Request for List Heralds and List Runners


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Greetings unto the list heralds and list runners of the East from Lucien de Wyntere, Troubadour Herald of our fair and glorious Kingdom. Our most noble Basilissa and Basileus are holding Their Armored Champions tournament at Sommer Draw in the lands of Bergental. If you wish to assist in heralding the lists or list running please reach to me at This is a great time for those new to running and heralding to try it out. Thank you in advance!

Heirs to the Barony of Carolingia

An announcement from Their Royal Majesties:

“Her Majesty and I are pleased to join with Their Excellencies Carolingia, Colin and Nicolette, in announcing that the polling for Baronial seat is complete and successors have been found. We are pleased to hear and honor the will of the populace and name that Master Thomas of Effingham and Mistress Raziya bint Rusa will be the next Baron and Baroness of Carolingia.

The East and the Barony was blessed with a slate of candidates that created a win/win/win outcome for all of us. Thank you so much to those who were willing to serve.

We’d like to thank the Baronial and Kingdom officers who worked so hard to make the polling go smoothly. Special kudos to Baroness Rufinia who painstakingly managed each detail of this process.

Please join us in congratulating “Their Nextellencies” as we look forward to the Baronial Investiture at Falling Leaves in September.”

Falling Leaves and Carolingian Investiture will be on September 15th.

Upcoming Workshops on the Use of the East Kingdom A&S Rubric.


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rubric (noun  ru·bric  \ ˈrü-brik , -ˌbrik \):  a guide listing specific criteria for grading or scoring academic papers, projects, or tests

In an attempt to familiarize more people with the scoring rubric used for the King’s & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champion competition (K&Q’s A&S), the office of the East Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences (MOAS) will be holding workshops designed to give judges and artisans hands on practice using the rubric. Attendees at these sessions will assess a sample A&S project using the rubric, and then discuss their results and experience.

While these workshops are specifically designed to train judges so that the kingdom can achieve more consistent judging for the K&Q’s A&S competition in the future, this class can also greatly benefit artisans who can learn more about expectations for A&S competitions in the society by reviewing the rubric – so all are welcome and encouraged to attend these events!

The Ministry hopes to have more events (including online workshops) scheduled in the near future. Please note that the sessions below will be divided into two one hour parts, to allow those who can not stay the entire time to attend either part of the class.

*Wars of the Roses – Saturday 10-11am & 4-5pm
*East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration – Saturday, 3-5pm
*Pennsic War – Saturday August 4 from 5-7pm & Monday August 6 from 3-5pm

Judges: Please note that attendance at these sessions is *not* required to judge at K&Q’s A&S, but, we very much hope to have at least one judge who has attended a couple of these workshops on each judging team next year. If you intend to judge at this competition in the future, please make every effort to attend these or a future workshop session.

Artisans: Please also remember that the Kingdom A&S Consultation Tables can be another sources of help with your A&S projects. They are designed to not only provide general A&S advice, but also specific feedback about your projects using the kingdom rubric. If you have questions about these sessions please contact

Order Poll Deadline Upcoming

Polls for Polling Orders will close on May 20th, at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time. All members of polling orders must submit their polls before this time.

If you are having trouble, you can contact your list administrator through this page.


BOD- President’s Notes

The President’s Office of the SCA has started publishing meeting notes after quarterly reports. While the minutes will still be approved and published 3-6 months after each meeting, these notes allow SCA participants to more quickly find out some of what has been discussed at each meeting.

From the President’s Page:

“The President of the SCA will publish a report within thirty days following each Board meeting. These reports will contain the publishable summary and commendation sections from each Society Officer’s report, publishable summaries of any Board Committee presentation, and Requests for Commentary. Please send suggestions and/or observations to

These reports do not replace or represent the minutes of the meetings. Minutes from past meetings can be viewed on the SCA Membership website. Please keep in mind that minutes are not made available until after the Board approves them, usually at the next quarterly meeting.”

The Notes can be found here:

Unofficial Court Report for Crown Tourney



badge HeraldOn Saturday, May 5th, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn, did travel to their Barony of Ruantallan where Crown Tourney was hosted. Many entered the lists and fought honorably, but in the end a victor was crowned and the East was give heirs. Vivat to Prince Wilhem von Ostenbrucke, and Princess Vienna de la Mer!

In the afternoon, after combat finished, Their Majesties did hold their court. Randall of the Dark was made Admiral of the Armies of the East, Zhigmun’ Czypsser was presented with the Shield of Chivalry for his actions, Their Excellencies of Ruantallan, Guthfrith and Isobel, gave their fealty. The Ladies of the Rose presented tokens to the following individuals:

Her Majesty Caoilfhionn – Perceval Gower

Her Highness Vienna – Embla Knutrdottir

Duchess Katherine Stanhope – Rheinhart Basorael Draculesti

Newcomers to the Kingdom were welcomed into court, and a young lady named Sophia, herself a kid, bravely and valiantly ran the toybox to the delight of all. Additionally, the following gentles were awarded thusly:


SCA Name Award Scroll
Ariadne AoA Ciaran ua Meic Thire
W&C: Mýrún Leifsdóttir
Andrea AoA Magdalena von Kirschberg
Tegan, of House Redbear Tyger’s Cub Annika Björnsdóttir
Yagaan Chinua Tyger’s Cub Mergriet van Wijenhorst (Griet)
Viper AoA Matilda Fossoway
Olivia di Palermo AoA Juliote de Castlenou D’Arry

W: Guthfrith Yrlingson

Martin Nutcrusher Silver Wheel Uaine as Ar n-eilean-ne
Fallon Silver Wheel Isa of Ruantallan
Eufemme de Alba Marlia Silver Wheel Mergriet van Wijenhorst (Griet)
Aslief Gylfisdottir AoA C&I: Triona MacCasky

W: Toki Skáldagoörvir

Apollinariia Schnure AoA C&I: Elena O’ Sirideain

W: Marion of Ruantallan

Gunnar, of House Redbear AoA Cezila Raposa
Mawdlyn Atwater Silver Brooch C&I: Maud de BracebridgeW: Arthur de Beaumont
Nicholas of Losthaven Silver Brooch C&I: Shadiyah al-Zahra’

W: Arthur de Beaumont

Kira Silver Brooch I: Isolda Fairamay

C: Sarra Graeham of Birnham

W: Marion of Ruantallan

Arron Guyon de Champagne AoA Emma Makilmone

C: Aleksei Dmitriev

Marlena Smithswife Silver Wheel C&W: Brennan Mac Fearghus

I: Elizabeth Elenore Lovell

Lyssa Ingen Faelian Silver Wheel Onora ingheann Ui Rauirc
Aveline D’amiens Silver Wheel Vettorio Antonello
Gaston de Cordelier Silver Wheel C&I: Mairi Crawford

W: Maria Chiarrez

French: Eginhardt d’Aix la Chapelle

Mergriet van Wijenhorst Silver Crescent Sarra Graeham of Birnham
Isolda Fairamay Silver Crescent Mergriet van Wijenhorst (Griet)
Donal O’Neill Maunche Robin dit Dessaint

W: Hedda Bonesetter

Thorgar the Smith Silver Crescent No Scroll


Thus concluded Crown Tournament

Thank you to Malcolm Bowman, Kirsa Oyutai, Peronnelle de Croy, Martin Wasser Speier, and Courtney Rose for helping to run and herald court.


Lady Liadan ingen Chineada

Tournaments Illuminated Editor Seeks Book Recommendations for Forthcoming Article


From the Editor of Tournaments Illuminated:

Our upcoming Quest article is “Summer Reading” with Guest Editor Kirsten O’Brien | Rekon of Saaremaa. Ah, summer … when folks wearing swimsuits, t-shirts and shorts head out to the pool, the river, the lake or the seashore, with a book in a bag. Summer … when SCA folks wearing long sleeves, multiple layers and armor head out to the war, the list field, the arts pavilion or the guild meeting — with a book, or two, in a bag. What SCA-friendly books are you reading this summer? History, biography, archaeology, arts and sciences? Speculative fiction? Medieval or Renaissance fantasy? A much-read ‘old friend’, or an exciting new acquisition? Here is your opportunity to tell the Knowne World what you’re reading, and why they should be, too. Share your summer reading list and recommendations of 200-300 words with by May 24, and they may be included in the Third Quarter 2018 edition of Tournaments Illuminated.

Submission of any work to TI constitutes permission to publish said work without compensation in any form, including but not limited to electronically on a publicly accessible webpage. The author retains all original copyrights to the submission.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Baniarla CiarLasse MacGregor, TI Liaison

Vigil Chapel — East Kingdom Royal Encampment


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One of the joys of Pennsic is the opportunity to celebrate landmark moments with friends who may not be able to gather at any other time or place. A special setting can make the event more memorable, especially if you don’t have to set up the space!

The East Kingdom Royal Encampment at Pennsic offers its lovely Vigil Chapel for a variety of small gatherings:

  • Peerage elevation vigil, particularly if the group planning the vigil is small and/or surprising the candidate with an in-camp vigil would be difficult

  • Hand-fasting and other commitment ceremonies

  • Afternoon tea party

  • … and other types of celebrations!

The Vigil Chapel will be a 10 x 10 space with removable canvas walls and silk painted faux stained glass windows depicting the various peerages. Furnishings include seating, side tables, and two tables for vigil food or display, with additional ambiance from hanging lanterns and candles. The Chapel will be available between the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m., from Wednesday, August 1st through Thursday, August 9th. The Vigil Chapel must be reserved in advance.

For details about reserving the Vigil Chapel, including the possibility of using the State Kitchen to prepare food for your gathering, please email Baroness Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Pennsic Major-Domo for Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III.

We look forward to your happy occasions!