Space Scheduling for Pennsic Royal Encampment



Greetings to Easterners attending Pennsic!

I am Baroness Medhbh inghean Ui Cheallaigh, Majordomo for the East’s Royal Encampment this year at Pennsic.

If you have something you’d like to schedule in any of the spaces of the Royal Encampment (Vigil Chapel, Royal Hall, State Kitchen) or in the Battlefield Pavilion, please contact me as soon as possible so we can find a time for you. War Week is particularly busy, so don’t delay!

Please contact me at

Thank you!
In Service,
East Kingdom Royal Encampment Gates at Pennsic

East Kingdom Royal Encampment Gates at Pennsic

Call for Applicants – East Kingdom Rapier Marshal



Unto the Rapier Fighters of the East Kingdom do I, Master Frasier MacLeod
send greetings,


My time in the office of Kingdom Rapier Marshal grows short, and I must put out the call for resumes for any who feel the call to service this office requires.  If you are interested in filling the position of Kingdom Rapier Marshal for the Kingdom of the East, please e-mail your name (both modern and SCA), your contact information (both e-mail and phone, please), and your SCA resume with any skills and experience that would lend itself to this position to myself, Their Majesties, and Their Highnesses.  I am not sure who among Them will be making the ultimate decision on who will succeed me in this office, so I am asking you to contact Them all.  If you have any questions regarding the office, the responsibilities, and/or what you might encounter, please feel free to contact me privately and I will answer your queries as best I can.  I do not know what sort of timeframe Their Majesties and Their Highnesses will be looking to accept resumes, but I would assume They would like to have Their choice made before Their Highnesses’ Coronation.  So get those resumes in!  I look forward to retirement, but before that, I want to make sure we have the right candidate in place to carry the Rapier Community forward into a bright future.
Thank you all in advance,
Master Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East

Tragic News from Aethelmearc

The following information was shared on the Aethelmearc Gazette this morning.  Our thoughts are with the citizens of Aethelmearc during this difficult time.

From Their Majesties:

Greetings Æthelmearc,

We write to you with a heavy heart but must inform you that HRH, Titus Scipio Germanicus, has passed away. Details are still coming in but we wanted to inform the Kingdom before it is discovered on Social Media or other means.

At this time, we ask that you please respect HRH, Anna Leigh by giving her the space she needs while she is going through this difficult time.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Ourselves (, & or the Kingdom Seneschal, Duke Christopher Rawlyns (

Our hearts and prayers are with Her Royal Highness and their families and friends.

In Service to Æthelmearc,

Sven & Siobhan

King and Queen of Æthelmearc

Eastern Results from the May 2018 LoAR




The Society College of Heralds runs on monthly cycles and letters. Each month, the College processes name and armory submissions from all of the Kingdoms. Final decisions on submissions are made at the monthly meetings of the Pelican Queen of Arms (names) and the Wreath King of Arms (armory). Pelican and Wreath then write up their decisions in a Letter of Acceptances and Return (LoAR). After review and proofreading, LoARs generally are released two months after the meeting where the decisions are made.

An “acceptance” indicates that the item(s) listed are now registered with the Society. A “return” indicates that the item is returned to the submitter for additional work. Most items are registered without comments. Sometimes, the LoAR will address specific issues about the name or armory or will praise the submitter/herald on putting together a very nice historically accurate item.

The following results are from the May 2018 Wreath and Pelican meetings.

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Unbelted Champions Team Announcement


Tyger banner at Pennsic 42, photo by Baroness RainilltFrom His Majesty:

In all the heat and being hit in the head Saturday, I completely failed to add the announcement of our Kingdom’s unbelted champions for Pennsic to the court docket. I’m very sorry to keep everyone waiting for this announcement.
This team is very close to Caoilfhionn’s and my heart. We’re very proud of these folks and all those who trained and tested themselves against these fierce Tygers.
Thank you to our Captain Joachim for leading this band of killers.
This year’s unbelted melee battle will be 20 v 20.

Those champions are:
Joachim Liechtenauwer
Euric Germanicus
Özurr the bootgiver
Hashiji Morikatsu
Lambert D’Ogremont
Klaus von Wallachia
Micah of Brighton Manner
Talan ap Gueiluilrth
Reinhart Basarab Draculesti
Tiberius Nautius Maximus
Svend O’brien
Hassan Ibn Abd’ Al-Malik
Galbraith MacGowan
Hakan Al-Bashir
Luthor VonEisenfaust
Bergsveinn Hondbrotna
Katherine Du Pré of Coldwood
Vlad Iliescu
Angus Pembridge
Holev Disgratiov

Alternates, in no particular order,
Trentus Nubianus
Ulfr Hofhorr
Mathew MacGyver
Fearghus O’Conchobhair
Gavin MacKinnon
Duarcaín MacWard
Seamus Mac Neachtain
Brick James Beech
Gavin Von Abentrot
Ulfgeirr Ragnarsson
Sterling De La Rosa
Gaston Le Cordilier
Olaf Haraldson
Joseph Harcourt
Bran Finn Mac Aeda
Ikhlas Al-Chakib
Chiba Yoshitake
Josef Von Ulm
Vachir Arslanjin
Azim the scout
Alton Hewes

Pennsic War 47 Event Guide Online


For you lucky gentles who will be going to Pennsic, the event guide is now available for download so you can check out all the details before you arrive at Gate.  This year it’s being offered in both PDF and EPUB versions, for those who want to read it on a phone or tablet.

You can find download links for both here:

Please share this info at will. Everyone have a good War! Welcome home.

In service,

Gunnar Sigurdsson, OP

King’s and Queen’s Equestrian Championships Results


, ,

The skills challenge portion of the competition for King’s and Queen’s Equestrian Champions was held last night, with results announced in court earlier today.  Many thanks to the outgoing King’s Champion, Baroness Alanna of Skye, for sending us detailed results and tracking down details as the Gazette staff realized they were needed for this article.

The original plan had been to have a final round with a limited number of competitors after completion of the skills challenge, but the heat this weekend has been dangerously high, and it was decided that for the safety of the horses to cancel the final round, and select the champions based on their combined performance in the two courses which had already been run, weighted equally.

Horses are as susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke as humans, and our competition asks them to perform strenuous athletic activity while carrying 200 pounds or so of rider and armor.   Most of them will be resting today, and going home tonight when it will be cooler in the trailers.  The safety of the horses comes first.

The winner of the competition, and King’s Champion of Horse is Duchess Kiena Stewart, riding Brady.

Duchess Kiena Stewart, King's Equestrian Champion

Duchess Kiena Stewart, King’s Equestrian Champion

Her Majesty Caoilfhionn selected Lady Leana Doucet, riding Taro, as her Champion.

The skills challenge for the evening round consisted of running at rings with a lance, chopping apples with swords, and spearing targets from horseback.

Apple chop is not something commonly seen in SCA competition.  As the name suggests, riders attempt to strike an apple with a sword as they ride past at the best speed at which they judge they can hit the target. Adult competitors have the option of using live steel or a wooden sword. Four points are awarded for splitting the apple, two for seriously damaging it, and one for hitting it in any fashion. Generally if you use a wooden sword you can only get a hit, but Zachary Kerr, age 9, chopped his wooden sword down so firmly on the last apple of the night that it split cleanly in two!

A total of 21 riders completed all portions of the tourney.

The top 4 competitors in the evening portion of the tourney were:

  • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon riding Hottie
  • Mistress Doucette de Verdun riding Baby War Pony
  • Duchess Kiena Stewart riding Brady
  • Angelique de conte riding The Dread Pirate Roberts

The top 4 competitors overall were:

  • Duchess Kiena Stewart riding Brady
  • Mistress Doucette de Verdun riding Baby War Pony
  • Master Rhys Terafan Greydragon riding Hottie
  • Duke Randal of the Dark riding Jubal

Photo courtesy of Mistress Leonete D’Angely



East Kingdom Equestrian Champions Intermediate Results



Because of the anticipated extreme heat this weekend, a decision was made well in advance to split the Equestrian Champions competition into a morning session and an evening session, with the evening session expected to start at 8 pm.

The morning session was a challenge course, in the style known as Gambler’s Choice.  In this type of competition, riders are presented with a variety of obstacles or games, which can give them varying numbers of points.  Each rider is allowed to assemble a course which they hope will complement their skills and the best qualities of their horse while also maximizing the number of points they will be awarded for completing it successfully.

This morning saw 24 riders competing at the challenge course, which really showcases the depth of the East Kingdom Equestrian activity.  In its early years an event with 5 riders was considered well attended.

At the end of the challenge course, the top four competitors are:

  • Duchess Kiena Stewart riding Brady
  • Mistress Doucette de Verdun riding Baby War Pony
  • Master Duncan Kerr riding Brandy
  • Duke Randal of the Dark riding Jubal

Note that this is not a final 4 – all riders will continue to compete in the Skills tests which will take place this evening, after the heat of the day has passed.  At the end of that portion of competition, finalists will be determined, and the eventual Champions selected.  Anyone can still win it!

Tourney Heralds Needed

Voice heralds of the East!

Heed the call of His Grace Duke Gregor von Heisler! Your voice is requested to instill pageantry and splendor to the Grand Tournament field at the East Kingdom 50 year celebration event. Let your voice be heard above the fray, beckoning those gathered to draw near and witness the mighty deeds of the armored fighters of our fair and noble realm. Do not miss this opportunity to use your talents and lend gravitas to the this historic occasion. This call goes out to all that would answer, even if you are new to vocal heralding this is a great chance to learn.

Heralds are needed for the Grand Tournament at EK 50 and requested for the 3 other armored combat tourneys, please see the schedule below for times and location.

If interested please reach out to

Thank you!

In service,

Lucien de Wyntere

EK Troubadour Herald