Greetings East Kingdom,

I, Sir Matthias Grunwald, have been selected as the Captain for the Rapier Melee Team for this upcoming Pennsic. Countess Marguerite Ingen Lachlainn and Don Robert Earlson have agreed to serve as my deputies.

We will be running drills for the Rapier Champions Melee team, which will serve two purposes. The first is to select those who will best represent the East Kingdom as a Champion, but the second is to help increase the already commendable melee prowess of the kingdom. To that end, all who have an interest in rapier melee are encouraged to participate throughout the season.

In general, if there is melee already planned at the event, we will be observing it. If not, we will look to run small scenarios and drills that fit within the Autocrat and MiC schedules. This list is not exhaustive and will likely be altered as the season goes on.

March 17th Central Region Regional Practice

March 30 – Mudthaw (If possible due to space)

April 27 – Balfar’s Challenge

April 28 Lochleven Spring Practice

May 25 – Panteria

May 25 – Wars of the Roses

June 8 – Southern Region War Camp

June 22– Les Beltaines

June 29 The Canterbury Campaign ~ Smoking Rocks Investiture

July 6 – Great Northern Thyng

It is not necessary to be at all of these events and practices, but these will be opportunities to test your skill, train yourself and others, and generally enjoy melee in the East Kingdom.

For coordination purposes, anyone interested in either general melee or the Rapier Melee champions is asked to fill in the contact form..

Please feel free to forward this message to any local lists or other social media.

If you have any relevant questions, please feel free to ask me( or the EK army staff by email(

In service,

Sir Matthias Grunwald,

Pennsic Melee Rapier Champions Captain