This article has been edited to reflect updated information:

Earlier today, the Acting Society Seneschal, Antonio Gioranoon, posted an announcement on Facebook that the vendor/purchaser account which handles the SCA’s corporate transaction had been hacked. The SCA has since retracted this statement.  Master Antonio provided this statement to clarify the situation at the request of the Gazette.

The SCA, Inc. was not hacked and no fraud has been linked to those utilizing their credit card to purchase memberships of materials.  I apologize for any concern raised regarding this misinformation, but the good news is that there is no link between credit card activity involving the SCA and credit card fraud.  It is always a good think to regularly check your credit card statements to guard against credit card fraud.  That being said, if you see a charge that concerns you, please let me know about it via email: and I will refer it to the Vice President of IT. so that this questionable charge can be checked against any SCA transaction. Once again, there is no evidence of fraud linked to SCA, Inc. transactions and our site is secure.