Unofficial Court Report – Endewearde Investiture, provided by Baron Rowen Cloteworthy.

The 28th of September, forty-eight years since the founding of the Society, the 2013th year of the Common Era, dawned warm and bright in the Shire of Endewearde. Their Royal Majesties, Gregor IV and Kiena II, left Their royal estates in the southern part of the kingdom and, it may be said, fairly flew in Their coach to that northern Shire to hold Court among Their people.

Their Majesties opened Their Court in the early part of the afternoon. Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge came forward and spoke of the joy she had had singing for the ancestors of the current King and Queen, who bore the same names, and spoke of the kindness and generosity those royals had shown her. To repay such kindness, Baroness Aneleda proffered four cups that Their Majesties might bestow as tokens to other performers who might be recognised as Troubadours. Their Majesties spoke of the joy They had felt those times They had heard the Baroness sing and They thanked her for her gift in return.

The Crown then called for Colonel Wolfe’s Privateers and they came forth and arrayed themselves before the thrones. Her Majesty said that She had heard of one among them who distinguished himself by his singing and skill with Rapier. Don Jean de Montagne, with a grin, declaimed that there certainly was none like that to be found among the company, though he soon relented that stance. Fredrick van der Meer was then presented to the Crown to stand for his accomplishments. Her Majesty said that They had summoned him at the Great Northeastern War, but he had not come, and now They were forced to hold this entire event to gain his presence. Frederick was then raised to a Lord of the Court and Awarded Arms, as testified to in a document created by Lady Magdalena Kirschberg, dated July 13, A.S. 48., and company escorted him from the Presence.

Representatives of the Shire of Smithwick then presented themselves to Their Majesties. They had with them a wooden coffer filled with $250 they had raised as a donation to the Royal Travel Fund. His Majesty thanked them heartily for such a generous and thoughtful donation.

Before Their subjects were dismissed, however, Queen Kiena singled out one among them, Waylon of Tir. She spoke of hearing of Waylon’s many works – sewing, cooking, dancing, archery, fighting, smithing – and felt such “busy bees” should be recognised for such works and She caused a document drawn up by Lady Svea the Short-Sighted to be read, and with that Tir was Awarded Arms and made a Lord of the Court.

The herald called for Yzabell du Pearche to present herself to the Crown and she came forth and knelt. Her Majesty mentioned that She had just had lunch with Yzabell and His Majesty commented on her contribution to the arts in Endewearde, and of her opening her home for activities, and helping with administration, and at His word a scroll calligraphed and worded by Lord Gwillim Kyneth and illuminated by Lady Agatha Wanderer was read and so was Yzabell made a Lady of the Court and Awarded Arms.

Their Majesties requested the attendance of Fine Vals called Fina of the Vale. They confirmed that she was the Matriarch of House Knotty Snake, and had been such for many years, and confirmed also that she had taught classes in the arts and sewn favours for the Queen, and having confirmed such things had read to the Court a scroll drafted by Mistress Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook Awarding Arms to the now Lady Fine Vals.

Lord Otto Gottlieb, seneschal of the Shire of Endewearde, then approached the Crown. He said that twenty-five years prior a group of fencers built a tower at the end of the world, and that in the years since many had come to that tower and helped it grow strong and sturdy. He presented to Their Majesties the people’s petition for a Royal presence in the Shire. King Gregor spoke of the often entertaining times he had had in Endewearde and of the most wonderful Crown Tourney he had participated in in the Shire the prior autumn. Their Majesties then took a moment to reflect upon such a weighty request and asked that Their hall be sealed as They considered.

Lord Eric Oxneck was summoned to attend to this task and he called for the Thunder Clan to stand with him and so they did, guarding the sanctuary’s exits.

Quiet music filled the hall as Their Majesties summoned the Peers of Endewearde to consult with them. Mistress Mercedes de Califia, Master Godric of Hamtun, Sir Cedric of Thanet and Mistress Mira Finvar of Argyle, and Master Matthäus Kettner came forward and spoke to the Crown and repeated the request.

Eva and Aliyah du Vey lead their parents into Court

His Majesty said that he found the lands strong and flourishing and agreed that it would be well that the Crown be represented there. He then asked for the names of those who would stand forth as the Crown’s representatives, and at that Baron Ané du Vey and Mistress Sylvia du Vey came forth, preceded by an honour guard of those new to Endewearde and then by Eva and Aliyah bearing shields with the arms of Ané and Sylvia.

Ané and Sylvia knelt before Their Majesties and were asked if they would serve as the protectors of the end of the world, and they affirmed they would. King Gregor asked the people of Endewearde to rise, and he asked them if they would serve the Crown as a Barony, and the rafters shook with a resounding “Aye!”

Coronets were brought forward by Sir Cedric and Mistress Mira and placed upon Ané and Sylvia’s brows, and they were asked to swear that they would uphold the laws of the Kingdom, support the Crown and Its people, and defend chivalry and courtesy, and they swore they would do those things, they then offered their fealty to the Crown upon Sir Cedric’s sword, as he is knight to Ané.

A great scroll was read, naming Ané du Vey as Baron Endewearde and Sylvia du Vey as Baroness Endewearde, a scroll calligraphed by Lord Alexandre St. Pierre, illuminated by Lady Christina Crane, with words by Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge.

Queen Kiena the presented Baroness Sylvia a token, given to Her Majesty at the Twentieth Anniversary of the Kingdom of Drachenwald by Countess Anna von Urwald, Founding Baroness Aarnimetsä in that Kingdom.

Their Excellencies Endewearde then rose and faced Their people as “The Ode to Endewearde” was sung by Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge, Lady Constancia de Vienne, and Lord Gwillim Kynith from the choir loft. The shields of Ané and Sylvia were retired, and the arms of the Barony of Endewearde taken up by Them both. Then They spoke to the people of the Barony, of how They would help nurture and grow, protect and defend the Barony, and with that the people took to their feet raised their voices and hands in a thunderous ovation of joy.

Their Majesties then moved to suspend Their Court but paused, hearing the request of Their servant Mistress Elizabeth Darnley. She begged a boon that They consider the works of one of Their artisans, Baron D’Unstable Peregrinator, a jeweler and metalsmith who crafted the rings worn by the Prince and Princess of Tir Mara, and also Their scepters, and joined in the crafting of the Barony of Ruantallan’s coronets. She asked that, if it please Their Majesties, They might recognize him for his many talented works.

Endewearde Baronial Investiture, Sept. 28, 2013 - Photo by Mistress Bess Darnley

D’Unstable is sent to vigil

Their Majesties consulted with Their Highnesses Tir Mara, who replied that Their Majesties were wise to consider this, and so D’Unstable was called into the Presence, and there was he called well-versed in his art and his manner, and so the Ancient and Noble Order of the Laurel was called for, and D’Unstable directed to go with them, and sit in vigil, and take counsel, and return later when he was summoned to answer whether be would take a place among them. All business concluded for the moment, Their Majesties suspended Their Court and retired the sanctuary.

In the later afternoon, Their Majesties reconvened Court. They invited the Baron and Baroness of Endewearde to hold Their first Court, and so that was done. His Excellency said that he had brief words upon the occasion and spoke thus, “Wow!”, and then he sat and smiled, and spoke words of praise for the people of the Barony. Their Excellencies conducted and concluded such business as They had and thus began Their Majesties Court again.

Mistress Mercedes de Califia was called for. Once she had approached, King Gregor announced to the people that Mistress Hedewigis Ockenfüßin, having served the Kingdom well, would soon be concluding her term as Kingdom Seneschal, and asked Mistress Mercedes if it was still her intention to offer her service as Seneschal. When she asked if she could say no, His Majesty responded with a brief “No!” and announced that Mistress Mercedes would assume the office of Kingdom Seneschal at Smoking Rocks Baronial Investiture on November 9th.

The children of the East were summoned next. Her Majesty spoke of growing wiser as They grew older, some even approaching the sunset of their years, and perhaps a sly glance at His Majesty may have been seen by some. Without pause, Queen Kiena mentioned the children as the future of the Kingdom, and thanked them for coming and bringing their parents. Then a large chest was brought forth, and the children chose from the chest toys provided by la Chambre des Dames d’Alisay and others.

Eva du Vey, who had come forward with the rest of the children, was asked to stay. Her Majesty spoke of Eva’s generosity in offering her Tyger’s Cub medallion to another during Their Majesties’ Court at the just past Pennsic War, and said that upon hearing of such generosity Lady Bronwen Rose crafted an enameled Tyger’s Cub medallion specifically for Eva, and that was given to Eva with Their Majesties’ thanks.

Their Majesties called again for Foner of Maplecroft, as They had called for him at the Great Northeastern War on the 13th of July this year, A.S. 48. Foner was again unavailable to attend the Crown, but the Seneschal of the Shire of Hadchester, Lord Thomas de Winterwade, presented himself in Foner’s place. Their Majesties spoke to the Court of Foner’s contributions to bring Hadchester into being, and his work as a chatelaine and scribe, and asked that a scroll crafted by Mistress Constance Saint Denis be given to him, that he would know he had been Awarded Arms and named Lord.

Her Majesty Kiena then asked that all attending their first event rise, and She rose from Her throne and walked among them, greeting each in turn and thanking them for joining in such a joyful celebration.

Once Her Majesty was again seated, King Gregor rose and spoke to the Court. He said that He had felt safe in the new Barony of Endewearde, but upon reconvening His Court had found a single black arrow waiting for Him upon His throne. Her Highness said that such arrows were portents of death, for the late King Kenric I been found with three such arrows in his chest not a year prior after hunting boar in the forests of Endewearde. His Majesty Gregor did not wish to dwell too long on such sobering thoughts, for were not the Prince and Princess planning a lavish party for Their Majesties the coming weekend to celebrate six months upon the Throne?

Still, His Majesty felt it prudent to recognize some who had aided Him when called. Baron Ané du Vey and Sir Cedric of Thanet were summoned, and the House of Thanet praised for its many works. His Majesty said that great men surround themselves with great people, and by such a measure Sir Cedric was a very great man indeed. His Majesty then gifted both men with His Cypher, sword scabbards bearing his badge and crafted by His hand.

Queen Kiena then asked for Duchess Katherine Stanhope, and in a voice choked with emotion called her a friend and inspiration, quiet and gracious and filled with caring for Their Majesties. She then presented Her Grace with a small box of treasures finished with Her thistle badge as Her Cypher, and embraced Her friend for a long moment.

As Her Majesty composed Herself, King Gregor asked for Baron Aethelhavoc Keyfinder, and spoke of how He had so enjoyed the works of Aethelhavoc’s kitchen and his companionship. His Majesty gave Aethelhavoc a sword scabbard He had crafted as His Cypher and the men embraced.

Her Majesty now collected, She summoned Lady Lucie Lovegood. Both Queen Kiena and Lady Lucie had tears in their eyes as Her Majesty spoke of the treasure that is Lucie, of her utter joy and her boundless enthusiasm. Her Majesty said that they would be friends forever and ever and gave to Lucie Her Queen’s Cypher, a small box of treasures with Her badge upon it.

The Queen then called for Lady Frenya Thorsteinndottir and spoke of Her lessons in French with Lady Frenya, of Frenya’s service on the Queen’s Guard and her leadership there, and with thanks Her Majesty presented Lady Frenya with the Queen’s Cypher in the form of a rapier frog bearing Her Majesty’s badge, crafted by King Gregor.

The Crown then summoned Baron D’Unstable Peregrinator to answer the question set before him earlier that day. He spoke briefly and quietly with Their Majesties, then Mistress Elizabeth Darnley came forward and spoke to D’Unstable, telling him that he had far better served her than she had him, and with great admiration and emotion in her voice asked him to return his apprentice’s belt to her, for he no longer needed such.

His Majesty called for a member of the Order of Chivalry to speak and Syr Yesungge Altan claimed that right. Next, Master Ulric von der Insul spoke words on behalf of the Order of the Pelican. His Majesty asked for testimony from the Order of the Laurel and Sir Cedric of Thanet, who is a Master in that Order, spoke of D’Unstable’s art. Avelina, Princess of Tir Mara, spoke on behalf of the royal peers. Mistress Elizabeth requested that a member of the populace speak in support of His Excellency’s elevation to the peerage and so Aotroù (Lord) Conogan mab Rioc the Breton, Badger Principality Herald of Tir Mara, read the words of Lord Ranuccio Farnese and Lady Catriana of Airley before offering a few sincere words of his own.

Endewearde Baronial Investiture, Sept. 28, 2013-  Master d'Unstable - Photo by Mistress Bess DarnleyKing Gregor then called for a medallion. Syr Yesungge, who studies jewelry-work under Baron D’Unstable, presented a medallion he had crafted, hung upon a chain made by His Excellency’s apprentice-sister, the Honourable Lady Konstantia Kaloethina of Calontir. A stole made by Lady Cornelia VandeBrugge was placed over his shoulders, and then an almuse in scholar’s scarlet, made by Mistress Elizabeth. Lastly, a wreath of laurel leaves, also by Konstantia’s hand, was placed upon his head.

At that, the herald read a from a scroll painted by Mistress Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova, calligraphed by Mistress Eleanor Catlyng, and authored by Lord Díarmaid Ó Bríain. The now Master D’Unstable Peregrinator then gave his fealty to the Crown of the East.

His Majesty then offered some final words to His people. He spoke of the great journey He and Queen Kiena had embarked upon which had begun the prior autumn in Shire of Endewearde, and of His thanks for all the support the people had given Them, and his happiness that this year concluded with a visit to the now-Barony of the same. He spoke of looking forward to the great party Their Highnesses would be throwing for Their Majesties the following weekend, a celebration of King Gregor and Queen Kiena’s first six months upon the throne and Their Highnesses mentioned how happy They were that the Crown would be attending. There being no further business, Their Majesties Court was concluded.

These are my remembrances of the day’s events. To all who served the event, who attended and guarded the Crown, crafted scrolls and heralded, to the musicians and cooks and staff, and to the new Barony of Endewearde, my sincere thanks.

Pray know I remain,
In service to Crown and College,

Baron Rowen Cloteworthy

(Photos graciously provided by Lady Camille des Jardins and Mistress Bess Darnley)