EKOFFICERS_chiurgeon_colorThis is a series of Q&A articles the Gazette is conducting with members of the Pennsic staff.

The Chirurgeonate provide first aid at Society events, which is a significant undertaking at Pennsic. Viscountess Caoilfhionn nic Dairmid is the Chirurgeon in Charge at Pennsic.

What Pennsic activities does your office cover?
I am the Chirurgeon in Charge, and report to the DM for Event Services. As such my office covers organizing first aid and assisting EMS should they wish it.

Do you need volunteers?
What kind of skills would be useful for them to have? Oh yes, we need volunteers. In order to volunteer at First Aid Point as a Chirurgeon, you must have a current, valid first aid certificate (or higher), CPR, and an SCA membership. However we can always use non-first aid volunteers to assist us.

Is there a particular activity or change to an activity that you’re excited is happening?
I am always excited to be a spectator at the battlefield, but I also get very excited about taking classes and indulging in some ‘retail therapy’.

What one thing do you wish people knew about your activity?
I would really like people to know that chirurgeons/first aid volunteers are very much needed at Pennsic. Yes, sometimes we do a lot of ‘hurry up and wait’, but as I’ve said for years, a bored chirurgeon is a happy chirurgeon!

What about your area of responsibility interests you?
I am passionately devoted to the concept of first aid training for everyone! I have had a valid first aid certificate since I was 13 years old, and have been a volunteer with St. John Ambulance almost as long. You never know when a family member, friend, or a stranger standing beside you will have an injury or illness that requires first aid. EMS is usually fast and reliable, but it’s the minutes between the incident happening and the ambulance arriving that are the most important in saving lives.

What advice would you give someone who wants to hold your position in the future?
Find great deputies! Mine are the best! Talk to other department heads, communication is vitally important.

On a personal note, what part of Pennsic do you most look forward to?
Taking time to hang out with my friends.