The following is the report of Their Majesties East court, held in foreign lands, as sent to me by Joachim Liechtenauwer who did so witness:

In the forests of Gleann Abhann , on the 14th day of March A.S. LIII, known in the Common Era as 2019, Their Majesties, Wilhelm and Vienna joined many of the people of the East at Gulf Wars. There in a quaint courtyard, at 6:09 pm exactly, with the scent of schnitzel in the air, did Their Majesties hold a small court.

Their Majesties thanked the assembled Eastern Expeditionary Force for their presence, participation, support and travel to these distant lands. First called forth was Astridr Musi. The King looked upon his soldier and spoke of a battle in the ravine and her great valor. As he, the King, did smite his foes with spear to break the ranks holding a small fort, she drove through those mighty Midrealm warriors with her brothers, under his spear and through the door with a mighty crash time and again. He spoke of her great deeds that day and many others there in Gleann Abhann and over the past year. For these deeds she was joined with the Order of the Silver Tyger.

Next to be called was Xavier de Paulo. His Majesty spoke of his fighting and ready service. He also spoke of his well thought out soft kit that he wore at every event when not in uniform or harness. For this dedication to his period, and more, did Their Majesties make him a Lord of their court and award him arms.

As Lord Xavier stepped back amongst the people, Her Majesty did cast about with a smile and rest her eyes on one Zoe Read. The Queen bade her come forth before her and Zoe did. Her Majesty spoke to Zoe and proclaimed to the assembled populace that Zoe was such a fair, sweet child helping care for the other children in camp and helping about the kitchens. The Queen offered Zoe Read a token of her appreciation in the form of a journal bearing an inscription in her own hand. With a pleased and grateful smile did Zoe rejoin the crowd.

Then Her Majesty proclaimed that she had been remiss. She called for her Bardic Champion, Laila al-Sanna’ al Andalusiyya. The Queen did state before the assembled populace that she had given a special favor to all her Champions and had somehow not done so with Laila. She, Queen Vienna, did then place in the hands of Laila a brass rose church key hung from a loop of East Kingdom populace patterned ribbon to have and use with pride.

Their Majesties then bade Aethelhawk Keyfinder and Siubhan Wallace forth from the kitchen. Her Majesty then reached for a hand of each of the good gentles before her and spoke. Queen Vienna stated for all to hear that the two before her were kind, warm and generous souls. She, The Queen spoke of their hard work toiling in the kitchens ensuring that all around them wanted for nothing of sustenance, be they friend or foe. They were the heart of courtesy and thus were inducted into the Queen’s Order of Courtesy and given a glove bearing a rose.

Before those two good gentles could return to the kitchen, the remaining kitchen folk and the Chamberlain were called forth to join them. Now, Aethelhawk Keyfinder, Siubhan Wallace, Angie of Panther Vale, Zenjirou Mega Yoshi and Goerijs Goriszoon stood before Their Majesties of the East. Her Majesty then regaled the populace with tales of service and travel by each before her and She gave to them the Queen’s Token of Esteem.

Then did King Wilhelm call forth Hedewigis Ockenfüßin. His Majesty declared before all that Hedewigis was a person of great value to Him and His Queen. Her gracious and infallible support in transport and organization while camped at Gulf Wars was no small feat. Hedewigis’ ability to overcome the inevitable tribulations of a foreign war with such grace were, indeed, laudable. For this He would bestow His King’s Cypher.

Lastly, Their Majesties turned to their Herald and told him, bend the knee. Dutifully the Herald, Joachim Liechtenauwer, moved before them and knelt. His Majesty looked upon the silly, little man before him and spoke to him and all gathered. The King then spoke to His Squire’s constant companionship throughout the reign, the travel, the coordination and second brain to hold all the things together. For this, He placed upon him His King’s Cypher.

Once again, Their Majesties thanked the assembled Eastern Expeditionary Force for all their support.

These are the events as I recall them.

Yours in Service,

Joachim Liechtenauwer