Their Royal Majesties King Omega V and Queen Etheldreda IV held Their First Court at The Coronation of Omega V and Etheldreda IV, in the Barony of Bhakail on April 11. The Gazette thanks Reporting Herald and Eastern Crown Herald, Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, for providing the following list of business conducted.

1. Thank You Scroll Edward Grey C&I by Mistress Eloise of Coulter

2. Duchess þóra Eiríksdóttir C&I by Mistress Rhonwen glyn Conwy W: Mistress Aildreda de Tamwurthe and Master Lucien de Pontivy

3. Queen’s Guard

4. Edict: Order of Defense Polling

5. Moment of silence for Master Adhemar de Villarquemada

6. Her Grace Persephene Psaras di Salaparuta, Sovereign Queen of Acre Presentation

7. Vachir Arslajin AoA (Backlog) Scroll by Aestrid Feilan

8. Kit of Serpentius AOA (Backlog) C – Kayleigh McWhyte I – Lady Lilly of the Valley

9. Patraic O’Donagal AoA Vettoria Antonello

10. Melody of Bhakail AoA C – Nest Verch Tangwistle I – Robert of Stonemarch

11. Patrick of Bhakhail AoA

12. Damiana Almodóvar de Sevilla OSC C- Nest verch Tangwistle I – Lady Lilly of the Valley

13. Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen Troubadore C- Nest verch Tangwistle

14. Markus der Yaeger AoA C&I – Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, W: Alys Mackyntoich

15. Roseia Poseia AoA I – Pam Ansi C- Constance de St. Denis W – Alys Mackyntoich

16. Antonio Patrasso Writ for MOD Henna Sinclair

17. Frasier MacLeod Writ for MOD C&I: Elenor Catlyng W – Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne

18. Donovan Shinnock Writ for MOD Aesa Sturludottir


NOTE: More Court Reports to come, many without photographs.