Site Address Update: Tourney of Love in Endewearde


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Please note, there is an error in the published address for the Tourney of Love being held in the Barony of Endewearde on Saturday, February 16th.

The address for the Bryant E. Moore Community Center is actually 133 STATE Street in Ellsworth, ME not 133 High Street as published.

Directions to the Bryant E. Moore Community Center can be found on Google Maps by clicking this link.


“EK College of Performers Challenge Assembly and University”



All are invited to a brand new EK event! March 2nd 2019 in the Barony of Iron Bog!

“East Kingdom College of Performers Challenge Assembly and University”
It’s an event inspired by Midrealm’s Bardic Madness! All skill levels will be able to participate! Or if you just want to watch that’s great too!
There will be Challenges! Bardic! Classes! Musical Meet ups! Singing! Performances! Workshops! And More!

Performing Arts and Bardic Challenge Assembly:
The event will feature several time slots to perform in the main hall to meet challenges issued online before the event. Attempt a challenge and earn a token from the MC on behalf of the challenge sponsor! Tell a story! Sing a song! Recite a poem! Play an instrument! Perform with a friend! There will be a challenges for everyone and all skill levels!

Use this link to view the list of current challenges and sponsors:

Sign-up for a time slot to meet challenges:
You can attempt any challenge in any time slot you’d like during the day, this way you can meet challenges and attend classes!
Advance Sign-ups open: February 11th 2019
Advance Sign-ups close: February 27th 2019

Depending on the number of advanced sign-up participants, spots may still be available for sign up on the day of the event.
Our goal is for as many people to participate as possible! Your assigned time slots will be posted at the event.
It’s not a competition, the purpose is to try new things and challenge yourself! Please keep stage time below 8 minutes.

Performing Arts and Bardic University:
As a College of Performing Arts we are proud that the event will feature three rooms full of classes, workshops, and other performing arts activities! Fifteen classes are currently scheduled, but they run concurrently three at a time.

Schedule of classes and activities:

Full Day’s Schedule:

Day Board Provided by Lady Triona MacCasky and a Fantastic Team of Volunteers:
For more info:
Day Board Info:

Visit the EK Calendar Post for more info:

Join the Facebook Event:

Signup for the EKCoP Mailing List to stay up to date on the latest event info:

Questions? Comments? Please contact
EKCoP’s Chatelaine

Site Opens: 9:30 AM
Site Closes: 7:00 PM

First Presbyterian Church
101 Bridgeboro Rd,
Moorestown, NJ 08057
**Please note that this is a dry site**

Autocrat: Lord Ian Douglas
Autocrat of record: Baroness Creatura Christi of Oaks
Event Planner: Douglas Doan

Submit a challenge to future performers! EKCoP is collecting challenges for future events to provide inspirations to future performers!
Submit a Challenge

Embroidery Schola Court Report


Being the Court of Their Majesties Wilhelm & Vienna held on February 9, A.S. LIII, 2019 C.E. in the Shire of Quintavia at 6th Annual Embroidery Scholla

Court Heralds: Anastasia da Monte

Reporting Herald: Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah

SCA Name: Elizabet Marshal

Award: Queen’s

Cypher C&I: Token Only

Non-award business and notes:

• Their Majesties issued a banishment.

Known World Symposiums Announcement


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Good gentles all; Greetings from Dagonell Collingwood, Society Deputy for Known World Symposium Advertising!
Since my last posting, two of the symposiums now have event pages!
Known World Ministers of Arts and Sciences Summit

Kingdom of Gleann Abhann
Gulf Wars
Lumberton, MS
March 14, 2019

*** ***

The Facebook Event Page has been created by  Amenhotep Sa Amenemhat
Known World Agriculture & Forestry Symposium

Kingdom of Atlantia
Barony of Sacred Stone
Boonville, NC
Aug 30 – Sept 2, 2019
This is an event webpage off the Official Webpage for the Kingdom of Atlantia.
Also, if you do “Save the Date” slots on your calendars, the following symposiums have been approved for 2020!
Known World Italian Salon & Symposium
March 19 – 22, 2020 at Gulf Wars in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann (Lumberton, MS)
Known World Academy of the Rapier & Costuming Symposium
April 17 – 19, 2020 in the Kingdom of Avacal (Edmonton, AB Canada)
Known World Sciences Symposium

June 26 – 28, 2020 in the Kingdom of Artemisia (Ogden, UT)

Thank you so much for all of your hard work promoting these known world symposiums!
— Dagonell

Browsing Gallery and A&S available at Adult Swim this Weekend in Aethelmearc


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The following announcement was submitted to the Gazette:

Greetings Cousins!

For those interested in the arts and research, we invite you to join us this weekend at Aedult Swim IV [web link ] (held in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc in Milton PA on Feb 16-17). The 1st floor will be open for all disciplines with several roundtables and group gatherings – Cooking, Brewing, Herbal, Fiber Arts, and more. There will be a class on Research and Documentation by Lady Rosie Dubroc from noon – 1pm followed by the Scribal Tour Workshop.

New this year will be the addition of a Browsing Library (Coordinated by Baroness Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn – Royal University of the Midrealm Librarian). We encourage all who plan on attending to bring their favorite research books to share them with others.

We are a Society that believes in researching and in recreating our findings to the best of our ability. Collectively, we have built up an amazing collection of private libraries in our homes. We invite all of you to bring out some of these books to share with a wider audience so that other researchers (especially those who may be new to research in a particular field) can become aware of all of the resources that are around them. Bring out your favorite sources so we all can benefit from them!

We hope to see you there. Garb is not required but warm clothing is highly encouraged!

YIS – Lady Margareta, A&S coordinator for AE Swim

President’s Report for the January 2019 BoD Meeting Now Available



John Fulton, President for the SCA, has announced that a report from his office is now available on the SCA website. This report contains the publishable summaries and commendation sections from each Society Officer’s  January 2019  report, as well as publishable summaries submitted by various Board committees.

The report can be located here: . Questions or commentary regarding this report should be directed to Mr. Fulton at

If you wish to send in comments, please use “Jan 2019 President’s Report Commentary” as the subject line.

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
SCA Inc.
Box 360789
Milpitas,  CA 95036

You may also email

This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Message from the Fundraising Deputy of the Signet


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Sir Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus brings us information about scribes of the East and how to help them continue to make individualized masterpieces. Please contact Sir Edward through Facebook message to his mundane name (Edward Kurasz) for more information.

Good Morning wonderful people of the East, 

I would love to take a minute and thank and recognize all the scribes out there. We just had one of our largest events, are you aware of all the scrolls that went out at Birka? With event season about to come into full effect with the wonders of spring, thinkabout all the scrolls about to go out.

We of the East Kingdom are extra privileged, A wonderful scroll is created for almost every award or piece of business conductedduring courts. 

We have many wonderful new scribes who have jumped up to help meet these challenges, if you or someone you know who might be interested, you would be more then welcomed. Many Kingdoms don’t offer this.

Scribes spend countless hours, days, and weeks preparing, drafting, and creating wonderful pieces of art that only a few people will ever see. Although Scribes do get a certain high, hearing the OOOOss and AAHHHHHss when the scroll is shown during court, many scribes never see their work go out.Those shinny bits and pieces, Scribes pay out of their own pocket to make scrolls, scroll paper/ vellum, paints, brushes, inks, calligraphy pens, and Gold and Silver, Yes!! Real Gold and Silver are added….

Folks often send out thank you notes and emails, but have you ever thought of how you could show your appreciation? Some people have offered donations of crafts, gifts, or other ways of appreciation “No Money Please! The Scribes often get together for meetings, classes to improve their skill, and other functions. We have organized a Scribe chest for gifts…and nobody wants to see a running of the scribes…that would just be ugly. If you would like to donate or help out, please feel free to contact me, or stop by and see me or other Signet officers at an events. 

I am acting as the fundraising Deputy for the Signet. 

Thank you again Scribes

Sir Edward MacGyver dos Scorpus

Important Information Regarding the Crown Tournament Venue


Unto all who would travel South for the Spring Crown Tournament to be held in Harrington, Delaware; the Shire of Caer Adamant sends greetings. Our State is small and The Crown tournament will be held just 30 minutes south of the Delaware capital where Nascar weekend will be in full swing. Please be aware that extra travel time should be budgeted due to traffic congestion. For this reason, hotels in the area are also quite full, and all who are coming to the event are very strongly encouraged to call this week and book early at local venues, or book online where rates are often better.

If you are flying into the Philadelphia Airport, please consider booking a room in the Christiana or Newark, Delaware area. This is about an hour north of the event site, and will ensure that you do not encounter race traffic when leaving your hotel on Sunday to catch the plane home.

We do not currently have a block of rooms saved, but are working on this, and should have information out mid next week. There is abundant space at the event site for both RV’s and tent camping. If you are interested in camping, please keep an eye out on the event announcement next week. A code will be available to those who wish to camp on site in “The Grove” at the Delaware Fairgrounds, which can be used on their website. Camping is $35 per person a night, and the site has great amenities. (A nice wash house with showers, ice skating, and ice bumpercars). There is also camping just north of the event at Killens Pond State Park, and booking is available online.

For those interested in staying with a local, please reach out to Baroness Amarie de St Denis, who is coordinating our local “crash space.”  

Crown Tournament is being held at a 40 Thousand square foot Pavilion with open sides, a Concrete surface, and easy access to restrooms and showers. It is ADA accessible and has ample parking. The site is discreetly damp.  If you are traveling by car, please remember to bring chairs.

We look forward to bringing you more information, and answering any questions in the coming weeks.

With Best Regards,

Shoshana Gryffyth

Event Steward

Coronation Site Token Bid Sought



Greetings unto the artisans of the East Kingdom,

The Barony of An Dubhaigeainn and the Crown Province of Ostgardr are looking for site token bids for the upcoming Coronation of Ozzur and Fortune. We would love to give artisans from all over our vast kingdom to submit a concept for the site tokens. Any and all token ideas are welcome.

The coronation date is April 6th.

We are looking for about 500 tokens. You will be reimbursed for up to $200 materials and time.

Please email me with your proposals by Wednesday, February 13th.

In service,
Lada Monguligin

Gulf Wars: Known World MoAS Summit


The Known World MoAS Summit will be held on Thursday (March 14th) at Gulf Wars in the al-Mahala encampment starting at 5:00 PM.

Officially the summit starts at 5:00 PM but that will coincide with most Kingdom-level courts. During the first hour or so, the Society Sciences MoAS Deputy will hold a round table discussion about “What counts as science versus art and where is the crossover between the two.”
Afterwards, there will be a meet-and-greet with the Society MoAS (while we wait for some other courts to finish up).
About 7:30-8:00ish, there will be a round table on what people would like to see in a Society MoAS Handbook.
At the same time, there will be a breakout group holding a discussion on how to incorporate early period and non-European A&S with several specialist speakers.
Other breakout groups can be held throughout the summit, especially during the meet-and-greet and some Kingdom A&S Officers may use this opportunity to touch base with their officers to see how the War has went for their Kingdom.