OGR pinSCA officers and marshals who would like durable medallions with the badge of their office might be interested in a Kickstarter campaign being run by Combat Medallions. Combat Medallions started the campaign after getting requests to create more medallions than they had the capital to produce. If enough orders are received, then the medallions will be made. A Gazette editor was approached by an officer who hoped that more publicity would increase the odds that his group’s medallion would receive enough orders.  The Heralds received enough orders in under 24 hours, but no other group hasn’t yet.  In response to that request, we’re helping spread the word.

Combat Medallions was started by Baron Jean Paul Ducasse to create durable pins for the Order of the Golden Rapier that could be worn on the field without being damaged. JP explained the expansion into other areas this way. “This got me to thinking and asking the different people of various orders WHY aren’t you wearing your regalia?  99% of the answers fell into one of two categories. One, they were afraid of breaking the medallion that they had been given, or two, ‘Do you know how many medallions I would have to wear, I couldn’t stand the weight of them all!’” The name Combat Medallions was picked because the medallions are designed to be lightweight, withstand being thrown into the bottom of an armor bag and still look good in court.

Each medallion requires 22 orders for them to be made. In addition to the Heralds, other medallions being offered are Chatelaine, Exchequer, Chirurgeon, Chronicler, Seneschal, Minister/Mistress of Arts and Science, Minister/Mistress of Lists, Archery Marshal, Equestrian Marshal, Web Minister, Heavy Weapons Marshal, and Thrown Weapons Marshal.

More information about Combat Medallions is available at their website. The Kickstarter campaign can be found here.