Their Royal Majesties King Omega V and Queen Etheldreda IV held Court Balfar’s Challenge, in the Barony of Dragonship Haven on April 18. The Gazette thanks Reporting Herald and Eastern Crown Herald, Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, for providing the following list of business conducted.

1. Peter the Red QAE

2. Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch QAE

3. Alec Craig QAE

4. Asher de Lincolia QAE

5. David of Quintavia QAE

6. Thomas of Carolingia QAE

7. Arlyana van Wyck QAE

8. Astrid Elfvensdottir QAE

9. Clarice d’Allaines le Comte AoA C & I – Heather Rose DeGordon

10. Bronwen rose of Grayling, known as B’Rose Writ for Laurel C & I Henna Sinclair

11. Isabeau du Valle Court Barony with Grant C & I – Mikel Almond de

12. Auriana Filia Germani Writ for Pelican C & I Jonathon Blackston W – Nest Verch Tangwistel

13. Sara di Salaparuta AOA C – Nest Verch Tangwistel I Angelo the Bookmaker

14. Michel Almond de Champagne Augmentation of Arms C & I – Nest Verch Tangwistel


NOTE: Further reports to follow, many will not have photographs.