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Photo by Baroness Cateline La Broderesse

Early in the morning on March 30th A.S. LIII, known in the common era as 2019,  Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna traveled to Their Barony of Settmour Swamp.  This day was the traditional thawing of the mud as well as King’s and Queen’s Arts and Sciences Champions, and there was much to do.

Once all were gathered and the King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Baron and Baroness had all processed and taken their seats, it was time for Morning Court.

The herald called for Vika Gringina z Prahy to come before her King and Queen.  Their Majesties noted that Their ancestors had originally asked, and now They would ask again, whether Vika would sit vigil this day and contemplate acceptance of elevation to the Order of the Laurel.  Vika agreed to sit vigil, and the Order of the Laurel was called forward to surround her and vigil information was shared as well.

Before the order could take her away however, another name was called by Their Majesty’s  herald.  Ulfgeirr Ragnarrson was called, and as had been stated in the writ he had received on the day Their Majesties ascended the thrones, agreed to sit vigil to consider elevation to the Order of the Laurel this day.  His vigil information was also shared.

Now the order could take these two candidates away and prepare them for their vigils.

With that, Their Majesty’s court was suspended so that They could visit the marshal activities beginning shortly outside.

Once folks had seemed to settle in around the various list fields, Their Majesty’s herald did once again call for attention from those in attendance.  There were accolades to bestow and here was the proper place to do some of them.

One called Phelippe le Vigneron heard his name cried out, and he came forward quickly.  His Majesty spoke of all the fine words that had come to Them regarding Phelippe.  And then He bade his herald to call forward the Order of the Silver Rapier, that Phelippe might be added to their numbers.  With a scroll for him by Morwenna O Hurlihie, and not one, but two medallions, one of which was Settmour Swamp’s own legacy medallion, Phelippe was made a companion of the order.

Next, another fencer was called forward, one Yin Feng-Yu Gongzhu.  King Wilhelm spoke about how glad he was that he hadn’t fought her, because He was certain that He would be full of holes if He had.  Their Majesty’s Order of the Golden Rapier was now called forward, and with a hereditary medallion, a scroll by Isabel Chamberlaine and Jean Paul Ducasse, and a beautiful sword as well, Yin Feng-Yu became a companion of the Order of the Golden Rapier.

The King, Queen, Heralds and entourage now moved to stand near the heavy weapons list.  There the herald did call for Bran MacAirt.   Great praise was spoken about this man, and then with a nod from the King, the herald called for the Order of the Tyger’s Combatant, and with mention of a scroll by Vettorio Antonello that was due to arrive any moment, and 2 medallions made just for him, Bran was made a companion of this order.

Now many looked on as it seemed there were some beginning to warm up for the tournament soon to happen. Suddenly the King called “hold” and strode into one of the lists.  There were some whispered words between King Wilhelm and Master Wulfgar and then, The King required Sterling De La Rosa before him.  Once Sterling was settled on a knee before his King and Queen, the King began reminiscing about the 26 or so years He had watched Sterling.  About how time and time again, Sterling’s skill would improve and improve, and then he would get hurt, and have to struggle back to his former prowess, only to get hurt again.  Her Majesty spoke about how Sterling had always had more than just prowess, about how he’s always had “that heart”.  It was time, and the Order of the Chivalry was called forward.  For Sterling would sit vigil this day and contemplate whether he would take a belt or a baldric, and accept the elevation to Chivalry.  Their Majesty’s court was again suspended as the Order took Sterling away to sit in vigil.

A short while later, Their Majesties approached the Youth Tournament list, and Their Herald did reopen Their court.  The name Alaxandair Morda mac Matha was called – and his father stepped forward, for Alaxandair had been unable to attend this day.  Their Majesties asked if he would carry Their words home to Alaxandair, and he did agree.    First They called for Their Order of the Gawain, and then the scroll by Emeline la Chauciere was read, and finally a green garter given , to ensure that all would know that Alaxandair had been made a member of the Order of the Gawain.

There was another who Their Majesties would add to this order, and Constantine of Anglespur did hear his name next.  With high praise, a scroll by Caoifhionn inghean Fhaolainn and Brennan mac Fearghus and a green garter as well, Constantine became a companion of the Order of the Gawain.

Their Majesties were not finished increasing this order’s membership yet, and They bade Their herald to call Kaelen Strongarme.  This young gentle was nearly old enough to transition to heavy weapons fighting, and once he had assured his King that he intended to so at the earliest opportunity, a scroll made for Kaelen by Embla Knutrdottir and Olalla Tristana was read, and green garter buckled ‘round his arm, and he too was a companion of the Order of the Gawain.

There was but one more that the King and Queen would include in Their Order of the Gawain this day.  The herald now called his name, one Leon Griffin.  With praise for this young man as well, and a scroll made for him by Ommadan iningena Ru and one final green garter, the Order of the Gawain was declared complete, for now, and Their Majesty’s court was once again suspended.

Now King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna did enter the kitchens, and as Their Herald and a few other folks followed them, others began to notice that the King and Queen of the East were in the kitchens, and joined them there – for surely there was a good reason for such a thing!  And indeed there was.  Working in that kitchen was one Yagyu no Kagetoki, as he had done for many years, and the King and Queen would see him rewarded for all his labors.  Thus did Their herald reopen Their Court and call forward the Order of the Silver Brooch, that right there, among the people he always worked with, Yagyu would be added to this order.  There were some words spoken, and a legacy medallion from Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova, and the promise of a scroll to come, and with that it was done.  And the herald did, once again, suspend Their Majesty’s Court until the Arts and Sciences Champions had been chosen, and Evening Court could begin.


Later that day, procession into Evening Court was accompanied by The Kings Bardic Champion, Margreta la Fauvelle,  playing Money Money Money on the rauschpfeife, and once all had settled into their seats, court began.

THL Ástríðr Musi and her handmade loom. Photo by Baroness Cateline La Broderesse.

First Their Majesties spoke of all the amazing Arts and Sciences displays They had seen this day, and how wondrous it was that the East was so very very blessed.  Before They could name Their new Champions, They each in turn called Their existing champion before them (once Their herald got the names straight that is!)  First King Wilhelm called Elena Hylton before Him, and thanked her for all of her amazing work, and took back the various champion’s regalia.  Then Queen Vienna called Doroga Voronin before Her, and thanked him for all of his amazing work, and took back the various champion’s regalia.  Now the herald called the name Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson, that the King might have him as His champion, and then the name Ástríðr Musi, that the Queen might have her as Her champion.   Once each had been draped with the regalia of their new position – they took their places behind the thrones.

The herald next called Philip White and Elysabeth Underhill that they might transition the Arts and Sciences Minister position.  Philip thanked many people for their faith and support while he held the office, and the Queen thanked him for helping everyone understand the way decision making happened in these types of competitions.  Then Her Majesty welcomed Elysabeth to the positon, and Elysabeth swore fealty with a poem written for her to so use by Toki Skáldagörvir.

As was Their Majesty’s custom, They now exchanged gifts with the Baron and Baroness of Settmour Swamp.  A basket full of goodies from Their Majesties to the Baron and Baroness, and a beautiful handmade Viking box full of goodies from the Barony to Their Majesties, as well as one for Their Highnesses.  All seemed delighted at their gifts.

Next Their Majesties spoke about two additional people that They wanted to honor from the day’s competition.  The King called Date Rokurou Yoshimitsu forward and spoke of how impressed He was with this gentles knowledge.  The Queen called Maerhild aet Anestige forward and spoke of the importance of research and how very impressed She was with this Lady’s research.  Because of the excellence both Date and Maerhild had shown, Their Majesties awarded them each the Golden Lyre.

The herald called forward Alexander O’Conchobhair and Douglas O’Conchobhair.  These two young brothers came forward and knelt now before the King and Queen.  So impressed with the work that these two did, Their Majesties would see them made Lords of Their court this day.  With a scroll by Ranka Otsdottir, and Edmund Beneyt for Alexander, and a scroll by Slaine baen Ronain meic Robeird for Douglas, they were both Awarded Arms.

Cateline la Broderesse now heard her name called rather sternly by the Queen herself, and she quickly presented herself, lest she anger Queen Vienna somehow.  But all was well, The Queen was incredibly pleased with Cateline, and was just teasing with Her tone.  Cateline had been responsible for all the thankyou notes that had gone out this reign, and the Queen had been bowled over by how, well, thankful, people were for the lovely thankyou notes they had received.  Her Majesty would give Cateline Her Cypher in gratitude.

The Queen next called for Elena Hylton to return to Her presence.  For Elena had been Their Majesties Mistress of the Wardrobe, and had nearly sewn her fingers to the bone, making Them piece after piece.  For all of this, Her Majesty would give Elena Her Cypher as well.

King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna had added a new award to the East Kingdom, this award is called the Tyger’s Eye and is a children’s service award.  Today They would induct the premier member.  The herald called for Isabel de Kerbriant, and her father escorted her before Their Majesties, for They had herd so many incredible things about Isabel’s service to her barony, friends and family, she was Their choice as the very first member of this new order.  With a pendant made of tiger’s eye stone, They did begin this new order with her.

Photo by Baroness Cateline La Broderesse.

His Majesty next stood, and mentioned that He wished to welcome Davius Saint Jaques home to the East, for he had come to visit for this event.  King Wilhelm had a very specific honor in mind for Davius as part of His welcome, and so He beckoned Davius forward, as the toy box was brought out.  Once the toy box had been handed to Davius, the children present were called forward – and there were HOARDS of them!  Before King Wilhelm could even finish explaining, Davius took off, with all of those children hot on his heels – once and then twice around the room they went, before the children caught him and took their prizes with great glee.

The herald now called for representatives of the Worshipful Company of Narrowworkers, that they might transfer the Guild Mistress from Rosina von Schaffhausen to Mari Clock van Hoorne, and present Their Majesties with gifts of hand woven trim, which Her Majesty expressed great joy at receiving.

Next to be called forward was Hekja Hornabrjótr, who helped the herald pronounce her name.  Their Majesties talked to her about all the work she’d done for the Barony.  From being Chronicler to being on staff for both Mudthaw and Quest, to just being incredibly helpful, it was past time to Award her Arms.  With a scroll by Constance de St. Denis and Alys Mackyntoich, They presented Lady Hekja for the first time to all assembled.

Now the herald called for Vika Gringina z Prahy, that she answer the question put to her.  She processed in with great pomp, and came before Their Majesties.  Once They had established that she would accept the accolade of elevation to the Order of the Laurel, the order was called forward to join her.  First to speak on her behalf was a member of the Chivalry, Edward Zifran of Gendy, who commented that her art “looks good to him”, and that he found her quite worthy.  Next to speak for her was a member of the order of the Pelican, Hedewigis Ockenfüßin, who noted that while Vika’s service might be less evident than her art, it was indeed quite wide spread.  Next to speak was Alys Mackyntoich on behalf of Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne who is a Master of Defense, who’s words pointed out that perseverance applied just as well to tailors.  Next to speak as a Royal Peer, was Genevieve du vent Argent, who mentioned that she finds Vika exceptional.  Last to speak on her behalf was Elizabeth Talbot, as a member of the Order of the Laurel, who illuminated many of Vika’s skills as they applied to each order.  Their Majesties, agreeing with the counsel They had received, called for the regalia, a medallion made by Master Steffan of Silver forge, a wreath made by Þórfinnr Hróðgeirsson, a hood made by Ceinwen ferch Llywellyn with leaves stitched to it by many, and a scroll made for her by Caterina Gioachhini and Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne.  Now Vika swore fealty and then arose a companion of the Order of the Laurel.

Next to hear her name called out was Faílenn Finn, who hurried forward from the very back of the hall.   Their Majesties spoke to her of all the years she has spent as Seneschal for the Canton of Gryphonwald, and praised her for her dedication to helping her local group.  Today They would thank her for all her service by awarding her a Silver Wheel.  The herald spoke words, and promised a scroll was forthcoming, and Their Majesties placed a medallion around  Faílenn’s neck, and it was done.

The next name to be cried by the herald was that of Drake Oranwood.  His Majesty spoke about how not many know that Drake had raised quite a bit of money for the East Kingdom through the creation and then sales of “Sing for the East”.  Their Majesties were certain this service deserved recognition, and so They would include him in Their Order of the Silver Wheel.  With a scroll that filked one of his own songs, by Caera Fitzpatrick and Aharon ben Ze’er, and a medallion as well, the order had a new companion.

Another from the very back of the hall was called forward now, one Brógáin ORiain.  The King and Queen observed that this gentle had served as local Exchequer, Seneschal and Chatelaine over the years, and that it was long past time that he be recognized for all of his service.  They would see him added to the numbers of the Order of the Silver Wheel as well today.  Again the herald spoke some words and promised a scroll to come, and Their Majesties placed a medallion around his neck, and he joined the order surrounding the dais.

There were more gentles Their Majesties would see added to this order today, and next to be called was Pippin of Hastings.  Pippin has worked in kitchens at events in the Barony of Settmour for 10 years or more, and the King observed that folks who make tasty food are among His favorite people.  The herald spoke and then promised a scroll was yet to come, and another Silver Wheel medallion was presented by Their Majesties, and now Pippin was a companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel as well.

Now Their Majesties bade Their herald call one Dalek Bolotnikov.  A former Minister of Arts and Sciences for Settmour Swamp and currently their Web Minister, he had also served as event steward and volunteered at gate countless times.  It was clear to Their Majesties that he too should be a companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel, and so with some words from the herald, and the promise of a scroll, a Silver Wheel medallion was given and the order had yet another member.

The King and Queen of the East were almost done increasing the size of the Order of the Silver Wheel this day, but before They were completely done, they would have Karin Jacobsdottir before Them. This scribe had made many wire wrapped tokens (the exact number seems to be in contention, the Queen having counted quite a few more than Karin recalls making) – but one thing was certain, her labors deserved recognition, and so with a scroll made for her by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, and a medallion as well, she was added to the order of the Silver Wheel.  But before she could rise to join the other members of the order,  The Queen would have a few more words with her.  For nothing less would do than She give to Karin, the Queen’s Award of Esteem as well for all her kind efforts.

The herald now called for Audrye Beneyt.  Who came out from behind the thrones where she had been helping Their Majesty’s herald.  Queen Vienna had noticed how much help Audrye had been throughout the reign, and in so many ways, and She would give to her the Queen’s Award of Esteem, for all the things.

Her Majesty next required Christophe Le Jeune before Her.  For this member of Her Queen’s Guard She would see recognized with a Queen’s Award of Esteem also.   She thanked him for all his work as She placed the Award token into his hand.

The Queen of the East now stood, and called for Thorson, formally known as Thorvald Halvorssen.  Once he had presented himself before Her, She told him that She wished him to have Her Award of Esteem as well, because he had been absolutely incredible throughout the reign.  Her gratitude was so great, that She found herself at a loss for words, and instead simply hugged him and handed him Her token of Esteem.

Next called before Her Majesty was Amelia Joan, along with Arabella De Mere.  For Her Majesty would see them each given the Queen’s Award of Esteem as well.  Both had served Her Majesty faithfully throughout the reign, stepping into rolls that needed filling without hesitation – and Queen Vienna would see them recognized for this, with Her Award of Esteem.

His Majesty would not be left out of recognizing outstanding service during Their reign.  He bade the herald to call Eithne Inghean Mael Duin forward, and she came with a smile of delight on her face. King Wilhelm noted that she was always happy and full of joy while she helped with whatever it was that needed doing.  As many knew, finding joy in the things that you do is very important to His Majesty, and so He would give to Eithne, the King’s Award of Esteem.

However, Her Majesty was not quite finished.  The Herald called for Wulfgar Silfrahárr, who was the southern region deputy for Her Queen’s Guard.  Queen Vienna noted that She had known Wulfgar for a very, very, very long time, and that he always made the people around him feel safe and cared for, and for that She would give to him the Queen’s Award of Esteem today.  But as he began to rise, Her Majesty noted that this did not seem to her to be sufficient.  For Wulfgar had gone above and beyond over the course of this reign, and made certain that She not only felt safe, but was indeed actually safe, and he had done so with courtesy and grace.  She held a white glove, and noted to Wulfgar that the rose embroidered upon it had been made by Audrye Beneyt, and that She would see it used to add him to the Queen’s Order of Courtesy.

Next Their Majesties would honor the Newcomers among those assembled in the hall.  For they are indeed a treasure who bring new life to our society, and so They called forward any who were attending their first, second or third event, and The Queen gave each of these gentles a mug, and then asked that those present note who was new among us and see to it that their cups were never empty.

The herald next called for representatives from the Keepers of Athena’s Thimble, for they had business with Her Majesty.  Many of the Guild Mistresses, both past and present, as well as other members came forward with a beautifully embroidered chest.  Each panel a different badge from a different order and with goodies tucked into each drawer, and they gave this as a gift to Queen Vienna, who was quite delighted with it.

The knighting of Sir Sterling. Photo by Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi / Aaron Replogle

Now it was time to hear the answer to the question posed to Sterling de la Rosa this morning, and so the herald called for him.  With bagpipes playing he did process in to present himself to the King and Queen of the East.  King Wilhelm asked if he had decided whether he would accept the accolade, and Sterling acknowledged that he would.  Then King Wilhelm asked if he would take the belt or the baldric, and Sterling replied that he would take the belt of a Knight.  His peer, Master Wulfgar, now came forward and took from him the baldric he had worn, and the Order of the Chivalry was called forward.  First to speak for Sterling was a member of the Order of the Laurel, Ketilriðr Brunadottir (formerly Catriona MacLeod), and next was a companion of the Order of the Pelican, Lawrence Thornguard.  Then the companion of the Order of Defence, Davius Saint Jaques and Kiena Stewart as the Lady of the Rose each spoke, then finally Timothy of Arindale spoke for the Order of the Chivalry – and they each spoke, in their own way, of the excellence that Sterling always strives for and so often achieves, and about how long overdue this elevation was.  King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna found their words to be true, and the King asked if there was a belt.  Three Knights of the East helped Sterling’s mother forward, and while this may have been her very first event, it was clear from how she beamed with pride, that she understood what this meant to her son.  She, along with Caitrina Gordon, placed the belt around his waist.  Next came his Master’s own spurs,  then Magnus Blödax’s chain and Duke Siegfried Von Hallstern’s sword, which Sterling then swore fealty upon, and arose, newest Knight of the East to receive his buffet and be greeted by his order.

Now the herald called forward Maryna Browska, and as she knelt before the King and Queen, They spoke to her of how many things she does, from creating scrolls, to retaining for Her Majesty, to cooking and heralding even!  Clearly They must make of her a Lady of Their Court.  And so They did – with a scroll made for her by Mari Clock van Hoorne and Sean O’Morain, His Majesty then introduced Lady Maryna for the first time.

Vindiorix Finn Ordowik of Clan Preachain was called next to present himself before the King and Queen.  As he settled before Them, the King spoke about how Vindiorix practices an art that He knows nothing at all about.  That the forestry skills of animal tracking and herbal identification seem like magic to Him, and that certainly are deserving of recognition.  He then had His herald call forward the Order of the Silver Brooch and with a scroll made by Jonathan Blaecstan, and Duke Brennan’s own medallion, Vindiorix was made a companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch.

While the Order of the Silver Brooch was there, Their Majesties called in another They would add, one Zillah al Sighira al Hurra.  King Wilhelm and Queen Vienna had tasted the cordials and other spirits this gentle made, and would see her rewarded for such fine potions.  With a scroll made for her by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, and Marguerite inghn Lachlain and a medallion made just for her, she became a companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch.

Her Majesty next had Her herald call the name of Kai Saerpren, and as he approached, She mentioned to him that she would like to speak with him about wood – that today during the competition, they had done so.  At first She found herself fascinated, but before long, She found herself over her head in regard to how much knowledge Kai had on the subject.  It was because of the gentles vast knowledge on wood and making things from it, that They would add him today to Their Order of the Maunche.  The order was called to join him, and a scroll by Mariette de Bretagne was read, and then a medallion presented to him.  He was then asked to join the order, while another deserving gentle was called forward.

Photo by Baroness Cateline La Broderesse

The name that was called was that of Shoshana Gryffyth.  It was definitely with a surprised look upon her face that she approached her King and Queen.  Their Majesties spoke about the absolutely stunning illuminations that Shoshana produces, along with how evident her passion for her art is.  King Wilhelm may also have noted how much fun Shoshana’s name was to say – repeating it a few times just as proof.  The scroll made for this maker of scrolls was beyond reproach, having been made for her by Ro Honig Von Sommerfeldt, Thorvald Halvorssen and Vettorio Antonello.  There were two medallions for her as well, one from her Peer, Ro Honig, and one from Roseia Poseia, and with that the Order of the Maunche had another companion.

Next Judith Bas Rabbi Mendel was called for, and came forward.  Their Majesties spoke to her about all the various offices she has held in Settmour Swamp, how many events over the years she had helped at and how she was surely deserving of recognition for so much service.  The herald called for Their order of the Silver Crescent, that Judith might be added to their numbers.  With a scroll made for her by Jan Janowicz Bogdanski and a legacy medallion, it was done.

Her Majesty called for one of Her own staff now, one Aurelia Alfaiata d’Alcacova, who came and knelt before Her.  Queen Vienna spoke about how many gift baskets she must have assembled, always seeming to find, somehow, perfect items to include.  About how she fixed things and had so very much been the best coordinator for largess that She could have asked for.  Today Her Majesty would see Aurelia rewarded for her efforts by making of her a Baroness of the Court.  With a legacy coronet, and a scroll made just for her by Aleksei Dmitriev it was so, and Baroness Aurelia was presented to all assembled.

One final piece of business did Their Majesties have planned this day – and so Their herald called for Ulfgeirr Ragnarrson to answer the question put before him.  With a Norse style poem as his boast, he processed into Their Majesties’ presence.  Once it had been established that his answer was yes, he would accept the elevation to the Order of the Laurel, Avelina Keyes came forward, and since he had been Kenric’s protégé , released him from service to her house.  The Order of the Laurel was called forward, and the speakers began.  First to speak was Balfar von Grünwald, as a member of the Order of the Chivalry, who spoke about how Ulfgeirr moved forward, and never retreated in all that he did.  Next to speak for the Order of the Pelican, was Avelina who struggled some for words as she spoke of his service.  Then a Master of Defense, Lotteri Malocchio, spoke about how perseverance is uniquely important to this man’s story.  Next Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, a Lady of the Rose spoke of Ulfgeirr’s early years and about how her first impressions of him have been absolutely correct.  Finally from the Order of the Laurel, Estgar aet Hrofeceastre spoke of the beauty Ulfgeirr brings from rock, through fire, burning out impurities.  What all the speakers agreed upon was that this man was their equal and deserving of peerage.  Their Majesties agreeing, then called for a coat, and one with laurel leaves about the hem was placed upon him.  Next They called for a cap, and again Avelina came forward – with tears in her eyes, she offered a yellow cap with small green leaves worked into the thread about the rim.  This cap was easily recognized, for it was the one Kenric had often worn.  After a moment to collect Themselves, Their Majesties called for a medallion, and then a wreath and finally a circlet, all of which had been finely crafted just for him.  But no scroll for this man, instead a great stone slab, made by Olaf Haraldson, with words upon it by Analeda Falconbridge. Finally Ulfgeirr swore fealty, and arose the newest member of the Order of the Laurel.

His Highness Ozurr thanked all who had participated in the day, and with that Their Majesties court was closed that the evening’s feast might be enjoyed.

Court Heralds were Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, Audrye Beneyt, Marian Kirkpatrick, Aaradyn Ghyoot, Erec le Clair, Ríán Mac Faoitigh, Maryna Borowska, Doroga Voronin, Declan Gobha,Lorita de Siena and Analeda Falconbridge and Silent Heralds: Lorita de Siena and Oda Lally.

These are the events as I recall them unfolding before me.
Yours In Service,
Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah