Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Having journeyed far, and safely arrived at the Great Pennsic War in the lands of Their Cousins called Aethelmearc, The King and Queen of the East, Gregor and Keina, came to the battles of Their Champions on Sunday July 28, Her Majesty placed, with care, the tabards reserved for these Champions upon their shoulders and spoke words of inspiration to all. Then She spoke of a war bard named Aneleda, who could not be present to sing that which had inspired all in years before, and urged Her Unbelted Champions to take up this same song – which they surely did for all ears to hear. The Unbelted Champions then fought ferociously, but when battle was done, it was sadly not they who had won. With regret their feet carried them back into the presence of their King and Queen.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Next it would be the Belted Champions who fought, this time it was the East who returned victorious. His Majesty then spoke to all assembled and assured the Unbelted who were before Him that victory would be theirs again soon, and praised the seemingly unending stream of victories the Belted Champions had attained. King Gregor then honored them with the induction of all Belted Champions, past and present, into the Blue Tyger Legion.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Next His Majesty called all the Chivalry ‘round, and spoke to them of one whom they had counseled and of whom He agreed ought to be counted within their numbers. He bade His herald then call the name Brennnan mac Fearghus. Brennan knelt before his King, head bowed and moisture threatening to spill from his eyes as he was told that this very night, upon the battlefield, he would sit in vigil to contemplate what joining the Order would mean, and to begin to prepare his answer for when he was called before the Rightful King and Queen of the East at the next Crown Tournament. A scroll with these details upon it had been created for him by Wulfgar Silverbraid and Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, and was read aloud at this time. This concluded all the business Their Majesties had for this day, and the Heroic Champions then took to the field.


Photo by Duke Edward Gray

On the morning of Wednesday July 31 before all assembled bade Their herald open Their Court. First they presented a Bowman badge to Alexandra Krakkensdottir, and then They requested the presence of Siobhan Inghean Cormaic. This gentle woman was rumored to have shot at the level of Master Bowman, and then and there The King and Queen of The East did induct her into the Order of the Sagittarius, presenting her with a lovely scroll created by Elsa de Lyon. This being all the business Their Majesties had at the time, They closed Their court and the Eastern Archers and her Allies then swept the field that day.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

In the evening of July 31 East Kingdom Royal Encampment to the great battlefield pavilion, and once Their Majesties East had ascended to Their thrones followed by The Prince and Princess, they called forward all Their landed Barons and Baronesses and invited them to take their seats to either side of the dais. Next Gregor and Keina welcomed into Their Court the King, Prince and Princess of Acre, and bade them sit beside them as well. First piece of business this evening would be to call forward Godric of Hamtun, Captain of the Archers, to celebrate their victory this day. 44 names were read aloud – for these names accounted all who had a hand in this victory. Then King Gregor called forward one of them, Nathanial Wyatt, for The King held in His own hand, Nathanial’s Golden Rapier pin. He spoke of how He had told Nathanial that he would need to earn the return of this pin, with a quest perhaps, but that now He saw fit to return this pin without quest or censure, for surely its return had been well earned.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Then on to more business, and the herald called out the name of Rowan Orr. This young lady to be given her Award of Arms and a scroll created for her alone by Harold von Auerbach containing words written by Martyn de Halliwell.

Now a pause again as Mistress Michal Almond de Champagne was called into Their Royal Presence. Mistress Michal brought news regarding the volunteer point, and announced that the East and her Allies had won this point by a sizable margin. She further explained that the response to this new point in the scoring of the war had been so great that it would be done again, on an even grander scope, in the coming year.

Next the presence of Dunnchad Bjarnarson or one who might speak for him was requested, and Rowan Orr, this gentle’s sister, came forward once more. Dunnchad had been made a Lord of Their Majesties Court four years prior, but the lovely scroll made for him by Ignatia la Ciega and Aislinn Chiabach had never been given into his hands. The scroll was read and displayed and placed into Lady Rowan’s keeping to take to him.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Now Kai of Owlsherst was called forward. Their Majesties had heard tell of this young gentles involvement in youth combat and wished to add him to Their Order of Gawain. With a green garter, and a scroll created by Brighid MacCumhal it was done.

Her Majesty next called for one she held dear, Duchess Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon, to come forward. The Queen spoke of the beautiful Queen’s Tea that Duchess Anna had arranged, and of her ideas for decorating the Battlefield Pavilion with more Heraldic Displays and for these things and more She saw fit to bestow upon Duchess Anna The Queen’s Honor of Distinction, the token for which was a finely wrought silver pin, and the promise of a scroll to come.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Now two children, a sister and brother where called forward, Kiera and Logan of House Three Skulls. Her Majesty spoke of how many good things had come to Her ears about these two, and then called forward the Order of the Tygers Cub to add them to their ranks. But Her Majesty was sad, for She did not have medallions to hand to these two little ones – and asked if perhaps any of the older children in the order might be willing to pass their medallions on. Not a moment passed and two finely raised and generous youngsters, Eva du Vey and Bierla of Owlsherste, stepped forward and gladly offered to pass theirs along to Kiera and Logan. With the reading of their scrolls, Kiera’s by Vettorio Antonello and Logan’s by Aedth of MacGregor, and with the passing of medallions, it was done, and two more Tygers Cubs where made.

Then His Majesty called for Sir Diablu and Duke Andreas to come forward. Duke Andreas was present but Sir Diablu was not, and King Gregor spoke about how this Pennsic was the 20 years of Chivalric service.

Now Their Majesties bade Their herald call the name of Georg Kopman, and the man came forward. Business left by Their predecessors did They have with him – the awarding of the Terpsichore for all his work in the world of dance and a long due scroll made for him by Robert of Stonemarche with words by Nest Verch Tangwistel was given to him as well.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Next to hear her name called out was Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, who rushed forward at the sound, nearly losing her shoes in the process. Queen Kiena spoke of the beautiful photographs that Caoilfhionn produced, and saw fit to gift her with The Queen’s Honor of Distinction because of them. With pin of silver and a scroll bearing this Lady’s own image painted by Sunniva Ormstung, penned by Kayleigh McWhyte and worded by Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah, it was done.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

The next name called was that of Hiyato Miramoto. A quiet young man came forward, and Their Majesties spoke to him of the work he’d done as a thrown weapons marshal, the gaming night at Panteria that he had organized for the past three years, and told him of Their decision to make him a Lord of Their Court this day. A scroll created by Mariette de Bretagne was shown with Japanese writing upon it, and the English translation was read, with thanks to Ector Villalobos de Granada and Yuko Kamikawa for the Japanese words that spoke Their Majesties wishes.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Now Dziuginte Litovka’s name was heard, and the cry went up for Dizzy to present herself, for it was by this name that she was often called. Her Majesty praised this woman for raising the level of simple authenticity to an art, for despite her attainment of peerage, she continued to present her persona of a Lithuanian farmer without wealth or noble connections with an accuracy of detail rarely found. For this The King and Queen wished her added to the ranks of the Order of the Maunche. A medallion made just for her and a scroll created by Jan Janowicz Bogdanski completed the act.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Another of whom the Queen was quite fond was then called, Lucie Lovegood. With a dark blush upon her cheeks she did present herself, and Her Majesty spoke of the Known World Party from the Saturday most recently past, and of all the coordination and effort this fine woman had put into making sure it surpassed all of Their Majesties expectations. Her Majesty also mentioned the support of House Thanet in this work, and presented Lucie with a leather medallion and the promise of a scroll to come, as she was added to the Order of the Burdened Tyger.

Their Majesties Herald then mentioned a petition that had arrived, and Her Majesty insisted on reading it immediately, and had the presenter of this petition called forward, one Mistress Brid nic Shearlais, to speak of that which she and others had written. Mistress Brid besought Her Majesty to satisfy her request this one time, and spoke of the grace and courtesy of one Sir Osgkar. Her Majesty then had The Earl Marshal brought forward, as well as all the others who had signed this petition, and with a glove passed to Sir Osgkar from Baron Ernst, and the promise of a scroll, She made him a companion of the the Queen’s Order of Courtesy without delay.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

But there was another petition this night, one regarding an individual called only Dante of Pennsic Staff. This man came forward at the call of his name, and listened as the petition was read, detailing all the various tasks he had undertaken in his time on the Pennsic staff. Their Majesties saw his worth, and without hesitation made of him a Lord of Their Court, promising a scroll would be forthcoming.


Photo by Baroness Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco

Then another was called for, one Alexi Gensel. Their Majesties spoke of the help he offered fighters newer then he, as well as his time spent as Shire Chronicler and for these deeds and more, They saw fit to make of him a Lord of Their Court. His Majesty then made comment of the scroll for this, which was the most difficult he’d ever need sign, and when produced all saw why, for this scroll was in the form of a wooden sword with tiny words painted upon it, created by Arden of Icomb for this gentle alone.

The herald cried next for Ana Ximenez de Hume. This woman came forward and mention was made of her singing and harp playing and of her upcoming journey to Interlochen Arts Academy. Their Majesties found these things most pleasing, and added her to the Order of Their Troubadours, with a scroll by Ignacia la Ciega and the promise of a cup on the morrow as a token.

Now Megan ni Phadraig was called to present herself, and as she knelt before the King and Queen of the East They asked of her time spent in the society, and found that she’d been active for more than 10 years and had not yet been made a Lady of Their Court. With a fine scroll created by Vettorio Antonello, and Their own Will it was done that moment.


Photo by Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

The next name called was Their Majesties own Tyger Clerk of the Signet, one Kayleigh McWhyte, who with a look of surprise, rose and came to place herself before her King and Queen. Her Majesty spoke of all the hard work that was part of this woman’s job, of the organizing and coordinating, and tracking of details, and because of these things, They saw fit to add her to The Order of the Pelican. First They called for a member of the Order of Chivalry to speak of this candidate, and Prince Kenric claimed this right. Next a member of the Order of the Laurel, and Mistress Amy Webbe read a missive from Master Edward MacGyver. Then a Royal Peer, and Princess Avelina spoke with praise, and last a member of the Order of the Pelican, and Master Rupert spoke as well. Next a cloak made for her by her own apprentice, Heather Rose, was placed upon her shoulders and a medallion that had been worn by every Pelican member of her House Grog, and the promise of a cap of maintenance yet to come, then lastly only a scroll created with the finest skill would do for this particular lady, and just such a scroll was then read, and shown, created by Ro Honig von Sommerfelt and Carolyn de la Pointe, with worlds by the lady’s own husband, Ryan MacWhyte.

Once the Order had well welcomed Mistress Kayleigh, Her Majesty called forward Her 404 Army, claiming right to them through the champion She had chosen in Ryouku’jin of Iron Skies. The Eastern Queen spoke of this great fighting unit, of the joy with which they tackled every task, and She thanked them.


Photo by Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

As they began to file out, His Majesty called Tanaka Raiko back, and commanded he stay a moment longer. The King made mention of the many things this man had accomplished, He spoke fondly of the relationship between them over the years, and of the efforts and deeds with which Sir Tanaka was connected, and then King Gregor claimed this man as the 17 could see the emotion overtake Sir Tanaka, for it was clearly seen in the very posture of his body. Then his own squire, Ryouku’jin, came forward, to present him with a Gunsen, or Japanese war fan, that he had made for this fine man himself, and read in both Japanese and English the Choka, or war poem, he had written upon the fan. Lastly a golden scroll prepared by Lada Monguligin with words by Mariette de Bretagne was read as well.


Photo by Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

One final piece of business for this court remained. Their Majesties spoke of one who had long exemplified the qualities of Chivalry, and called forward Their own, Jibril al-Dakhil. Jibril was escorted into Their Majesties presence by the Lady Rainillt Leia de Bello Marisco, who had been his consort for many a year. When he knelt before Them, Her Majesty read from The Book of Jibril, and Sir Steffan spoke of the vigil for Jibril in the tower of the castle upon the battlefield. With that, Their Majesties escorted Jibril directly to his vigil, and Their Court was closed.

The following morning upon the field of battle, Their Majesties East called Jibril al-Dakhil forward to answer the question They had placed before him but the night before. He solemnly accepted the elevation to the Order of The Chivalry, and the first of four was called to speak for this candidate. The Royal Peer who spoke was Princess Avelina, reading the words that Duchess Aikaterine had written. Then next a member of the Order of the Laurel spoke, as Sir Geoffrey the Younger claimed that right. Now as a member of the Order of the Pelican it was Mistress Jovonne d’Esprit who spoke, and lastly for the Order of Chivalry Duke Lucan’s words were read by Sir Culann. Regalia next as spurs that had graced the heels of 10 ICOD Knights before him where placed upon his feet, and King Gregor’s personal sword was presented as a promissory for the sword that had not yet arrived, followed by a white belt from the hands of Duke Ronald Wilmot and lastly the golden chain was offered by Sir Manfred. Jibril spoke his vows of fealty upon that chain and the sword of state, and arose to receive the last blow he would take unanswered. As the Order welcomed this newest Knight, a stunning scroll created by Ro Honig von Sommerfelt and Carolyn de la Pointe and containing words composed by Michael Acrensis was read and presented. There being no further business that day, Their Majesties closed Their Court and the day’s battles commenced.

On the final morning of battles fought, Their Majesties saw fit to open Their Court once again. For Juliana le Chaluner had spent her Pennsic running the Battlefield Watering station, and was most deserving of becoming a Lady of Their Court. They spoke of her work, and praising her highly They made it so along with the promise of a scroll to be forthcoming.

These are the events as I witnessed them these days and as have been reported to me.

Joyously in service to Crown and College,
Baroness Theodora Bryennissa, called Treannah
Vox Regis