Their Royal Majesties King Omega V and Queen Etheldreda IV held Court at The Tourney of Daffodils, in the Shire of Midland Vale on April 25. The Gazette thanks Reporting Herald and Eastern Crown Herald, Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, as well as Court Heralds, Mistress Rosalind Bennett, Lady Maria Erika von Ossenheim, and Baroness Mathilde deCadent for providing the following list of business conducted.

1. Johanne aff Visby – Vicerene Ostgardr Fealty

2. Midland Vale Presentation

3. Aislinn Chiabach QAE

4. Brochfael the Anglespurian QAE

5. Lorenz Greylever QAE

6. Mark Groob von Appenzell QAE

7. Arthur le Taverner QAE

8. Hassan ibn ‘Abd al-Malik QAE

9. Yasemin bint al-Hajjar QAE

10. Ekaterine of Anglespur QAE

11. Wentliana Benegrek QAE

12. Liam St Liam QAE

13. Aislinn Chiabach Seamstress to the Crown C&I: Sorcha Dhocair inhean Ui Ruairc W: Ulrich Reinhart

14. Children’s Toy Chest

15. Newcomers to the SCA  received Queen’s favors

16. Alexia Reid QoC No scroll

17. Wentliana Benegrek Seamstress to the the Crown Despina de la Brasov (No Scroll)

18. Briony of Chatham QoC

19. Mark Grob von Appenzell AoA I: Lorita de Siena; C: Nest Verch Tangwistel (2nd Scroll C: Harold von Auerbach; I: Carmelina da Vicari)



20. Wir Coleshulle AoA Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook

21. Brochfael the Anglespurian QoC (No scroll)

22. Ibrahim al-Rashid Maunche Promissory scroll by Faolán an Screcain


NOTE: More Court Reports to come, many without photographs