Paladin’s Pantry is an opportunity for the attendees of Pennsic to give back to the local Cooper’s lake communities each year. How, you ask? At the end of War you can donate your unused, non-perishable food items to families in need, just take your leftover goods to the collection points at Lusty Wench Tavern (E17), House Sable Maul Encampment (on Count Jehan’s Bounty), Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands encampment (Serengeti), or Chirurgeon’s Point. But do not let logistics stand in the way of donating your extra items to a worthy cause, if you cannot go to them then simply call 304-283-5640 and you can schedule a time for someone to come collect the items from you.

AND it is not just food items being collected, this year they also will be collecting things such as unneeded tents and sleeping bags to be donated to the homeless.

If you need more information about the program itself, you can contact Lord Morien MacBain (Stephen Vandevander) or call 304-283-5640.