Jean Paul Ducasse and Lylie of Penhille

Jean Paul Ducasse and Lylie of Penhille

Their Imperial Majesties have asked to make it known that they have made their selection to affirm the will of the Barony. Please spread the word so that all of the East Kingdom can hear that Concordia has heirs. Jean Paul Ducasse and Lylie of Penhille have been chosen as the next Baron and Baroness.

Upon being told the news, Jean Paul and Lylie responded, “We BOTH are overjoyed and honored to have been chosen by our Baronial family, and Their Imperial Majesties, to be the Baronial representation of the Crown.  From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. For your enduring love and support as well as belief in us, you have our sincere gratitude. We truly are honored and overjoyed for the opportunity to serve the Barony and the East Kingdom. We have some truly great people to follow and wish only that our service will do you and those who have preceded us proud.”

Investiture is being planned to take place in November, in Albany, New York. Vivant!

Photo provided by Lylie of Penhill; photographer unknown.