According to Lord Wilham DeBroc, Captain of the Queen’s Guard, the following individuals have been entrusted with guarding the person of Her Majesty Queen Avelina Keyes.
Queen's Heraldry
Lieutenants of the Queen’s Guard:
  • Baron Jean Paul DuCasse
  • Baron Wulfgaar Silverbraid
Queen’s Guards:
  • Lord Deacon de Chatillon
  • Lord Ketilfastr Thorkilson, called Ketil
  • Lord Mikulaj von Meissen
  • Baron Ivan Ivanov syn Dimitriov vynuk Tzardikov
  • Hrafn Odinson
  • Godric inn hvítr úlfr
  • Lord Faelin MacLochlainn
  • Brego
  • Lord Turi mac Kinnon
  • Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranlegh
  • Gavin
  • Lord Colin Ursell
  • Lady Tysha z Kieva
  • The Honorable Lord Cristoff Gockerhan von Loch
  • Lady Cezilia Reposa
  • Lady Alexandra Krakkensdottir
  • +Lady Anastasia da Monte

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