On May 18-19, the Mohr Faire will be held in Barony of the Bridge.  Due to popular demand, the demo at Marian Mohr Library in Johnston RI has turned into a full 2-day event with all the perks that come with it.  What’s even more special is the public is still invited to come and join the fun.  The faire will now be held in Johnston War Memorial Park just down the street from the library.  There will be fun for all, including fighting, games, music, performance and best of all showing off for the mundanes.

There will be both armored and rapier fighting to be had.  The first annual Lord Greene Memorial Tournament will decide the next baronial champion in armored combat and rapier combat.  Foreign fighters are welcome to compete for the titles.  If won the champions must swear allegiance to Baron Eloi Abelard in the event of war.  There will also be the first annual “Iron Man” Tourney for all those crazy cross over fighters out there.  The public will be an active audience for all the fighting activities so do your part and fight well, honorably and add some good showmanship.

There will also be a throwing weapons competition, children’s games and crafts, A&S demonstrations, medieval market, delicious food and drink and live performances from roving minstrels and wondering swordsmen from far away lands.  Please joins us in this new experiment of open revelry.

The Town of Johnston and the Friends of Marian Mohr Library are helping sponsor this event.  The event will be held at Johnston War Memorial Park in Johnston, Rhode Island.  There will be no site fee, but there will be a $20 tent fee for anyone who wants to stay on-site for the weekend.  Period pavilions are preferred.  Space for tents is limited, so spots should be reserved.

Merchants are welcome.  The fee will be $25 for a 10’x15′ space.  If merchants want to stay on-sit,e there will be a $10 Tent Fee.  All merchants need to send in their reservations by April 1st.  More information is available at https://www.facebook.com/MohrMedievalFaire or http://eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.html?eid=2395.  The Autocrat is Gabriel de Chateauroux (e-mail to link to –thephoque@yahoo.com  )