Photo by Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

Photo by Mistress Brita Mairi Svensdottir

The Rapier Champions single war point at Pennsic was comprised of the results of 21 total bouts.  One bout was a twenty-on-twenty melee.  The other twenty bouts were single combat.  The Midrealm won 11 to the East’s 10, so the Midrealm took the point. Members of the East’s Rapier Champions teams are listed below.

Videos of all the bouts are included below and were provided by Gilchrist Monaghan.

Melee Team
Duke Edward Grey
Prince Kenric aet Essex
Baroness Brighid MacCumhal
Lord Lottieri Malocchio
Lord Thomas of Effingham
Don Alfonso Pontelli
Lord Erich Quik
Lord Llewellyn Walsh
Lord Melchior Kriebel
Baron Caine Ramsey

Singles Team
Don Nathaniel Wyatt (King’s Champion)
Don Davius Sainct-Jacques (Queen’s Champion)
Don Donovan Shinnock
Don Griffith Davion
Don Orlando Sforza
Don Quintin Brilliant
Don Ogedei Becinjab
Don Owynn Greenwood
Lady Isabel Chamberlaine
Lord Sean MacPherson