Pennsic Rapier Champs Team Announced!



At court at the Great Northeast War, Maréchal Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne, Rapier General for the East Kingdom, announced the EK Pennsic Rapier Champions teams. He was joined by Don Lupold Hass to name the Heroic Champs and Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova Sviatoslavina to name the Melee Champs. Champions were selected through a series of qualifying tournaments and group practices to hone their skills and display their prowess and comportment.

SINGLES TEAM (Champs and Alternates)
Master Donovan Shinnock
Master Orlando Sforza
Master Lottieri Malocchio
Vigilant Sorcha Dhocair
Don Devillin MacPherson
Don Melchior Kreibel
Don Llewellyn Walsh
Don Lupold Hass
Don Cedric of the Floppy Hat
Warder Brendan Firebow
Don Doroga Voronin
Lord Magnus Morty
Lady Millicent Rowan
Lord Robert Tytes
Lord Zohane Faber
Lady Yin Feng-Yu


MELEE TEAM (Champs and Alternates)
Master Grim the Skald
Master Ogedei Becinjab
Master Caine Ramsey
Master Quintan Brilliant
Master Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova
Sir Mathias Grunwald
Master Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne
Master Thomas Effingham
Vigilant Anastasia da Monte
Don Malcolm Bowman
Don Nathaniel Wyatt
Don Alfonso Pontinelli
Don Owynn Greenwood
Don Eldrich Gaiman
Baron Christopher Serpentius
Lord Gregori Rogue Montana
Lord Grimolfr Skulason
Lord Morwill MacShane
Lord Scrooby of Carolingia
Lord Alastair
Lord Akamatsu Katsumoto
Lady Wentliana Bengrek
Lady Magdalena von Kirschberg


AEthelmearc HRH Titus Life Celebration


A Celebration of Life for Titus Germanicus, Prince of Æthelmearc will be held at Pennsic on August 5, 2018, 9-11 pm in Æthelmearc Kingdom encampment.

The Known World mourns the loss of Titus Scipio Germanicus. Be welcome and join with those who carry a heavy heart and share what you would with Her Highness Anna Leigh, Sylvan Princess of Æthelmearc. All are welcome.

For more information see the story in the AEthelmearc Gazette –

Unofficial Court Report – Les Beltaines XXXI


badge HeraldOn Saturday, June 9th, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn, did visit their Barony of Havre des Glaces and attended Les Beltaines XXXI.

There was a processional in the morning to the delight of all. The day itself filled with many martial activities and a display of Arts & Sciences. In the afternoon, Their Majesties did open their court.

The toybox was run, newcomers were welcomed, The following were called up given the King’s Award of Esteem:

Al-Faris Mohammad, Mistress Tadea, Sir Baptiste, Boltok, Lord Falco, Kirsa Oyutai, Mistress Eva Woodrose, Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell

Additionally, these gentles were awarded as follows:

(award list follows French translation immediately below)

En français

Le 9 Juin, AS LIII, Leurs Majestés, Baselius Brennan et Basilissa Caoilfhionn ont visité leur domaine de la Baronnie du Havre de Glace pour assister aux XXXIe Beltaines.

Au plaisir de tous, la matinée fût marquée par une procession Royale. De nombreuses activités martiales ont eu lieu tout au long de la journée et une exposition d’Arts et Science a été présentée. En après-midi, Leurs Majestés ont ouvert Leur Cour.

La course aux jouets eut lieu et Leur Majestés ont souhaité la bienvenue aux nouveaux. Puis, les nobles suivants ont été appelés pour recevoir le King’s award of Esteem :

Al-Faris Mohammad, Maîtresse Tadea, Sire Baptiste, Lord Boltok, Lord Falco, Dame Kirsa Oyutai, Maîtresse Eva Woodrose, Maîtresse Elizabeth Elenore Lovell De plus, les personnes suivantes ont été récompensées tel que suit :”

traduit par Lord Olan Blackhad


 Name                    Award                  Scribe(s)

Septemris AoA C: Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova
I: Lord Robert of Stonemarch
Charlène Zbikowsky AoA Marieta Charay
Sidonie D’Artois AoA I: Ulfeidr Artudettir
C: Brennan Basileus
W: Shadiyah, based on words by Al-Faris Mohammad
Roland le Petit AoA I: Aurelia Coleona a’ Buccafurno
C: Brennan Basileus
W: Shadiyah, based on words by Al-Faris Mohammad
Iakov Zbikowsky AoA C&I: Lillian atte Veleye
W: Mistress Tadea & Sir Baptiste
Abigaele AoA C&I: Elizabeth Elenore Lovell
W: Al-Faris Mohammad & Kirsa Oyutai
Otis Masky AoA C&I: Elizabeth Elenore Lovell
W: Boltok, Mistress Tadea and Lord Falco
Gaston Silver Tyger scroll unsigned
Nariman AoA C&I: Elizabeth Elenore Lovell
W: Al-Faris Mohammad & Elizabeth Lovell
Arah Masky AoA C&I: Elizabeth Elenore Lovell
W: Boltok, Mistress Tadea and Lord Falco
Finnegan Aldwald AoA no scroll
Kiril Al-Ghadab Hallamet AoA C&I: Mairi Carwford
Nabila AoA C&I: Kira
W: Leana Doucet
Syrine Al-Sakina Bint Houriya AoA Shadiyah al-Zahra’
Galbraith MacGowan OTC Eva Woodrose
Holev le Hellequin OTC no scroll


Thus concluded Les Beltaines XXXI.

Thank you to Behi Kirsa Oyutai & Mistress Elizabeth Elenore Lovell for running and heralding court.



Lady Liadan ingen Chineada

Results of the Jousting Tourney at the East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration



Thanks to Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon for submitting this account of the tourney and the resulting scoring.  Master Terafan currently serves as the Society Equestrian Marshall, and offered to sponsor the Jousting Tourney.

Jousting requires a specific authorization, in addition to the basic equestrian authorization, and a higher level of armor than most equestrian activities. It’s uncommon to find enough riders who have both the authorization and the equipment for a competition, except at major events such as the East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration or Inter-Kingdom wars.

Thanks also to Mistress Tannis of Tirydon of Atlantia for her kind permission to use her photos.

Hear now the words of Master Terafan:

The noble jousting tournament consisted of 3 different competitions, each scored independently and intended to help bring some pomp and circumstance into equestrian activities.

Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick and Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon Joust at EK50

Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick and Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon Joust at EK50

  • First, a “helmschau” to display (a minimum of) the rider’s helm, helm crest, and their banner.
  • Second, a heraldic presentation of the rider into the arena
  • Third, the actual joust

The helmschau and heraldic presentation were judged by the king-at-arms, Duke Brion Tarragon, and by three noble ladies, Duchess Anna Tarragon, Duchess Katherine Stanhope and Countess Mathilde de Cadene.

The Helmschau was worth 5 points:

  • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon: 4 pts
  • Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick: 5 pts
  • The learned Ken Mondschein, a visitor to these lands: 2 pts

The Heraldic Presentation was worth 5 points:

  • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon: 4 pts
  • Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick: 5 pts
  • The learned Ken Mondschein, a visitor to these lands: 2 pts

The Joust was intended to have 27 points possible (3 opponents, 3 passes each), but only wound up with 18 points possible (because each person only had 2 opponents as the tournament was called due to the heat, and because of a mishap).

  • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon: 18 pts
  • Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick: 9 pts
  • The learned Ken Mondschein, a visitor to these lands: 1 pt
Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon at EK50

Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon presents his banner to the crowd during his heraldic presentation into the arena

The outcome of the overall tournament was

  • 1st: Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon – 26 pts
  • 2nd: Mistress Eleanor Fitzpatrick – 19 pts
  • 3rd: The learned Ken Mondschein, a visitor to these lands – 5 pts

One additional competitor was disqualified from the tournament altogether (and their scores in the previous phases omitted) after striking their opponent’s horse with their lance during the joust.

A major element that we preach with both foam lance jousting and wooden lance jousting is that we cannot tolerate having a horse get struck.  The disqualified competitor must go back and train a lot more with lance and quintain, and must demonstrate good lance control and follow-through, before they will be allowed to attempt another authorization.

Curia Business Update from the East Kingdom Seneschal / Information pertinente relative à la prochaine curie de la part du senéchal royal


En français


arms EastTheir Majesties have decided that only a few of the proposed changes presented at Their Curia held on June 16, 2018 in the Barony of Iron Bog will be included in East Kingdom Law at this time. Those changes may be found here:

In the interest of allowing all to have more time to review the proposed changes from the previous Curia, Their Majesties have declared that the majority of the past proposals will be brought as Old Business at Their Curia to be held on September 22, 2018 at Bergental Baronial Investiture in the Barony of Bergental.

The Curia Agenda for the Bergental Curia is located at

Their Majesties reserve their right to add additional New Business to that Curia.

As many have expressed a desire to see the proposed changes far enough in advance of Curia to review the proposals and make comments, Their Majesties and I will have the proposed changes out for review as soon as possible.

In order for Their Majesties, the Law clerk and I to have adequate time to review your suggestions, we are asking for your comments by August 17.

Should you have any questions, kindly email me at

Mistress Katherine Barr
East Kingdom Seneschal

traduit par Pellandres dit le Frère

En français

Bien le bonjour à tous,

Leurs Majestés ont pris la décision que seuls quelques-unes des propositions de changement soumise lors de la Curie du 16 juin 2018 tenue dans la baronnie de Iron Bog seront désormais incluses dans les Lois du Royaume. Ces changements peuvent être identifiés e suivant le lien suivant :

Dans le but de permettre à un maximum de gens de consulter ces propositions passées, leurs Majestés font la déclaration que la majorité d’entre-elles seront remise à l’ordre du jour de la prochaine curie du 2 septembre 2018 dans la baronnie de Bergental, lors de l’Investiture locale.

L’ordre du jour proposé pour cette curie se retrouve sur

Cet agenda n’étant pas final, leurs Majestés se réservent le droit d’y faire amendé.

Comme plusieurs ont manifesté vouloir connaitre les changements proposés le plus tôt possible afin de les commenter, leurs majestés et moi en feront la publication dès que ce sera possible

Dès lors, afin que leurs Majestés, leur secrétaire et moi aient un délai adéquat afin de lire, consulter et discuter vos commentaires, nous vous demandons de nous les faire parvenir d’ici au 17 août.

Si une question vous vient à l’esprit, contactez-moi au

Mistress Katherine Barr
Sénéchale du Royaume de l’Est.

Unofficial Court Report for Iron Bog Investiture/ King’s & Queen’s Archery Champions


On Saturday, June 16th, AS LIII, Their Majesties Baselius Brennan and Basilissa Caoilfhionn, did visit their Barony of Iron Bog, attended Iron Bog Investiture, and held the Archery Championship.

The competition was held throughout the day. In the afternoon, Their Majesties did open their court.

Their Majesties exchanged gifts with their new Excellencies Iron Bog, His Excellency Declan ran the Children’s Toy Box, and newcomers were welcomed. Godric of Hamtun stepped down as EK Captain-General of Archers, and Colin Ursell stepped up to take over the office. Princess Vienna relinquished her role as Guildmistress of Athena’s Thimble, and the Guild presented a gift to Queen Caoilfhionn.

Additionally, these gentles were awarded as follows:

 Name         Award      Scribe(s)


Creature Christi of Oaks Outgoing Baroness

Court Barony

Katherine Barr
Declan Gobha Incoming Baron I: Ian Raven of Tadcaster

C:Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy

Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin Incoming Baroness I: Ian Raven of Tadcaster

C:Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy

Colin Ursell Queen’s Champion of Archery C&I: Mairi Crawford

W: Maria Charriez

Ruan Shi Tian King’s Champion of Archery C&I: Mairi Crawford

W: Maria Charriez

Iriniia Mieszkowa AoA Constance de St. Denis
Runi inn Irski AoA Perronnelle de Croy
Safira of Iron Bog AoA Chrestienne la pescheresse (Bruni)
Muin Maqq Minain Silver Crescent C&I: Shoshana Gryffyth

W: Amarie de St Denis

Muirenn ben mec Iohair, formerly : Aife Bean Mhic Íomhair Silver Wheel C: Marieta Charay

I: Lillian ate Valeye

W: Nicol mac Donnchaidh

Caitrina inghean ui Bhraonain (called Cait) Silver Wheel I: Ellesbeth Donofrey

C: Jonathan Blaestan

Valery Fitzgerald Silver Wheel Mariette de Bretagne
SCA Name Award Scroll
Ronan FitzRobert Silver Wheel Eadaoin Chruitire

(Scroll taken by Their Excellencies

An Dub on behalf of Ronan)

Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov

Vynuk Tzardikov

QoC No Scroll
Nissim Aven Darmon Pelican Astrid Feilan (from the Midrealm)
Ellesbeth Donofrey Writ for Pelican Brennan & Caoilfhionn
Mairi Crawford Silver Brooch No Scroll
Maerhild aet Anestige Maunche I: Lisabetta Medaglia

C: Thyra Eiriksdottir

Charis Accipiter Pelican Jan Janowicz Bogdanski

Information about East Kingdom Court at Pennsic War


, ,

East Kingdom Royal Encampment Gates at Pennsic

East Kingdom Royal Encampment Gates at Pennsic

Citizens and friends of the East Kingdom!

Please note that the East Kingdom’s Court at Pennsic will be in the East’s Royal Encampment on Tuesday, August 7th, at 7 pm.

When you arrive, we invite you to take a few minutes to see the new Vigil Chapel and Queen’s Garden and admire the upgraded facilities in the State Kitchen!

You are welcome to bring a picnic dinner to enjoy quietly during Court, and cold, non-alcoholic beverages will be available in the Hospitality tent throughout the evening.

Please be advised: while the Steward’s office has made a dozen benches and has rented some chairs for use in the Royal Encampment, these will be first come, first seated. Please consider bringing a chair or blanket for the ground for your comfort throughout Their Majesties’ busy docket.

In service to the East,

Baroness Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Pennsic Major-Domo

Mistress Eleanor FitzPatrick, Pennsic Steward

Signet Office Announcement – Backlog Scrolls Ready for Release at Great Northeastern war


, ,

A message from the Backlog Deputy of the Tyger Clerk of the Signet: 

Greetings! I’m Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir (known by most as Feilinn), your Backlog Deputy. I have another batch of backlog scrolls ready for delivery to their recipients.

Scrolls will be available for pick-up at the Great Northeastern War on Saturday July 14th during the Scribal Office Hours. I will be in the Main Barn (left side) from 11am 1pm for scroll pick-ups and available to anyone who wants to learn more about the backlog process. During this time, scribes may also drop off completed backlogs and any scroll blanks they may have.

It is strongly suggested to email the Backlog Deputy ( to confirm that you will be picking up a scroll.

More pickups will be organized as the year goes on.

Local landed Barons/Baronesses and Seneschals are encouraged to pick up scrolls on behalf of members in their local groups if they know the recipient and the recipient cannot make these events. If you want to arrange pick up outside of these events, please email the Backlog Deputy to discuss. All official communication must be done via email, so please do not use social media messaging to discuss scrolls.

The following scrolls have been completed and are awaiting pick up. Continue reading

Help Needed – EK Royal Set-up and Tear-down


, ,

Lady Esnede O Muirrin made 100 of these lovely pilgrims badges for the volunteers who set-up and tear-down EK Royal at Pennsic!


2018 EK Royal Encampment set-up/tear-down pilgrim’s badges. Made by Lady Esnede O Muirrin, photo used with her permission.

Please join us for set up/tear down! It’ll be fun, you’ll get to be the first to see the fancy new stuff, and you get an exclusive “I was there” pin. I’m gonna put mine on my hat.

Companions of the Order of the Tygers Cub will be serving cold beverages to the work crews – any children old enough to work without direct parental supervision are invited to help them.

Set-up Start Times: Tues 7/31
Tygers Cubs: 9:45 am
Gate Pavilion: 10:00 am
State Kitchen: 10:00 am
Windwalls: 11:00 am
Vigil Chapel/Garden: 11:00 am
Hospitality: 12:00 pm

Tear-down Start Times: Friday, 8/10
State Kitchen: 11:00 am
Hospitality: 1:00 pm
Tygers Cubs: 1:45 pm
Everything else: 2:00 pm

My plan is to only need each volunteer to put in two hours or less. We’ve put a lot of effort in over the winter to streamline and optimize so it can all go up and come down very quickly with a good-sized crew. There are some small jobs that don’t require strength or the ability to stand for very long, especially in the State Kitchen, so don’t hesitate just because you’re not able to swing a hammer or carry a heavy box!

-Mistress Eleanor FitzPatrick