“Greetings unto Our beloved East,

Her Majesty and I will have two processions that we invite the populace to join us for.

1) Opening Ceremonies. We will be mustering at 8AM in EK Royal to march out to opening ceremonies. Please dress in the colors of your local Barony/Shire/Etc. or join Her Majesty and I in wearing the Eastern purple and gold.
2) Field battle. I consider the field battle at Pennsic to be the single most “Scadian” thing we do. I would very much like to have as much of the Eastern host as is willing to join me in marching the army out to meet our friends and competitors. We will, once again, march from EK Royal to the battlefield. For Monday, we will muster at 8:30, to allow us time to conduct the business of Court before the business of war.

For both of these, we wish to have all the splendor of the East brought to bear. Wear your colors. Bring your banners and watch them flutter. Join us in Oriens Victoriousus

I want to thank everyone who has sewed, organized, or agreed to help Her Majesty and I make our vision come to life. We can not thank you enough for coming along on this ride with us!!

In Proud Service to the East,
Brennan Augustus and Caoilfhionn Augusta”