Town Center Schedule at East Kingdom 50th

The Kingdom of the East is coming together to celebrate fifty years of pageantry, fellowship, and fun – and the Town Center is right in the middle of it all. Read on to learn about the many and varied activities you will find there all throughout the event. You can save the schedule to your phone or print it out to carry with you by clicking this link for a PDF –  The Town Center at East Kingdom 50 Year



Sunday Night at EK 50 Year Event

Will you still be on site on Sunday night at the East Kingdom 50th Year Celebration? Starting at 8:00 pm, swing by the Town Center for an end of event party (think post-revel). We’ll have fire in the firepit (blue fire naturally), tiki torches lit, glowsticks to hand out, music for dancing, and space to hang out with the rest of the people left on the site. Just be sure that you’re packed and ready to pull out by noon on Monday. That’s the deadline to be off the site.

Info for EK 50 Year Attendees from the Staff

This information was assembled by the staff of the EK 50 Year event next weekend to assist attendees with their planning.

How is water available and disposed of?
Water is not *in* the camping areas. There are spigots near the equestrian area, the A&S tents and Town Center. Consider bringing large water containers and a way to bring them back to camp. Water should be disposed of at grey water barrels located throughout the camp.

Are there showers on site?
There are two sets of coin-operated showers on the site. One is near the fighting fields, and the other is near the horse arena. They take quarters only, 5 minutes per quarter. Info Point can make change, if needed. An 8-stall rented shower trailer will also be on site, by RV Camping.

What is the earliest I should plan to arrive at Gate?
Land agents, 9:00 a.m. on Thursday.
Non-land agents, 11:00 a.m. on Thursday.

What do I need to check-in at Gate?
Your entry fee, an ID, and proof of membership (if applicable). If you are bringing a minor who is not yours, you will need a notarized waiver. For a complete list of required paperwork to bring a minor who is not yours, check the website here –

Can we purchase ice on site?
No ice will be sold on site. There is a Shop & Save (a Hannaford affiliate); a Rite Aid; a Stewart’s all in a cluster, less than half a mile from the site.

What is that loud horn at noon?
It is the volunteer fire horn. It will go off every day. Please be prepared for it.

I’m thinking about bringing my fire pit. Is there any place we will be able to get wood locally?
There are several Stewart’s Shops around the site that sell firewood.

Are there food vendors at the site?
On site options:
Kate’s Kafe
Off-site options:
The shopping plaza across the street from the site has a supermarket and a Subway.
Half a mile down the road is a Stewart’s and Schag A Val, a pizza place/diner.
Within a couple of miles, there are a few sit-down places: Sammy Cohen’s is a family restaurant; Prospector’s, a bar and grill; Chrissy’s Cravings, a grill and ice cream stand.
The town of Stillwater is about 6 miles northwest of the site, and has a couple of pizza places.
The town of Mechanicville is about 8 miles west of the site, and has a some family restaurants.
Troy is 15 miles south on Route 40, and has many, many dining options.

Are pets allowed? No.

What about service animals:
Service animals will need a valid rabies vaccination proof and there will be a registration for for owners to fill out. Please have a phone number of someone on site you trust as a second in in case of emergency.

Can I charge my medical device?
There are charging spots available for medical devices. Please come to disability point to sign up for a slot and get a tag for your device.

“I Always Wanted To Know From A…” Panels at EK 50th

Unto the Kingdom of the East I do bring great news!

Too long have our curious minds had questions rattling around on topics too various to count. What is it like being a Crown Head of the East? What does it mean to be a Webminister? What’s all this Performing about in the SCA?

What was it like in the early days of the East?

Wonder no longer! In the Town Center at the grand East Kingdom 50th Anniversary celebration, we have assembled Former Seneschals, Performers, Pelicans, Laurels, Masters of Defense, Knights, Roses, and so many more to answer your questions on their particular paths, ranks, and jobs from you, the great populace of the East.

Make your way to our Town Center and attend the talks, found under the name I Always Wanted to Know From A… and wonder no more! Panels will run Friday from Noon to 5pm, Saturday from 11am to 4pm, and Sunday from 11am – 3pm. The detailed schedule can be found below.

Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot

Noon – 1 pm Performing in the SCA
1 – 2 pm What it’s like to be Royalty
2 – 3 pm Communication in the SCA
3 – 4 pm Former Kingdom Seneschals
4 – 5 pm Court Heraldry

11 am – Noon Growing Up in the SCA
Noon – 1 pm The Order of the Pelican
1 – 2 pm Picking SCA Names
2 – 3 pm The Order of the Rose
3 – 4 pm The Order of the Chivalry

11 – Noon The Order of the Laurel
Noon – 1 pm Masters of Defense
1 – 3 pm The First Ten Years of the East Kingdom

Queen’s Favors Needed!


Her Majesty Caoilfhionn with her son.
Photo by Chana Freidl the Maker

Greetings from Queen Caoilfhionn’s favor coordinator! The summer event season has begun, and summer event season means so many reasons for Her Majesty to bestow her favor! But in order to that, she needs physical favors to give, and that’s where she needs you.

Favors can be painted or embroidered or pretty much whatever art you want to create them with. Creativity is encouraged!
The instructions for creating them can be found here.
If you have created favors, you may get them to me (Anastasia da Monte, generally found on the fencing field) or to any member of the Queen’s Guard.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Performance Activities at East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration


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Few places on earth hold the wondrous mix of performances than in the Society. As a way to both connect deeply with the past and to help see our own Society histories into the future, bardic arts have a special place in the performing arts, as do the historic pieces from ages past. We are fortunate to have plenty of both!  It would be difficult to imagine a camping event without music and tales – and so for 50 Year we have many opportunities to listen, teach, learn, or perform.

Importantly, there’s lots of open performance time for everyone interested in performing! Continue reading

East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration Still Needs Gate Staff


Are you going to the East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration?

Would you like to do your bit to help the event, but don’t have a lot of time to commit?  If that sounds like you, then Gate is the perfect place for you to help out.  Shifts are an hour long (although you can certainly volunteer for more than one in a row, if you have the time to spare).

Gate volunteers get shade, and a chance to be the first welcoming face people see as they arrive at the event. What could be better?

Wondering if you are qualified? Volunteers must be 18 to handle money and check identification, but there are plenty of other tasks that younger volunteers can help with too.   Need to sit, or hate to sit? Either way, Gate can find a place for you to help.

Check out the list of available shifts here, and sign up for one or more that fits your schedule.

Polling Award Recommendations Due July 8th / Les recommandations pour l’inclusion dans l’ordre du mérite sont exigibles d’ici le 8 juillet 2018

En français

Their Royal Highnesses
Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Vienna de la Mer are heirs to the Tyger throne of the East

Their Royal Highnesses Prinz Wilhelm and Princesse Vienna wish to make it known that They will consider recommendations for inclusion on Their first polling through July 8, 2018.

Please remember that you do not need to be a member of any order to recommend someone you consider deserving. You may submit recommendations for any award by using the EK Awards Web Form. Click here to access the form.

The orders that require polling are: Continue reading

East Kingdom Team Trivia Night


You could win one of these fabulous blue tygers!

Do you think you know the East Kingdom? Want to compete against other Easterners (or not Easterners) who think they do too? Come to the Hearth in the Town Center at the East Kingdom 50 Year event at 8 pm on Friday night for a trivia throw down about all things Eastern. Questions will be available in French as well as English.

Teams can be comprised of no more than eight people. To register, they must have a team name (the cleverer, the better). No phones will be allowed. Your memories and wit must be enough. Wit counts, because an extra point will be given during each of the five rounds for the funniest answer. Who decides what is funniest? The hostess of the Hearth, Baroness Margreta (formerly Baroness Rufinia), and your very charming master of ceremonies, Baron Jean de Montaigne.

Mistress Eloise of Coulter, a devious fountain of Eastern knowledge, researched and chose the questions. Don’t even think about bribing her. What does your team get if they win? Three plush blue tigers, a nifty certificate handmade by Lady Aaradyn Ghyoot testifying to your brilliance, and bragging rights. If the winning team achieves a perfect score, Eloise will provide a special prize. Start gathering your teams and register at the Hearth at 8pm. Spectators welcomed and encouraged.

Queen’s Garden in EK Royal


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To all Baronies, Provinces, Shires, Cantons, Ridings, Strongholds, Households and other subjects of the East Kingdom, greetings from the Pennsic Steward!
You are cordially invited to participate in the decoration of the Queen’s Garden in EK Royal this year at Pennsic.  The Queen’s Garden consists of the grassy area under the shade trees, bordered by magnificent Tyger walls and supplied with benches for taking your ease.  What it does not currently include is plants and your Steward has a “brown thumb”.  In order to give a more garden-like feel to the area, groups are welcome to contribute a small garden plot should they feel so inclined.  The conditions are as follows:
-You are limited to 4 square feet – 24” by 24”.
-All plants must be in containers (we do not have permission from the Coopers to plant anything directly).
-Your plot should include a way to identify the group that provided it, either heraldically or via a small sign.
-Setup may begin on Wednesday, August 1st.

-Plots will be marked out in advance and are first-come-first-served.

-Plots must be cleared by 7pm on August 10th.

The plants will be watered throughout the war by the Tyger’s Cubs residing in the staff residence, and anyone else who would like to help.
If your group is interested I would appreciate a note or a comment to give me an idea of how many plots I ought to stake out.
In Service,
Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick