Service Shines at Crown Tournament


At the Crown Tournament to determine the heirs of Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde, fighters of the East Kingdom vied for the right to be heir to the Tyger throne. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, many hands were hard at work to make a the day a success for all.


Mistress Suba heralding to the crowd assembled

Crown Tournament is fairly unique in its great need for heralds and list runners in order for the Mistress of the Lists to do her job and run the tournament. Mistress Suba al Hadid is the Troubador Herald, in charge of vocal heraldry for tournaments such as Crown Tournament. She and her deputies are the reason that those on the sidelines know who is fighting who, and those who are fighting know which list they should report to. They are assisted by list runners who are responsible for getting cards with fighters’ names on them from the Mistress of the List and her staff, and bringing them to the heralds to announce.

Throughout the chilly day, the lists were heralded by Mistress Suba, Deputy Troubadour Herald Don Lucien de Wyntere, Lord Agapios Cargos, Lady Jehannette Bouchart, Baroness Tasha Medvedeva, Allie Drovich, Lord Drake Oranwood, Lady Sisuile Butler, Bronwyn of Wentworth, Master Ryan McWhyte, Robert Tytes, Baron Yehuda ben Moshe, Baroness Maria Von Osseheim, Edmund Beneyt, Master Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, Lady Oriana Volpe della Octavia de Venizia, Audrye Beneyt, Lord Justinius Alexander Eternus, Mistress Sabine de Kerbriant, Lord Declan Gobha, Master Rowen Cloteworthy and Behi Kirsa Oyutai.


Charlotte takes a quick pause from her list running duties for a photograph.

The list runners who assisted included Baroness Alanna of Skye, Baroness Jocelyn del Espada, Wentlyanna Bengrek, Simona bat Leone, Roseeia Posaeia, Master Colin Monro, Elian of the Fellsword, Charlotte Coulter, Bartholomew of Northampton, Lady, Siobhan ni Dhonnabhain, Evan, Caleb Patrassio, Emma Lovell, Mistress Eowyn Eilonhwy of Alewife Brook, Rodrigo Medina De La Mar, Eryn FitzPatrick, and Zachary Kerr.

Mistress Suba pointed out that at least eight of her staff were under the age of eighteen, and worked hard to make sure that cards were delivered, fighters heralded, and they day treated with the pomp and circumstance it deserved.

On the other side of the event, Boyar Aleksei Dmitriev and  Lord Fergus Redmead worked tirelessly to cook a delicious dayboard, and chose to tackle a huge challenge to better support the focus of the day. “We said at the same time, we wanted to something special for the fighters and consorts to make it easier for them and bring lunch to them,” Aleksei explained, having cooked dayboard for two Crown Tournaments prior to this one. “I always wanted to do this, but I needed a co-cook just as excited as me about it.”


A “boxed lunch” provided for fighters and consorts

Aleksei, Fergus, and their team prepared approximately 100 boxed lunches for fighters and their consorts, so that those who were focused on the tournament would not need to leave the field in order to eat lunch.

Fergus’s idea was to label each box with the heraldry and name of the combatant or consort. This added the ability to deal with with special dietary needs. Aleksei put out the call to those competing that they could send in their needs, and the dayboard team would do their best to accommodate. Aleksei explained that approximately 20 people took advantage of this to let him know about gluten-free, vegetarian, and other needs in advance.

When Lady Aikaterine reached out with the offer for youth fighters who were attending to help out by delivering the boxes, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. Several youth delivered dozens of boxes, and also helped put together the lunches, assembly line style.


Photo provided by Sir Alexander de Hautville

The teens ran joyfully through the crowd, matching the shields on the boxes to the shield trees in an attempt to find the gentles whose lunches they held. Discussions about matching heraldry to clothing and banners were held, and the youth seemed to benefit as much from the heraldic education as the combatants and consorts did from the food. “No, that’s a griffin, we’re looking for a tyger!,” was overheard as the youth worked to deliver dozens of meals.

“The kids were a crucial element,” said Aleksei, “We couldn’t have done this without them.” Fergus echoed the sentiment, complimenting four youths in particular who toiled throughout the day


Ulf and Ragnard hard at work at the smokers. -Photo by Fiona

Ulf and Ragnar ran the smokers, and helped to smoke 120 lbs of chicken and 20 lbs of trout, while Emma Lovell and Caleb Patrasso worked inside to prepare the meal. The kitchen was filled with youth and newcomers to the society, joyfully preparing food for the attendees of the event.

All photos by Brendan Crane, unless otherwise indicated

Another posting from the Webministry



Greetings again unto the Populace of the East from the Office of the Webministry!

As His Highness and Her Majesty said earlier today on Facebook, the project of moving our email system to Google for Non-Profits is proceeding. Since my last posting several things have clearly changed, and we have gotten some very good questions that we feel answers to must be spread widely.
badge Webminister
First off, in one of my previous posts I said that the accounts would have to go last for lots of reasons. Well, we solved the _technical_ reasons, obviously, and can now move those accounts. HOWEVER, the process takes more effort, leaves more of a mess to clean up afterwards, and will be a bookkeeping nightmare (which of these 700 accounts have we moved?) so we’re only moving those accounts who can demonstrate a significant need to get on the new system early. “I wanna” only counts if you’re Royalty, and they’re all already moved.

Next, an explanation of the timeline by which we move a branch:

1) We receive back the spreadsheet of account information
2) Fairly promptly we will create the new accounts
3) We send a welcome letter email to both your current officer account AND your provided “recovery email” account, that is, your personal email. We want to make sure that everyone sees at least one of these.
3A) The welcome letter includes instructions for setting your initial password, how to log in to check you email, and a note that your migration HAS NOT YET been scheduled.
4) When we schedule your migration, it will be at least a week after your accounts have been created and we will then send another email including the time and date. We are leaving a week in between so you can get your password set, make sure you can get in to your email, etc. BEFORE you are relying on this to get your job done.
5) When your migration happens:
5A) We start by switching over the flow of new mail to Google. Nothing more in the old account after this point
5B) We start the copy process to move all your old email over to the new Google account. This takes about 1 second/message, so if you’ve got the time to do a cleanup of old junk, please do.
5C) When it’s done, we send out YET ANOTHER email, this one telling you the migration is complete.

One big takeaway from this is that if your account was just created and you follow the instructions to set your password and log in, there won’t be anything in there to see. But you are ready for when there is.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email We are working on a Frequently Asked Questions document, but at the moment really polishing up the migration to be as easy and smooth as possible has taken priority. Soon.

In Service,
Joel Messerer
East Kingdom Deputy Webminister for Services

Bids Sought For Spring Coronation


Unto the people of the East, do Caoilfhionn and Brennan send greetings.
Her Highness and I are in search of a venue to celebrate Their Majesties and the service They do the Kingdom. To that end, We are seeking bids for April 7th.
We are open to any region, require no feast, and seek only a picturesque location to lunch while we celebrate Their Majesties and, oh yeah, hold a Coronation.
If you and your local group are interested in hosting the occasion, We would welcome your bids and are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
In Service to the East,
Caoilfhionn and Brennan, Heirs to the Tyger Throne

Pennsic Rapier Command: A Call for Volunteers

Their Highnesses Brennan & Caoilfhionn, and Maistre Remy Delamontagne de Gascogne, General of the East Kingdom Rapier Army, have put out a call for volunteers for the EK Rapier Command Staff for Pennsic 47.

They’re encouraging any fencer interested in being part the command staff to fill out the below Google form by December 1, 2017.

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Unofficial Court Report: Harvest Festival/Rapport de la Cour Non Officielle: Festival des Récoltes

Scrolls on display after court, an idea developed by Dominus Spirius Genucius Rutilus.
Photo by Godfroy de Falaise‎.

En français

Indeed, there was a festival, held in the Barony of Ruantallan, whereas the Baron and Baroness, Guthfrith and Isobel, did welcome Their Royal Majesties, Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde, to Their shores.
And a great day was celebrated by the peoples of Ruantallan, since it had been so long since a Royal visit had happened in their lands. And as it was, many peoples from Tir Mara did come to witness the event.
Lo, on that said day, a court was held by the Tsar and Tsaritsa, to recognize the people of Tir Mara. Continue reading

The Saga of the Burning of Njal



The cast of performers for Njal's Saga. Photo courtesy of Myra Hope Eskridge.

The cast of performers for Njal’s Saga. Photo courtesy of Myra Hope Eskridge.

…and Bergþora will make you a promise, which she will keep, that you will be paid for in blood…

On October 14 of this year (AS LII), over fifty performers gathered to tell a story. Not just any story; either. It the biggest, bloodiest saga in all of Icelandic literature: The Saga of the Burning of Njal. A huge, sprawling epic tale of feuds and betrayals, unbreakable friendships and shattered families, the saga stretches over decades, includes hundreds of names and characters, and is tied so tightly to the complex Icelandic legal system that it is even used as a text in law school. The telling would take an entire day.

How to bring such a story to life? Master Toki Skáldagörvir, formerly of the East Kingdom and now of Aethelmearc, had already produced a full and immersive telling of the entirety of the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, first in full and then broken into two performance, enacted by dozens of individual performers. He turned to Njal’s Saga as a next and deeply ambitious step. A translation was chosen and broken into appropriately-sized sections, and then he went about recruiting performers from seven different kingdoms.

Rehearsals of various sections were held over the course of almost two years, both in person and via the Internet, and there was much discussion of background reading, pronunciation of Icelandic names, and research, even to the circulation of photos of each of the very real places mentioned in the text. But the very first time that every performer was in the same place was the final day of the telling.

Inside a camp lodge in the Barony of Thescorre, event staff created an immersive eleventh-century hall space, right down to the crackling of logs on the fire. And at ten in the morning, the first speaker began, speaking the Icelandic words of the original. For hour upon absorbing hour, storytellers of every kind handed the tale back and forth, from outright laughter to near weeping, roaring to whispering.

And for an entire day, pausing only for excellent food, Njal and all his story came vivdly to life once more.

To see all the performers for the event, please check out the Performer Bios!

Greetings unto the Populace of the East from the Office of the Webministry!


En français

It has been posted here previously that we are embarking on a quest to migrate the email services of the East Kingdom from our existing system to Google for Non-Profits. We felt it would be appropriate to give a public update to the status of that quest.

As of yesterday evening, we have fully migrated our first branch, Nordenfjord, off of the old server.

Last Friday Master Mael Eoin sent out requests for information to all of the branch Senechals in the Kingdom. When we receive those back we will then be able to start creating accounts in preparation for migrating. This will give our Officers the opportunity to get set up reading their new email account prior to the actual cutover of their branch. Holders of multiple offices will only receive one account, with multiple office email addresses all delivering to it.

There are three emails that will get sent to our users at both their current officer addresses and their personal addresses. The first welcome letter has instructions for setting your password and checking your email. The second will inform you as to the scheduling of your branch’s migration. The third is to let you know that your migration is completed.

If you have any questions about the project or the process, please feel free to ask here, or to send email to

In service,
Joel Messerer
East Kingdom Deputy Webminister for Services

En français

Salutations à la population du Royaume de l’Est de la part de l’Office des Webmestres !

Il y a eu, au cours des 9 derniers mois, plusieurs références faites à “Google for non-profits” (Google pour les organismes a but non-lucratif) dans une variété d’endroits. Si vous ne les avez pas vues, ce n’est pas grave, mais si vous en avez aperçu, elles étaient très vagues. Il est temps d’être clairs.

En mars dernier, nous avons commencé une relation d’affaires avec Google for Non-profits (ci-après mentionné comme GfNP), le service gratuit que Google fourni aux organisations classées 501(c)(3). Les services de GfNP incluent presque tous les services que Google fourni, comme Gmail, Calendrier Google, Formulaires Google, etc. Depuis ce temps, nous avons lentement et méticuleusement planifié comment nous pourrions gérer le déménagement de plus de 700 comptes courriel, répartis sur environ 70 chapitres locaux, en plus du Royaume lui-même, afin de minimiser les désagréments. Nous avons tous passé au travers de la dernière migration des serveurs du Royaume de l’Est, et nous ne souhaitons pas répéter cette expérience.

À ce jour, il n’existe pas de plans pour remplacer le calendrier des événements du Royaume de l’Est avec le calendrier Google, ou de bouger les sites web sur la gestion des sites web Google.
Le calendrier Google peut certainement être exploité par les Officiers ou les chapitres locaux afin d’offrir des services de calendrier eux-mêmes. Utiliser les sites Google serait beaucoup plus difficile et à ce moment-ci n’est pas une option.

Il y a, cependant, des plans afin d’utiliser Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Forms, Google Sheets, etc. Mais ceci concerne une phase 2. La phase 1 concerne seulement les courriels.

Nous avons travaillé fort à planifier et à faire tout en notre possible afin de rendre le système sur lequel nous déménageons aussi facile a utiliser que possible. Nous commençons seulement à tester la procédure avec des comptes utilisateurs réels au sein des Webmestres, et bientôt nous enverrons des requêtes à tous les chapitres locaux et les offices du Royaume afin de fournir les informations des personnes nécessitant un compte.

Ceci est où le premier gros changement entre en jeu: nous allons créer des comptes pour des individus, et non pour des offices. Donc, une personne  ayant 4 offices différents aura seulement un compte courriel à vérifier. Lorsque cette personne voudra envoyer un courriel, elle devra choisir de quel office elle enverra sa correspondance, mais répondre à un courriel choisira automatiquement une adresse pour eux. Donc, nous avons besoin de savoir qui vous êtes, alors que dans le passé nous avions besoin de savoir quel office vous teniez.

L’autre gros changement est que Google a les ressources afin d’efficacement filtrer les pourriels, alors que nous ne pouvons tout simplement pas.

Donc, dans un avenir rapproché, tous les sénéchaux de chapitres locaux devraient recevoir une requête pour de l’information sur vos officiers, comme tous les officiers du royaume. En novembre, nous planifions migrer les premiers chapitres, en commençant avec de petits groupes avec des Webmestres très techniques, pour que nous soyons en mesure d’éliminer les problèmes techniques du processus de migration avant que nous passions au reste du Royaume. Avec un peu de chance, nous n’aurons pas besoin de plus de deux groupes test pour paufiner le processus. C’est aussi l’étape où nous rédigerons les instructions pour tout le monde. Ne vous inquiétez pas, nous avons un expert technique sur notre équipe qui s’assurera que nous écrivions de l’anglais au lieu d’un charabia technique, comme nous comprenons que la majorité du Royaume ne sont pas familiers avec notre jargon.

Une fois que nous saurons que les choses fonctionneront rondement, nous commencerons à augmenter la cadence à chaque semaine. Le Royaume lui-même, pour de multiples raisons, devra être traité en dernier. Nous sommes prêts à nous engager à finir cette migration pendant le règne de Leurs Majestés Ivan et Matilde, mais nous allons procéder aussi vite que nous pouvons raisonnablement le faire une fois que nous aurons commencé. Bien que nous soyons anxieux de terminer cette tâche, nous souhaitons encore plus l’accomplir *correctement* avant tout.

En Service,
Joel Messerer (connu précédemment comme “of Vestfell”)
Député Webmestre des Services du Royaume de l’Est

Traduction par Behi Kirsa Oyutai

Unofficial Court Report: St. Eligius Arts & Sciences Competition

On November 11, AS 52, Tsar Ivan and Tsartisa Matilde ventured to their Barony of Dragonship Haven, to witness the Saint Eligius Arts and Sciences Competition.

After an excellent day observing the works of many of the East Kingdom’s finest artisans, Their Majesties convened court.

Their Excellencies Dragonship Haven, Baron Joseph of the Red Griffin and Baroness Bronwen Rose of Greyling, named the winners of the competition.  They also presented awards to numerous gentles of the Barony.

Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde resumed their court, and invited Dionisia of Haus Ragnarsson to attend.  Having previously received her Award of Arms, they presented her a scroll with calligraphy and words by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte, illuminated by Mairi Crawford.

Their Majesties invited the Children attending the event into their court.  They called forth Angus Pembridge to take the basket of toys and lead the children on a merry chase.

Next did the Tsar and Tsaritsa invite into court Mikkel Bildr.  Having previously received a Silver Rapier, they presented him with a scroll by Eva Woderose with words by Alys Mackyntoich.

Their Majesties next called before them those in attendance of their first, second or third event to receive tokens.

Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde invited into their court Mýrún Leifsdóttir, Olaf Shieldbreaker, Finnguala ingen Neill meic Chuicc and Bartholomew of Northampton.  Speaking of their excellent artistry, Their Majesties did present to each an Award of the Golden Lyre.

Their business complete, Their Majesties closed court.  Long Live the King and Queen!  Long Live the Prince and Princess!  Long Live the Kingdom of the East!


Malcolm Bowman, Brigantia Principal Herald

Competition rules announced for King’s & Queen’s Arts & Sciences Championships


, , , ,

Greeting from Master Philip White, Kingdom minister of Arts and Sciences,

We’re excited to have completed the materials for King’s and Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champions that will be held on February 10, 2018 in the Crown Province of Ostgardr.

This includes:

* Competition entry rules
* Competitor expectations
* Competitor entry form
* Judges rules
* Judges expectations
* Judges volunteer form
* Rubric – General Score Sheet
* Rubric – Research Score Sheet
* Rubric – Performing Arts Score Sheet

All of this information can be accessed through the East Kingdom A&S Officer website.

Thanks and appreciation to:

  • The Kingdom A&S Special Deputies who led (and continue to lead) this effort, Mistress Elysabeth and Master Magnus along with their team who helped with feedback and editing.
  • Support and feedback from Mistress Sofya Gianetta di Trieste , Queen’s Champion of Arts and Sciences, and Lady Raziya bint Rusa ), King’s Champion of Arts and Sciences.
  • Support and feedback from Their Majesties, Tsar Ivan Ivanov Syn Dimitriov Vynuk Tzardikov and Tsaritsa Matilde de Cadenet.

Remember… Have fun! Learn! Teach!



Unofficial Court Report: Fall Crown Tournament 2017

image2 (1)Their Majesties, Tsar Ivan and Tsaritsa Matilde, rulers of the East, did determine they needed heirs.  Thus it was on the 4th day of November, AS LII, they ventured to their Barony of Bergental, and held their Crown Tournament.

The entrants presented themselves to their Tsar and Tsaritsa.  Then, they received words from the Kingdom Marshal of Armored Combat, and the rules of the list from the Troubadour Herald.  Their Majesties did say some words, and opened a court.

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