial Shield Project.)

The list of awards only hints at the life of Lady Catherine.  One can guess that she performed a lot of service, but that tells us no details of how that service was delivered, or even what it might have been.  Those details are what makes someone beloved and missed.

Lady Catherine did nothing in life by half measures.  She put her heart and soul into every activity she touched. She ran events. She cooked feasts.  She helped when other people ran things.  She loved the arts, and Byzantine garb with as many pearls and gems as it would support.  To every one of those activities she brought boundless, infectious joy, and enthusiasm that caught up others and swept them along to help her.

She is remembered too for her fierce dedication to justice, and to protecting those who needed an advocate. When there was a problem too big for the Barony to sort out, she didn’t hesitate.  She picked up the phone and called the King to explain the group’s concerns.  It didn’t matter to her that she wasn’t an officer, or in charge of anything – she saw a problem, knew who could help with it, and got the job done.   That, too, was very typical of her.

She is survived by her husband, Lord Randall Brock, and two daughters who are not currently active in the Society.

Tournament of Roses

A missive from Her Grace:

Hello everyone!

Now that we are past Pennsic, its time to think about fall events and that means its time for the Roses Tournament! This year we splitting the activities into two events to ensure that the Roses are able to support all of their Champions. Archery and Thrown Weapons will be at Ducal Challenge, September 8th ( and the fencing and heavy weapons will be held the next weekend at Falling Leaves (

Unfortunately we couldn’t accommodate the arts& sciences portion at either event but we were able to add thrown weapons! Believe it or not, there are ALWAYS spots open on many of the Roses’ teams. If you have an interest in participating, please reach out to a Rose! Or just show up to either or both events, we can most certainly find you a home! If you would like to participate and aren’t FB friends with any Roses, please reach out to me and I will help connect you. We are also looking for heralds, marshals and other support staff so please come volunteer to help out. Both of these events are fantastic events and we are very grateful to these marvelous groups for hosting this year!

In Service,
Dutchess Ethel Dreda