Online K&Q A&S Rubric Workshop – 7:30 this Thursday 10/25 (and a few other reminders)


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1) There will be an online A&S rubric workshop THIS THURSDAY at 7:30.
Learn about the rubric that will be used at K&Q A&S. This workshop is useful for judges and artisans alike. More information can be found here:
2) There will also be two additional rubric workshop sessions over the next few weeks
—Bjorn’s Ceilidh/Baronial Investiture (Concordia)  1:30-3:00, downstairs in the dayboard hall.
—St. Eligius (Dragonship Haven) 11:00-1:00
3) Finally, as a reminder: There will also be an online East Kingdom A&S Office Town Hall on Thursday Nov. 1, from 7-8. The web link will be announced the week of the meeting.
Thank you and please share where appropriate.
Lissa (deputy moas)
—–Thanks to Master Magnus and Mistress Elena for helping to run the rubric workshops and to Master Mael Eoin for technical assistance setting up online workshop.

Online Bardic & Performing Arts Spooktacular


Online Bardic & Performing Arts Spooktacular, October 23rd 7pm, hosted by East Kingdom College of Performers (EKCoP)
Through the magic of the internet and telephone lines EKCoP invites you to join us and share your spooky performances! All skill levels welcome! All performances welcome! Stories! Songs! Poems! Instruments! And more! All Kingdoms welcome! All Audience welcome! Family friendly please! Hope to see you there!
Date: October 23rd
Start Time: 7pm
End Time: When we run out of spooky!

Join Hangout Link:
Join by Phone:
+1 252-787-0100‬ PIN: ‪978 234 767‬#

Fill out this form to join EKCoP’s mailing list!
Join us on Facebook! A great way to find performing and bardic opportunities and meet other performers!

For more information please contact:
EKCoP’s acting Chatelaine Douglas Doan

Agenda for October 20, 2018 BoD Meeting

The final agenda for this weekend’s Board of Directors Meeting can be found here:

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Court Report for The Pearl of the East, Baronial Anniversary, in the Barony of Ruantallan

October 6th, 2018

And it was foretold that the King of the East and his Majestic Queen, Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke and Vienna De La Mer would visit the shores of Their fair Barony of Ruantallan. And they came and held a Great Court, to honor citizens as They saw fit on the lovely October 6th day.

The first item in the Royal Court was to invite in the Baron and Baroness of Ruantallan, Guthfrith Yrlingson and Isobel de Mowbray, who did swear fealty to the King and Queen of the East, then sat and opened their own court at the whim of the King and Queen. And at the end of Their Court, they did honor newcomers to Their Court with a small token, to which the King and Queen also added their personal tokens to the populace. And the Baron and Baroness then did close their court and Their Royal Majesties did open the Great Court.

A somber piece of business was first on the docket. There was a banishment continuation to read, that does not expire until the End of Their Reign.

Their Royal Majesties then did announce the proceedings from the polling of Stonemarche, and they did announce that the next Baroness and Baroness of Stonemarche will be Mistress Deirdre and her daughter, Lady Keziah.

The first person the King and Queen wished to see, was Skaukatt. Skaukatt presented himself to Their Majesties, where the King told Skaukatt, that he had heard of his good works and fighting and how he had contributed to the overall prosperity of Ruantallan and They did bestow upon him a Silver Tyger. But the order was not complete, so They did call upon Oswald of Ruantallan to also join them on the dais and did award him a Silver Tyger as well.

The King and Queen then did call a good gentle, however, that gentle was busy working the fields of a farm, and was not in attendance, so the King and Queen then did pass Their business to the Baron and Baroness, who did swear They would carry the words of the King and Queen to the missing gentle, when that person appeared before Them.

Right in the front of the court sat a gentle who’s name was Bjorn of Distant Shore. They called upon him to enter court and mentioned his works in metal. They did thus award him an AoA and made him a Lord of Their Court.

They then did call a rapier fighter to kneel before him, by the name of Edmund Woderose. The prowess of fighters is the passion of the King and Queen and therefore they did award him an AoA and make him a Lord of Their Court.

The King and Queen gazed around the room and They set Their sights on Pypa Ravenild, whom they did call into Their Court. And they did extoll the virtues of said Pypa, for the work that she has done and They did call in the order of the Silver Wheel, unto which they made Pypa a member of the order and bestow upon her a medallion made by Syr Yesungge Altan.

And once the Silver Wheels had greeted their new member and rolled away, they did call in Mary Elizabeth Ryan, who presented herself before the court in surprise. They did speak of her long service to the arts, and her passion for making garb, and cooking. They did then call in the Order of the Maunche and induct her into that order. Her Medallion was provided by Mistress Isobel of Mowbray, Baroness of Ruantallan.

Upon the dias They did call Sir Gareth grey de Wilton, who swore fealty to the King and Queen. As he did promise to carry out the will of the Court, the queen did call forth the Royal Toy Chest and dispatched Sir Gareth with the missive to RUN. And he did Run, from all the children present! But the children out maneuvered him and brought him down like they were lions on prey!

After the Toy Chest excitement, Nesrin Bint Suleyman was called before the court. They did find Nesrin to be a worthy gentle who is fostering a new canton in the Barony. And They did make her a Lady of the court by awarding her an AoA.

And thus came to be that they called on Tyra Ulfsdottir into their court. Tyra has participated in fighting and helping newer fighters in basic combat techniques and they did Award Tyra an AoA.

The King then had the heralds call Zelina Silverfox and Manfred of Ruantallan into their court. And His Majesty did speak of the personal service of these two gentles and the commitment they had made unto him and He did award them each with a Kings order of Esteem.

The heralds then called into court Syr Yesungge Altan, and he did swear fealty to the Crown. As per the previous fealty oath, they had other plans for Yesungge, however he was confused, as the Toy Chest had already been run. The Queen then did bestow upon Syr Yesungge a Queen’s Order of Esteem for his work in metal, making and gifting of medallions.

They then called into Their Court, Thorin Ulfsson. They spoke of his prowess on the field and of his multiple weapons forms and thus They did call upon the Order of the Tygers Combattant, and did make Thorin a member of their order, medallion made by Syr Yesungge Altan.

They then did search the crowd for two gentles who, alas, were fighting marauders on the borders and were not present. So the King and Queen did ask the Baron and Baroness to carry Their words to the missing gentles and the Baron and Baroness did promise to do so.

Conn MacBranain was taken aback when the King and Queen did have his name called to make himself present. Conn had worked on the Tir Mara book herald and minister of webs and They did recognize that work and thus awarded him the order of the Silver Wheel. And when he finished greeting his companions, they were dismissed and the Court heralds did call upon a gentle who had gone to the forest to hunt down a deer to present to Their Royal Majesties and had not yet returned. And so the King and Queen asked for a gentle who would take Their words to the gentle and someone did come forward and promise to do so.

William Grant was called into court. William, from the shire of Avonmore did hear the King and Queen speak of the good works in leather and jewelry that he was doing and thus they awarded him an AoA and make him a Lord of Their court.
And they did call forward Freydis Egilsdottir, whom they knew had worked with a new canton, and worked to build it to a prosperous group. For this, they called in the order of the Silver Wheel again, and added her to the order.

And so, they brought missives from their forbearers, Kings and Queens of past and called Conn Rosendubh into their court to recognize that when their parents were on the Throne, they did NOT have a scroll for Conn. And so they brought forth a scroll for a Silver Brooch from the Investiture of the Barony Beyond the Mountain. But They were not done for Maired Drake had also not received a scroll for her Silver Brooch, and thus They did rectify that with a new scroll.
And yet they had one more missive, alas, the good gentle was out wrestling wild beasts from the sea, and was not yet returned to the shores of Ruantallan, thus the King and Queen did ask the Baron and Baroness to take Their words to the gentle when they returned from the wild blue ocean and They did say They would.

And there being no further business before the court, They did thank all for attending and wish us all well. The Royal Court of Konig Wilhelm and Konigen Vienna thus did close.

These are the events of Their Majesties Court as told to me by Gwenhwyfar Dinas Emrys, who attended to their Majesties in my absence.

Yours In Service,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Vox Regis

A&S Consultation Table and Rubric Training session at Shire Wars


Kingdom A&S Consultation Table: 1:00-2:00
These tables are intended to provide feedback and/or mock scoring to artisans regarding current (or proposed) projects. Our goal as consultants is to provide guidance which will be useful to those engaging in in A&S activities and to those who are considering entering future A&S competitions.

K&Q A&S Rubric Training: 2:00-3:30
Attendees at these training sessions will discuss the purpose behind the rubric, review and familiarize themselves with rubric itself, and then practice as a group using the rubric to assess an example A&S project.

While these sessions are being organized primarily to train judges for K&Q A&S, this class can also greatly benefits artisans. All are welcome to attend! If you can’t stay the entire time, please stay as long as you can.

—–useful links—–

Shire Wars:
More about Consultation Tables:
More about K&Q A&S Rubrics:

In Memoriam: Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon


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Master Terafan at the Society 50 year celebration in 2016. Photo courtesy of Mistress Tannis of Tir-y-Don

On Saturday, October 6th, Alan Gravesend, Society Marshal, announced that Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon, Society Equestrian Marshal, died while riding during an equestrian game at an SCA event in the Midrealm.

Master Terafan was well known throughout the Society not only as a skilled rider and excellent teacher of medieval horsemanship, but also for his contributions to the recreation of medieval life through his work documenting and constructing medieval furniture and tents, his interest in medieval cooking, and particularly his research into brewing and his involvement with the Inter Kingdom Brewers Guild. His website,, is a well known resource where he and his household shared his knowledge freely with all who had interest.

Master Terafan had been active in the SCA for more than 30 years. He was awarded Arms by Eastern Monarchs Gavin II and Sedalia II in AS 22, when Atlantia was still part of the East. He was made a Baron of the Court in Atlantia in AS 28, and was created a Master of the Laurel by the Crown of Atlantia in AS 31. In addition, Atlantia had recognized him with the Companion of the Pearl (for excellence in Arts & Sciences), and of the Golden Dolphin (for service and leadership), and he held the King’s Award of Excellence and the Queen’s Order of Courtesy from the Atlantian crown. He was also the premier of Atlantia’s Order of the Golden Lance (a grant-level award for exceptional expertise in the equestrian arts), and was a Companion of the Nonpareil, which is awarded by the Crown of Atlantia for “those who have shown excellence, honor, courtesy or chivalry above and beyond any duty. The members of this Order exemplify what it means to be an Atlantian.” Continue reading

Behold Bergental’s newly invested Baron, Johannes filius Nicholai


Johaness filius Nicholi Photo by Genevieve de St-Denys

Greeting unto the populace of the great East Kingdom. Now comes before you, Baron Johannes filius Nicholai, the newly invested Baron of the beloved Barony of Bergental. Baron Johannes is a late 13th Century English crusader, hailing from the era of Edward the 1st and member of his army for the 8th and 9th Crusades.

Baron Johannes has many goals and a vision he is endeavoring to bring to fruition during his term as the Baron of Bergental. His primary goal is to encourage and guide the Barony to facilitate more family inclusive activities “where there is literally something for everyone and activities to do together as a family.” His wish is for everyone to enjoy every event and bring the focus of our hobby back to the family unit and inclusion. Continue reading

A Tragic Accident



badge marshal equestrianThe following statement was issued by the Society Marshal on Sunday Oct. 7:

On Saturday, October 6, a brother in arms to many of us lost his life in the pursuit of our game. The Society’s Equestrian Marshal, Master Terafan Greydragon, died while competing in an equestrian game at an SCA event in Kentucky. The Society is investigating the matter and is fully cooperating with the authorities. The Society Marshal is conducting an investigation to determine what might have led up to the accident, and what specific measures should be taken to ensure that this does not occur again. Upon the completion of our investigation, the SCA will make the results available to the public. We have reached out to Terafan’s family to express our support for them at this moment of loss. We ask that Terafan and his family be held in your hearts.

Society Marshal – Alan Gravesend, Society Marshal

Comments are strongly encouraged and can be sent to:
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This announcement is an official informational release by the Society for Creative Anachronism , Inc.  Permission is granted to reproduce this announcement in its entirety in newsletters, websites and electronic mailing lists.

Master Terafan was a much-loved participant in equestrian activities in the East, as well as in his native Atlantia.  A separate remembrance of his life and accomplishments is planned to appear on the Gazette website.

The Society Marshal also issued the following directive to all Equestrian Marshals throughout the Society:

Effective immediately and until further notice from the Society Marshal, the activity known to the Equestrian community as pig-sticking (or variants such as “tent-pegging”) is not allowed in any form at any SCA activity, event or practice.

This stand down is intended to give the marshallate time to study the incident that occurred on October 6th, and review how the SCA should proceed with this activity in the future. This stand down includes any form of pig-sticking, either as a standalone activity or an activity in combination with others.  This applies to the activity regardless of the type of lance, spear or other simulator used.

Also effective immediately, Mistress Arabella Di Siena (Melissa Midzor) is the Acting Society Equestrian Marshal.



Marshall of the Society


Request for Bids: Known World Sciences Symposium



The Society Minister of Arts and Science, Seigneur Etienne Le Mons d’Anjou, and the Society Deputy Minister for the Sciences, Master Galen of Ockham, are soliciting for bids for a Known World Sciences Symposium to be held in calendar year 2020, though a bid for a 2019 date would also be acceptable.

What do you mean by “Sciences”?

The Arts and Sciences in the SCA are most commonly represented by making a period-style object – clothing, armour, scroll, brooch, etc. The Sciences, on the other hand, deal more with observations and interactions with the natural world and the underlying theories – thus the term ‘natural philosophy’ that characterized the early forays into our modern sciences.

Some examples include: astronomical instruments, their theory and use; the Aristotelian system of physics; cosmological theories; astrological medicine; food as a treatment for disease; theories of disease transmission; agricultural production; care of battlefield wounds; beekeeping; a medieval bestiary; alchemical theories; Scholastic philosophy; metallurgy; medieval dyes; the origin and development of university education; medieval music theory; and many, many more.

What are the considerations for the event?

Continue reading

Concerning the Queen’s Guard



Unto the East, Greetings,

It has come to light that the list of Queen’s Guards present at Coronation that Their Majesty’s Herald had was incomplete. There were five Guards present, who’s names did not appear on this copy of the list, and who therefore did not get called into court to receive their baldrics. For this unintended slight, Their Majesties and I are terribly sorry.

arms East QueenIt is our hope that Sheikh Jibril ibn Ammar al-Fayyad, Ulvr, Lady Leurona Winterborne, Lord Suuder Saran and Lord Kristoff will forgive us for this error, and present themselves in Their Majesty’s Court at the next event they attend so that We can honor their service properly and present them with their baldric as is right and proper.

Most Humbly Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah.
Vox Regis