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The following is a message from Mistress Fia Kareman, regarding recent questions about the dates of A Market Day at Birka in 2020.

It’s only mid-April, but the Officers and People of Stonemarche, as well as the hotel, have already started getting asked about the dates for Birka 2020.

So to quell any rumors, please know that the dates for Birka are NOT being announced yet since NH has the “first in the nation” primary next Jan/Feb, and the date is not finalized yet.

Until it is, we can’t finalize the dates with the hotel. (The primary brings in a LOT more people and money than we do.) Once we have final dates, we will announce them on Facebook, via the EK email list, and put it on the website.

Additionally, if you would like to receive an email, please email me at autocrat@birka.org and I will put you on a list to receive a personal email when the dates are announced.

Once the dates are final, we’ll also be putting it on the EK Calendar and creating a Facebook event page.

Please also be aware that we are working with the hotel to set up the room block and will announce the date the block opens before it does so everyone has the same chance to get a room. 🙂

If you want to reserve a room before the room block opens, you may do so, but it’s at their regular (much higher) rates. Until then, feel free to watch the website, www.birka.org, and send any questions you have to me and we’ll get them answered.

Mistress Fia Kareman
Birka XXXI (2020)