quill pen, scroll, candle

  • The proposed new Rapier Marshal’s handbook has been approved. The BoD is still looking for a Society Rapier Marshal. The deadline for application is a month from now. Contact the BOD at directors@sca.org. for more info.
  • The Social Media Policy is still in the revision process, and has been returned to the Social Media Deputies for more revisions.
  • The family merit badge program discussed at last year’s fourth quarter meeting is still in process. The SCA Person of the Year program is also in process.
  • The vote on the new sanction process will occur at the January BoD meeting.
  • Lilla da Vaux was confirmed by the BoD as Pelican Queen of Arms.
  • As commentary is collected from the peerage exploratory committee, there will be a larger committee formed consisting of representatives from each kingdom and others members selected by the BoD. There will then be a second round of recommendation and commentary period. Then there will be a BoD vote on the proposal. It has not been decided that there will be a peerage. There is only a recommendation of what it would be like, if there was one. Comments and round 2 will continue to define the over all decision.

The Gazette thanks Baroness Alesone Gray of Cranlegh, Society Webminister for attending the meeting and sending us her notes. Any mistakes are ours in interpretation, and not hers in reporting.