Swabian Peasants Festspiele
April 20, Barony of Carolingia (Groveland, MA)



This spring the peasants of Swabia will their way out of their snowbound hovels to celebrate the planting season in true German peasant fashion. Festspiele is a German word for a party, combining the words for festival (Fest) and play (spiele). The Swabian Peasants Festspiele will be a festival of peasant games and fun. It will be a day of games, stories, contests of peasant-ly skill, and turnips.

Wear your finest burlap to this revel! Fighting, music, and lots of turnips will certainly figure prominently.

The autocrat, Lady Kunegunde of Carolingia, is in the process of researching medieval peasant festivals, pastimes and games to include in the event. She actively welcomes any help in this endeavor, be it source recommendations, pointers to the research of others, or research assistants. “I hope to be able to find out what ridiculous things Swabian peasants did to celebrate or relax, and bring into the SCA some funny, interesting, and well-documented new ways to have fun at events,” says Lady Kunegunde.

Please contact Lady Kunegunde for further details or to provide assistance.