EKU Header1_3Greetings from Elysabeth Underhill, current Deputy EKU Chancellor (and former EKU Chancellor).

One week ago, at Bhakail’s Baronial Investiture, THLady Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer stepped up as the new Chancellor of the East Kingdom University. Lady Isabelle has acted as my deputy for the past year, and I have every confidence that she will take the EKU onto new and greater things. I will be staying on as deputy chancellor for the next few months to help Lady Isabelle transition into the office.

Also, Lady Isabelle and I would like to announce that the EKU will be sponsoring a Service University. This event will take place on November 23rd in the Barony of Stonemarche. This event will be dedicated to presenting classes about the jobs, roles, and positions that make our society and kingdom function. Potential topics include classes on officer roles, event staff, leadership, mentoring, teaching, and more! More information, and a formal event announcement, will be coming shortly.

Thank you,

Lady Elysabeth Underhill
EKU Deputy Chancellor
East Kingdom University