The Shire of Anglespur invites one and all to our annual Hunter’s Moon on Labor Day weekend.  This year, among our many traditional activities such as A&S classes featuring pewter casting and beadmaking, archey, and fencing tournaments, we are proud to feature two new activities.  First, we are hosting a fighters’ symposium with classes taught by members of the chivalry.  Fighters of all skill levels are invited to join us in training and learning new skills.  Second, the College of Performers is sponsoring a commedia del’ arte camp, with workshops taught by members of commedia troupes such as I Sebasitani.  Anyone and everyone, from the brand new to the experienced, is welcome to join the actors in practicing and performing their art.
For more details, please see the Hunter’s Moon event announcement on the East Kingdom event calendar
or contact the autocrat, Lady Lorita deSiena, at

~Lorita deSiena