For those gentles interested in posting for the office of East Kingdom Minister of Lists (MoL), this office will be coming due in February of 2013.  Any interested individuals should send their interest letter to their Majesty’s and Highnesses stating their interest in the job, and a brief list of your qualifications for the job.

I had a moment or two to sit with the current Kingdom Mol Mistress Lylie of Penhille  and asked her to tell me about the job in her own words, and what a perspective candidate should expect from the position.   “First and foremost, East Kingdom law is the official record of duties.   I view this as a ‘must’; a must to know and a must to adhere to.  You must read it, know it and adhere to it”, was her first comment.   She went on to say, “For a Curia Regis to be legal, at least four of the greater officers, or their deputies, must attend.  Greater officers must make every reasonable effort to attend Curia.  Those who cannot attend must send a representative or a written report.”

Taken from EK Law:  Section III, Sub-section D & G.   What does this mean for the office?   You or your deputy should attend Curia.   If there aren’t enough greater officers, Kingdom can’t hold Curia.    You are a greater officer.

Terms for your office are:  One- two year term, followed by a re-application for a one year term and then another re-application for an additional one year term.  None of the additional terms from the original first two year term are guaranteed.  You must re-apply for the position for each additional term.   This is a must.   Recognize your term limits and post as necessary.

“Each Kingdom Officer will designate and train a deputy.”  If you decide to post for the position, you need a back-up person.

Ok, but after that what should be expected… What does the MoL office really do?

“Our first and foremost duty is “to maintain accurate records on the fighting activities and the fighters of the East Kingdom”, and then to provide that information to the Earl Marshal, Kingdom Warlord, and Kingdom Marshal of Fence.  Our job is to aid the Marshalette in all things reporting AND issue authorization cards.  I use a “database administrator” and have found that to be extremely helpful in my term.

Be able to coordinate the Crown List tournament.  This will mean that you must have experience in all tournament formats.  “Modify, adept and overcome” are my fighting words.  You need to be able to communicate and reach an understandable format.  COMMUNICATION!  Between you and the Royalty, you and your marshals, and with any other staff you have.