Call for largesse


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A Message From the Gift Coordinator

Unto the populace of the East Kingdom do I, Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcaçova, send greetings, I have the honor to serve as Gift Coordinator for Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna, and I humbly come to you today on Their behalf.

The artisans of the East Kingdom are known to be gifted craftspeople and Their Majesties, in Their inestimable wisdom, wish to display the talents of our populace while travelling the glorious lands of our Kingdom and the Known World.

In order to proudly showcase our Artisans, the Kingdom relies on your generosity in filling the Royal Gift Chest with pleasing and useful items.

At the moment, we need assistance with largesse destined for Baronage holding our noble Eastern lands and for those newly arrived in our Society.  In an effort to support Their Majesties in displaying the hospitality and generosity for which the East Kingdom is known, we are also in search of volunteers to help with the gift baskets intended to the Royal Cousins visiting us at Birka, and Royalty welcoming us at the far lands hosting Gulf Wars and Aedult Swim.

If needed, below is a list containing suggestions of items that would make wonderful largesse. Please remember that this list is not restrictive and we encourage you to be creative with your works of art.

Arts and Crafts

  • Handspun fiber
  • Pin cushions
  • Needlebooks
  • Drop spindles
  • Lucets
  • Weaving tablets
  • Nailbinding needles
  • Wooden spools
  • Thread holders
  • Scissor cases

Clothing and Accessories

  • Coifs
  • Hoods
  • Veils
  • Handkerchiefs
  • Handmade buttons
  • Lacing cord
  • Nailbinding or knitted items (socks, mittens, hats)
  • Handwoven trim
  • Belts
  • Pouches
  • Shoulder bags


  • Ale
  • Packets of period spices or dried herbs
  • Honey
  • Tea


  • Handmade beads
  • Rings
  • Arm bands
  • Metal bracelets
  • Brooches

Paper & Ink

  • Handmade note cards (blanks to be used as Thank you cards)
  • Handmade books
  • Scroll blanks
  • Journals
  • Scribal supplies (brushes, ink, ink tray, pen, paper)


  • Coins
  • Small wooden items (cups, wax tablets, boxes)
  • Small pottery items (cups, bowls)
  • Travel sewing kits
  • Cup covers
  • Cloth napkins
  • Bottle openers
  • Drinking horns
  • Drawstring bags (for gift wrapping)

If you would like to donate to the Royal Gift Chest or should you have any questions about largesse, please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Their Majesties are grateful for your generosity in sharing your skills with the East Kingdom.

Yours in Service,

Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcaçova

Court Report for St. Eligius

Following please find the missive I received from Master Rowen Cloteworthy, who witnessed
Their Majesties court at St. Eligius in my absence.
~Treannah, Vox Regis

On a clear, crisp morning, the 10th of November, Anno Societatis LIII, being reckoned 2018 of
the Common Era, Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna joined their home Barony of Dragonship
Haven in a celebration of the arts and sciences in honor of Saint Eligius.

In the afternoon, Their Majesties held Court. First, König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna
exchanged gifts with Their Excellencies Dragonship Haven, Joseph and Brose. Their Majesties
offered gifts of fine cloth and beverage and Their Excellencies in return gave Her Majesty a
mirrored ball in recognition of the band of minstrels called ABBA and His Majesty an enormous
beer stein.

Captain Elias Gedney then presented to König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna a gift of tokens,
coins stamped with Their initials for Their use as They deemed fit. Their Majesties thanked him
for his generosity.

Gifting concluded, the Crown then announced that Duchess Avelina Keyes was the Heir to the
Barony of the Bridge and would take her seat on March 23rd at Black Rose Ball and Baronial

Their Majesties then spoke of the wonderful calligraphy, illumination, and bookbinding they saw
exhibited in the competition and called for the maker, Lady Carmellina de Vacarri to come
before Them. Lady Carmellina was gifted a Golden Lyre for her skills.

The Crown then summoned Damhin Mac Ronain. They spoke of his skill at armored combat and
thrown weapons and that They and Their predecessors wished it known that he was
accomplished in such things. Their Majesties then Awarded Arms to Damhin, dated to the Last
Court of Brennan III and Caoilfhionn III on September 29, A.S. LIII. In recognition of this, there
was a scroll presenting with calligraphy and illumination by the Honorable Lady Mairi
Crawford, with words penned by Lord Edmund Beneyt.

König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna called forward the children of the East and, as has become
tradition, offered them up a sacrifice in the form of the Honorable Lord Antonius Blandus, who
ran ahead of the pack with a chest full of toys, though he was brought low at the end of the

Her Majesty also offered a token of a ring from Her hand to a young gentle named Ruby, who
had made toys for the box to be shared with others.

Cristina Volpina was summoned and Their Majesties spoke of her work with textile dyeing and
her research into recipes for dyes and also her work bringing indigo vats to demos to encourage
hands-on participation. In recognition of these works, Cristina was Awarded Arms and given a
scroll commemorating this, crafted by Baroness Emma Makilmone.

The Crown called for all those newcomers to the Society and offered to them small gifts that
they might remember their visit and to encourage them to return to our halls again in the future.

Their Majesties next called for Hans Ferdinand Engle, though he was not in the hall. In his
absence, Don Christoffel d’Allaines-sur-Comte came forward. The Crown spoke of Hans’ skill
as a fencer and his service as Thrown Weapons Champion for the Barony of Dragonship Haven
and Awarded him Arms. Don Christoffel was asked to present to Lord Hans a scroll prepared by
the Honorable Lady Ommadan inigena Ru in recognition of this.

Gerhardt von Hohensee was requested to attend the Crown. Their Majesties spoke of his skill as
a fencer, his studies of Fabris and his teaching, and his time as Baronial Fencing Champion. To
reward such skill and service, Gerhardt was named a Companion of the Order of the Silver
Rapier. He was given a scroll created by Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova and a medallion
by Don Lucien de Wyntere.

Next, Agnes Marie de Calais was summoned. König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna spoke of her
work as an armored combatant and water bearer and her works with the children’s initiative.
Finding these worthy accomplishments, They named her a Lady of the Court and Awarded her
Arms. This recognition was recorded on a scroll with calligraphy and illumination by Master
Aleksei Dmitriev with words by Madame Perronnelle de Croy.

At the herald’s call, Amalie von Hohensee presented herself to the Crown. Their Majesties spoke
of her skill at creating garments, her skill as a journeyman in Athena’s Thimble, and her talent at
the harp. They then called for Their Order of the Silver Brooch and named her a Companion
thereof, presenting her with a document confirming this prepared by Lady Millicent Rowan.

Their Majesties wished to thank some of the many people who staffed Their Coronation. They
called for Mistress Temair ingen Muiredaich, Baron Agapios Cargos, Don Llewellyn Walsh,
Master Dietrich Schwelgengräber, Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai called Jaji, Mistress Juliana von

Altenfeld, Mistress Annetje van Woerden, and Lady Sarrah Byrd and unto each of them
bestowed the Award of the Burdened Tyger and tokens in recognition.

The event stewards, Lady Aelfwyn of Dragonship Haven and Baroness Catalina de Valencia,
were called forward and thanked by Their Majesties for their work organizing the event. They
were given tokens, rings, from the hand of Königin Vienna.

The Crown then called for the Honorable Holt Kincaid. Her Majesty spoke emotionally about
Her experiences with Holt, how the young Vienna became her friend in the SCA, welcoming
Holt and her family with a place to sit at one of their first events. Holt replied later that this
welcoming gesture made her come back and stay in the Society and that she would be forever
grateful. Königin Vienna spoke of Holt’s service to her Barony, to the youth program, and to
combat archery. König Wilhelm the said that he recalled Holt saying if she ever got a scroll from
him, that she hoped it would be in crayon. His Majesty complied with this request, offering her a
scroll that He had colored with crayon himself. Their Majesties then reached for a coronet and
placed it upon her head and named Holt a Baroness of Their Court and gave her a much more
formal scroll, done without crayon, created by Master Vettorio Antonello.
Next, The Majesties called for Baroness Ysabella de Draguignan. They praised her art and skill,
and spoke of how she had created so much for so long. His Majesty added that he had been
"kicked out" of museums for getting too close trying to take pictures Ysabella had requested. In
recognition of her art, the Crown called for Their Ancient and Noble Order of the Laurel and
presented Ysabella a Writ, to be answered at a later date, asking if she would take her place
among that Order. The Writ itself was created by Königin Vienna. The Order took Ysabella
away, that she might begin her contemplation.

Their Majesties then asked if there were any final words from the dias. Baron Joseph and
Baroness Brose both thanked everyone for attending the day. Königin Vienna said that They felt
very supported in Dragonship Haven and that They felt much love there, as it was Their home.
The Crown then called for the kitchen staff and thanked them for the wonderful dayboard they
had provided.

Immediately before Court was to be concluded, Master Qadagin-u Jajiradai called Jaji came
forward and offered his fealty to Their Majesties, which they accepted and returned. There being
no further business, the Court of König Wilhelm and Königin Vienna was concluded.

These are the events of the Court as I recall them. My thanks to the heralds, retainers, guards,
staff, scribes, and all the artisans and others who attended the event and made it the fine day it
was. Long live the King! Long live the Queen! Long live the Kingdom of the East!

For Crown and College,
Pray know I remain,

– Master Rowen Cloteworthy

A Narrative of the Court of Wilhelm and Vienna at Their Crown Tournament



The day dawned dark and stormy in the northern region of the East Kingdom, with rain pouring down from the heavens above at a steady pace.   This is how it all began on that 3rd day of November, Anno Societatis LIII, in the common era of 2018. The tournament to choose the Kingdom’s heirs must take place this day, regardless the weather.  The combatants and their consorts had begun to arrive, the event staff making adjustments and finishing preparations, and then King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna did arrive.

Their Majesties gathered all those in attendance close in the giant barn that would protect the competitors from the elements.  First the rules of the list were read out, The King and Queen then had Their herald call forward Master Steffen of Silverforge.  Master Steffen read an important Inclusion Statement that had been signed by a great many Peers of the Kingdom.  It was noted that the statement and the signatures could be found on the East Kingdom Wiki. (

The King then spoke about how important it was that honor shine this day.   His passion for clean, clear wins and fights filled with honor was so strongly evident in His every word.  Then Master Rowen Cloteworthy’s voice rang out with the names of each combatant and their chosen consort.

King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna address the Combatants at Crown Tourney

King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna address the Combatants at Crown Tourney – photo by Brita Mairi Svensdottir

One by one these hopeful couples stood before their King and Queen – a rose from Her Majesty for the consort, and a few words from the King to encourage the combatant.  The last pair welcomed, The King and Queen bid one Goerijs Goriszoon to raise his voice in song, yet another bard who borrows from The King’s most favored bard called ABBA.

And thus the tournament began.

Round after round was fought.  Noble deeds, chivalric acts, kindness and ferocity all filled the space.  At the end of the day, one combatant stood absolutely victorious, Ozurr the Bootgiver had bested all.

Princess Fortune and Prince Ozurr

Princess Fortune and Prince Ozurr – photo by Paige of House Fulton

King Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke, Queen Vienna de la Mer  and Brigantia Principal Herald of the East, Master Malcolm Bowman, then did enter the list where  Ozurr the Bootgiver  and Fortune St. Keyne stood.  Those gathered in this place watched on as with words and crowns the Kingdom of the East had new heirs,  Prince Ozurr and Princess Fortune!

A short while later, with many now gathered in the great hall, the King, Queen, Prince and Princess of the East did process the length of the room, and take Their rightful places.  Their Majesties then invited Baron Ane du Vey and Baroness Sylvia du Vey to join Them.  The Baron and Baroness brought with them gifts for Their Majesties, who in turn had gifts for the Baron and Baroness of Endewearde.  The Baron and Baroness then swore their fealty before moving to stand before their seats.

Their Majesty’s herald then called for the new Prince and Princess to come before The King and Queen, for there was one more thing that must be done.  Their investiture as Crown Prince and Princess and Protectors of Tir Mara must take place.  His Majesty spoke to them both about the importance of caring for Tir Mara and seeing to Their people there.  Short cloaks were placed about their shoulders, and rings placed upon their fingers, and it was done.  Ozurr and Fortune arose, Crown Prince and Princess of Tir Mara.

Next to come into Their Majesties court were all Ladies of the Rose who were present, for they had tokens to offer to those they had found worthy of recognition this day. First Duchess Katherine spoke.  Offering a token from Duchess Luna for a gentle who’s name this herald did not catch, and then offering tokens of her own to Baroness Sylvia du Vey and Lady Vivien de Valois.  Next Duchess Avelina offered a token from Countess Mara for Sir William MacCrimmon.  The next Rose to speak was Countess Marguerite, offering a token from Countess Violante to Sir Matthew D’Arden, and then a token from herself to Master Peter.  The Kingdom’s new Princess, Fortune, now offered her very first token to Sir Matthew’s son, Galen.  Finally Queen Vienna, offered her token to Lady Lijsbet van Catwiic.

Sterling de la Rosa receives the Shield of Chivalry

Sterling de la Rosa receives the Shield of Chivalry – photo by Brendan Crane

Her Majesty now called Sterling de la Rosa before Her.  She spoke of how outstanding his honor had been all day.  To him She gave the care of the Shield of Chivalry.

Next to be summoned before Their Majesties was Matthew D’Arden.  He had fought valiantly this day, falling only at the very last to Ozurr.  They gave to him both the whistle and the hat of the Admiral of the Armies.  Even though this hat is odd and awkward, this great fighter wore it nobly and with great grace.

Now Their Majesties bade Their herald call others into Their court.  First, Mabbe atte Eye.  To her was given a Bell, to mark her inclusion in Their Order of the Terpsichore for her devotion to dance.

Next called forward were any Newcomers present, and they were given tokens to remember this day, and encouraged to join us all again.

Now the name of Cody of Endewearde rang out.  A great procession appeared, and as they processed toward the King and Queen, They could be heard to wonder where within this great crush of people, Cody could be found.  Once he was at last standing before Them, Their Majesties called for Their order of the Gawain and added Cody to their numbers.  Cody was given a pair of green garters and a brightly colored scroll made for him by Techan MacGothraidh.

Next the herald called for Lillian Crowe.  Their Majesties spoke to this young lady about how much they had heard about her great caring for others, for her desire and willingness to help.  The Queen, in fact, noted that Lillian had helped Her all day.  Now They called for Their order of the Tyger’s Cub, and They did induct Lillian into this order.  A medallion from Matthew MacGyver and a scroll made for her by Constance de St. Denis did mark her addition to this order.

Now Their Majesties needed the children of this order,  joined by any other children present – for it was time for the renowned toy box.  But who to choose to carry it?  Lillian Crowe’s voice could be heard above the din – volunteering her father, Richard Crowe, to carry it.  The King and Queen thought this was a marvelous idea – and called him forward, and placed the toy box in his care.  With a count of three, off he went – down the length of the hall, and out onto the great front porch, and then BACK into the hall!  This is where the children caught up to him, and with peals of laughter, toys were claimed.

Next to hear their name was Marjorie Kinlock, called Madge.  For all of her work in kitchens and on garb it was time to make her a Lady of Their court, and to award her arms.   Their Majesties saw it done, and handed to her a scroll to mark the occasion made by  Agatha Wanderer, Christiana Crane, and Cedric of Thanet.

The herald now called for Tiffan Fairamay, and Their Majesties spoke to her about her embroidery and fringed veils as well as her recent interest in scribal arts.  They called for Their order of the Silver Brooch and with a medallion made just for her and a scroll made by Audrye Beneyt, and Alexandre St. Pierre it was done.

Now Her Majesty stood.  She spoke about a gentle who was always kind and courteous, one who had impressed Her greatly.  She bade Tiberivs Ivlivs Rvfvs  to come before Her.  She drew forth a white glove and spoke of how she had added the lace at the cuff from lace left to Her by Her own grandmother, and with tears in Her eyes, She added him to Her Order of Courtesy.  Then She bade him stay, for there was another She would honor similarly this day.  She then called forward Edward MacGyver, and noted how impressed She had always been with his comportment.  The glove The Queen now handed to Edward, had been Her grandmother’s as well, and the embroidery upon it had been finished by Her Majesty that very morning.

Next to be summoned before Their Majesties was Aesa Ormstunga, called Jotunsbane.  His Majesty noted how word was that her curved blade was much feared among her fellow fencers.  He then had His herald call forward the order of the Golden Rapier and with Their Majesties will, words from a scroll made by  Christina Crane and Nicol mac Donnachaidh and an assortment of medallions, Jotunsbane was added to their numbers.

Now the herald’s voice rang out, calling for Misha of Endewearde.  The Barony of Endeweard’s  heavy weapons champion must be added to Their Majesties order of the Silver Tyger.  With a medallion and scroll by Keziah Planchet, so it was done.

The name of Matthew MacGyver was next to be called.  His Majesty spoke of how well Matthew fought, his speed and stamina exceeding that of many much more experienced fighters.  He then had His herald call for His order of the Tygers Combattant that this man could be added.  Once surrounded, Matthew was given a medallion from the household Von Drachenklaue with a long and notable history as well as an elaborate scroll made for him by Edward MacGyver and Nicol mac Donnachaidh.

The next gentle called was Anne Wyecliffe, however she could not be present, and her daughter came forward in her stead.  Their Majesties wished her name added to the order of the Silver Wheel.  The Queen in particular spoke at length about the many items of largess that she had found with Anne’s name upon them, about how quietly and without note, she had been serving and supporting her kingdom.  Anne’s daughter expressed how sorrowful Anne was not to be able to be present this day and swore to carry the Queen’s words back to her.  Next a medallion to carry to her as well, and then a scroll – a scroll created for her by the Queen’s own hand!

Now David Poirier de LeLoup’s presence before his King and Queen was required.  Word of his involvement in and support of the archery community had reached Their ears, as well as whispers about his service to so many.  This man as well, They would add to the order of the Silver Wheel, and so this order was called forward.  Two medallions, one from Anne de Basillon and one from Sólveig Bjarnardóttir and a scroll translated into French by  Constanzia de Vianne and created by Lisabetta Medaglia and Kenneric Aubrey marked his addition.

There were others who must be added to the order of the Silver Wheel this day.  The next called for such honor was Alan of Wytleseie, another deeply involved in the archery community, and a creator of feasts as well.  With a scroll made for him by Aesa feilinn Jossursdottir and Matthias Grunewald, and a medallion from Their Majesties hands, it was done.

And one more as well must be added to this fine order.  Broddr Tryggrsson heard his name now. For all his help organizing and encouraging fighters, leading and managing, he must be added to the order of the Silver Wheel.  With a medallion and a scroll by Onora inghean Ui Ruairc, he too was made a companion.

Now the young man, Walter mac Donnaghi heard his name called by the herald.  The Queen had heard tell of many wonderful things about this gentle, but one story in particular stood out to her.  It seems that when he was on his way back to his own camp, he came upon an older woman struggling to carry some ice to her own camp.  He put his own burdens down, and immediately changed his route, that he might help this gentle.  Surely this was the stuff of which Lords of Their Majesties court should be made, and so it was an Award of Arms for Walter, with a scroll made for him by Tiffan Fairamay and Nicol mac Donnachaidh.

There was one who it was said, made magic with her fiber arts, and willingly shared all she knew again again by teaching classes and instructing individuals as well.  Their Majesties would have this gentle before them immediately -and that is why Raven Luosey heard her name cried out.  For her an Award of Arms, for a Lady she would be, with a beautiful scroll containing the ravens of her namesake, made by Yzabelle du Perche to mark the day.

Next called before King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna, was one Embla Knutrdottir.  The King noted that he had heard her described as a “firecracker of a fighter” and that seemed like the sort of fighter that ought to be added to the order of the Silver Tyger, and so He had this very order called forward and with a medallion that came to her through others from Kenric of blessed memory, and an elaborate scroll made by Edward MacGyve and Nicol mac Donnachaidh, she was added to their numbers.

There was another, named Albrecht Ostergaard      who needed to be added to the ranks of the Silver Tygers.  His skill on the field of battle well known, the time had come.  For him there was a scroll by Aesileif Hoarr Kona and Matthew MacGyver, and a medallion as well, as he was also added to this order.

There was a founding member of the court of Royal Foresters among those assembled, and the herald now called his name.  For the King and Queen wished to speak with Rys ap Dinefawr.  This day had be quite wet and rainy, and yet this gentle had helped keep a fire going all day for others to enjoy.  It was clear Rys must be made a Lord of Their court for this alone, if not for his growing skill with rapier, throwing weapons, heavy combat, and archery as well!  And so a scroll by Marian Kirkpatrick and Aleksei Dimitrov noted his Award of Arms.

There were two who should have been present this day that Their Majesties wished to honor by adding them to Their order of the Silver Wheel.  However, Hrafn Iss Auga and Halldis Ulfsdottir had been unable to attend, and word had been sent that the scrolls they were to receive should be given to the Baron and Baroness of Endewearde.  Thus it was so, that Their Majesties added both to the Order and had read a scroll by Tola Knityr for Hrafn and a scroll by Brangwyne of Wentworth for Halldis – which were then placed in the care of the Baron and Baroness.

One more among their people, the King and Queen would have added to the Order of the Silver Wheel.  They bade Their herald to call the name of Leofwyn of Wytleseie that she might stand before Them, surrounded by the members of this order.  They had heard so many wonderful words about all that Leofwyn did,  and so They made the orders numbers increase by one more, and gave unto her a scroll created by Elen Alswyth of Eriskay using words that had been sent by Audrye Beneyt , to commemorate the day.

Now the herald was heard to cry the name of Magnus Morty.  This fine fencer listened as the King spoke about all he was learning about the use of a rapier, and the community that wielded it – and as he knelt there, others could see that there was a group of people ever so slowly sneaking up behind him.  And while Magnus may well have been on the East Kingdom’s champions team 6 times, he was completely un aware of the motley crew that was bare paces behind him now.  The herald then called for Their Majesties order of the Golden Rapier, and the group rushed the last few paces forward – for that is whom had been tip-toeing their way to Magnus’s back.  With a medallion from Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova  and a scroll made for him by Camille des Jardins, Anne Meckil von Salm, and  Lucien de Wyntre  the order had another among them.

Their Majesties next called before them the day’s Event Steward, Audrye Beneyt.  Together with her They  called forward and thanked all of the staff who had made the day so wonderful.  Leofwyn Whytlesie as Deputy Event Steward, Lord Cormac Longstrider & Mistress Aneleda Falconbridge as feast stewards, Master Godric of Hamtun who handled gate, Lady Lijsbet van Catwiic who ran dayboard, Lord Edmund Beneyt who handled Parking, Lady Saruca who coordinated with the Marshal in Charge for the day. Lady Olalla Tristana  who coordinated the gift swap in addition to the Arts & Sciences Display. Meisterin Agatha Wanderer & Braumeister who coordinated the royal room.  Lord Seamus Na Coille Aosda   who created the fire, and along with the Foresters, keeping it managed throughout the day. Set up and Tear Down Crews also included Lord Thomas de Marr , Lord Nuttus Assingdone , Lord William of Wyndhaven , Lord Alan of Whytlesie , and more who Audrye was sure her tired brain could not remember.

Their Majesties dismissed these folks, and then just as they began to leave, They called Audrye back with a stern look.  Her Majesty spoke about the very first note offering help that She had seen after They had returned from the Crown Tournament Wilhelm had won – for it was from Audrye Beneyt.  Her Majesty also spoke about how many aspects of setting up for and running Their reign, They already depended on Audrye for help with.  These things and more, were the reason why, They were now going to make her a Baroness of Their court.  The Queen of the East placed a white and black coronet made by Marian Kirkpatrick upon Audrye’s head, and the words from the scroll created by Tiffan Fairaway and Alexandre Saint Pierre were read – and it was so.

That being all the business Their Majesties had, Their court was now closed, that all might retire to feast.

During feast, the Queen oversaw one additional piece of business.  Her Majesty honored the most elaborate table setting at Crown Tournament and encouraged the recipients to attend the Twelfth Night feast to award the next Portable Feast, signified by the giving of a footed bowl to those seated at that table.  The names She collected were: Elspet Catto, Roland de la Mar, Elizabeth of Endewearde, Eleanor Swyft, Eva DeHaas, Lijsbet van Catwiic, Thomas de Marr, Admiranda Howard and Gruffydd Abernethy.

The heralds who attended Their Majesties in Court were: Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Rowen Cloteworthy, Anne de Basillon, Malcolm Bowman, Marian Kirkpatrick, Kirsa Oyutai, Aloysius Sartore, Lucien de Wyntere, Audrye Beneyt and Maria Erika Von Ossenheim.

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.
Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah

Feast Menu and Paypal Registration Now Available for Bhakail Yule Revel XL


Greetings one and all! The Barony of Bhakail welcomes all to join us for our 40th annual Bhakail Yule Revel to be held on Saturday, December 8th, 2018.  This year our celebration will include the annual Bhakail Baronial Arts & Sciences and Brewing Championships, where our Baron Rowen will search for the successors of Master Muin and Lady Girsell. Competition details are on the event announcement (link below).  The tavern will be open and the hall will be set for a day of relaxed, joy-filled celebration of the winter harvest and friendships both new and well-aged.
Paypal Registration is available for this event, but closes in just over 2 weeks – (please allow 1-2 days after filling out this form to receive an invoice to complete your paid pre-registration). Registration closes on Wednesday, November 28th.
The Kitcheners of Bhakail have stoked the hearth-fires and will be captained by THL John Marshall Atte Forde. We invite you to come sail away with them along a newly-traveled spice route and enjoy stops in various ports of call, and then travel deep along the long-established roots of the Silk Road as they seek to thrill your taste buds.
Dayboard will bring us the scents, spices, and splendor of Arabic and Persian hospitality under the skilled eye of Baron Jibril ibn Ammar al-Sayyid al-Fayyad.
Feast is limited to just the first 120 individuals to register, who will be transported even further East to the Khan’s Empire on the Great Steppes to sample Mongolian delicacies alongside dishes from the realm of the Chinese Emperor before returning back to our westerly ports of origin in the Mediterranean for second course right from the finest inventions of Italian cookery.  All will be capped off with a variety of dessert selections encompassing selections from all our traveled lands, and all served by a crew orchestrated by Baroness Mari Clock van Hoorne.
The full event announcement, including a list of activities can be found here:
Hoping to see you soon and wishing all safe travels,

Iron Scribe Event Saturday



Detail view of final painting

Detail view of final painting

You’ve seen Crown Tournaments year after year. K&Q Competitions… been there, seen that. There was even Golden Seamstress, with sleepless, nail-biting races to the finish. But you’ve never seen anything like the Great Quintavian Iron Scribe Competition!

You know scribes are always on a deadline. You know scribes are always battling curled paper, gold that won’t stick, ink blobs, and sleep deprivation. But you’ve never seen them in neck-and-neck races to the finish line! If we’re going to do battle and work fast, we may as well have fun with it. And maybe get something useful out of the deal, like finished backlog scrolls.

How will this competition work, you ask? Here are the descriptions and rubrics:

Description of the competitions, rules, hints, and more information

Rubrics, be sure to read through these because they’re funny.

Does this have a chance to crash and burn in epic fashion? Oh, yes indeed! How will we avoid it? By playing for fun, not for profit. If you’re in it to win it, well, good on you but the rest of us are going to have fun and enjoy the day.

There are judges and points, but we all know this is a subjective exercise. Sloppy work is no good for either scribes or recipients. This is as much about strategic planning as it is about speed.

Will this be a spectator sport? Well, how much do you like watching paint dry? Everyone is welcome to join the camaraderie, and it should be an entertaining time. But if you bump the table while someone is working, you may have to answer to the marshals…

Will you taste the sweet joy of the perfect acanthus leaf and the balanced S? Or will you suffer the agony of the crooked line and the smear? Only one way to find out!

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then this may be the Mightiest Competition Ever!

If you are thinking about attending, please fill out this google form so we can plan for the right number of people.

–Thyra & Marieta

Unofficial Court Report from East Kingdom Court at Gulf Wars XXVII


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Being the Court of Their Majesties Ivan and Matilde held on March 15, A.S. LII (2018) in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann at Gulf Wars XXVII

Photo by Elashava Bas Riva

Arturus of Aranmore (more commonly known as Sir Arlof) – Order of the Maunche
Scroll by Mairi Crawford with words by Baroness Maria Charriez. Musical Arrangement by Lady Shivaun McGroff

Marian Kirkpatrick – Court Barony
words by Malcolm Bowman

Padraig O’Bradaigh – Court Barony
words by Malcolm Bowman

Devillin MacPherson – Court Barony
words by Malcolm Bowman Continue reading

Online Class: Introduction to Ladino/Sephardic Song by Sayyida Laila and EKCoP

SL_Class (1)
November 13th 7:30 to 9:30pm
All skill levels are invited to join this online introductory class to Ladino/Sephardic Song lead by Sayyida Laila and hosted by the East Kingdom College of Performers (EKCoP).

Period music comes in many shapes and sizes, and not all of it sounds like Gregorian Chant. The music of the Spanish Jews is some of the most passionate, satisfying music of the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Built on Jewish scales and employing a language that combines elements of Spanish and Hebrew, Ladino music taps into the pathos and heartache of the Jewish Diaspora. This class will include a short history of Ladino music, a quick tutorial on Ladino pronunciation, and few pointers about vocal style and ornamentation. In the main body of the class, you will learn 3-5 easy to intermediate Ladino songs. Music will be provided, but the songs will be taught by ear, as they would have been in Medieval Spain. All levels welcome. Be prepared to sing if you would like. Drummers and other instrumentalists are also welcome. Reading music is not required.
Sayyida Laila al-Sanna’ al-Andalusiyya is the former Bard of Caid, and has been teaching voice and music in and out of the SCA for 18 years. Ladino music is her specialty.

Join Hangouts Meet

Join by phone

‪+1 912-712-2949‬ PIN: ‪901 771 847‬#

Fill out this form to join EKCoP’s mailing list!

Join us on Facebook! A great way to find performing and bardic opportunities and meet other performers!

For more information please contact:
EKCoP’s acting Chatelaine Douglas Doan

Notes about St. Eligius A&S Competition November 10


Greetings Good Gentles,
The St. Eligius A&S Competition is this coming Saturday, November 10. Please join us for a day of friendly competition in which artisans will be displaying their craft and skills in various mediums.
During the day, there will be a delectable dayboard including sweet and savory hand pies and assorted crudite. Following the closing of the competition at 4pm there will be a desert revel.
In addition to the competition there will be several work shops held including: a K&Q A&S rubric training session, an A&S consultation table, a viking wire weaving class, and an Athena’s Thimble panel.
Also, Baroness Brose would like to hold and moderate brief order meetings for the Order of the Silver Crescent and the Order of that Maunche where members can briefly discuss potential candidates for each respective Order.
Lastly, the Immanuel Lutheran Church actively collects canned food items for local food banks. Please feel free to bring a canned food item. We will collect them at gate and give them to the church.
We all look forward to seeing many of you this coming Saturday. Until then, best luck to all on their progress on their entries.
Yours in service,
Baroness Catalina de Valencia
Lady Aelfwyn of Dragonship Haven

Wilhelm and Vienna’s Second Polling Deadline Approaches


Responses to the first poll of Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna need to be sent before midnight TONIGHT – Sunday, November 4. The polls close at 11:59 pm, and the polling link will be inactive after that time.

Polls are sent to the members of the Orders of High Merit and the Peerages so that they may provide input to the Crown on future members.  Orders which conduct polls include the Chivalry, Laurel, Pelican, Defense, Silver Crescent, Tygers Combatant, Sagittarius, Maunche, Golden Rapier, and Golden Lance.

If you are a member of one of the Orders of High Merit or the Peerage and are not currently receiving polling emails, please sign up via the instructions on the East Kingdom Polling Lists page. Please note that the discussion lists and the polling lists must be subscribed separately.

Vivant to Prince Ôzurr and Princess Fortune!


The Finals were a best 3 of 5 format.

First round (greatsword): Ôzurr

Second round (two sword): Matthew

Third round (sword and shield): Ôzurr

Fourth round (polearm): Ôzurr

Ôzurr wins to become Prince of the East, and his consort, Fortune, becomes princess.

The Gazette thanks Mistress Anastasia for her on-site reporting and photos.