Pennsic Teacher Registration Deadline Fast Approaching


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Spinning FlaxHave you always wanted to teach at Pennsic? Are you a veteran teacher, but find yourself procrastinating this year? Don’t delay! While classes will be accepted right through Pennsic, the deadline to have your class appear in the Pennsic site book is May 1.


It’s a very easy process to sign up. A link for teacher registration appears on the Pennsic War home page. The registration process is very user friendly. With just a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to create your class.

Take a minute to look at all the wonderful classes that have already been scheduled. Then commit to sharing your knowledge and passion for the arts and sciences with the Pennsic populace. If you have questions about registering your class, contact Capt Elias Gedney, Chancellor, or THL Artimesia LaceBrayder, the Registrar.

The Founding of a Barony circa 1970


arms Carolingia Tabitha of Windmoor, one of the first members of the Barony of Carolingia, graciously wrote this account about how the group got its start.  The Gazette thanks her for providing more information about the early years of the East Kingdom.

I was in the SCA from 1970 – 1975. Virtually all of my involvement was with the Barony of Carolingia. I was one of the founding members, more or less by chance.

In the fall of 1970 I started my sophomore year at Wellesley with a roommate selected by lottery. Lois and I were friends at once. We threw a party a couple of weeks into the school year for all our friends. Lois invited Patri Pugliese, a freshman roommate of her boyfriend. Pat and I became friends at that party where he also acquired a new girlfriend, Ann, who was one of my friends.

When Patri landed in the infirmary with a sore throat a few weeks later I stopped in to see him on my way to join Lois and her boyfriend for the Yale/Harvard game. While I was trying to cheer Pat up – he was very sick and things were already going bad with Ann – a guy neither of us knew just walked right into the room and asked “Are you Patri?” Upon being assured that the guy in the bed answered to that name, he introduced himself as Dan and said he had been told that Pat might be interested in helping him start a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Continue reading

An announcement from the Earl Marshal

Greetings Unto the East Kingdom!

As some of you may know, my first daughter is scheduled to be born the day before Crown. This will be happening in Colorado and as such I will not be able to act as the Marshal-in-Charge for the Crown tournament. In accordance with East Kingdom Law I have asked Duke Gregor Von Heiseler to be the Marshal-in-Charge and Their Royal Majesties have consented to the substitution. As such, Duke Gregor has graciously agreed to run the Crown tournament.

As Crown is rapidly approaching I ask all Chivalry and OTC marshals, who are not fighting, to make every effort to attend and stand ready to assist Duke Gregor as he deems fit.
In addition, Olaf Haraldson, Deputy for Rules Clarification, has agreed to be my Drop-Dead. Being that I much prefer this side of the grass, I have no intention of dropping dead.  So I may be in the market for a food and wine taster at future events. While Olaf has a shifty look about him, he also has a keen sense of the rules and laws of our Kingdom and integrity beyond reproach.

I thank Their Majesties for trusting in my choices and both Gregor and Olaf for being willing to step up and serve our glorious and noble East Kingdom.

Yours In Service,
Baron Sir Jibril al-Dakhil, EK,EM

SCA Communications Survey

The following was posted to the Society for Creative Anachronism Facebook page. The original can be found here.

Please take a few minutes to complete a survey designed to gather data to assist us in the evolution of communications within the SCA.

We appreciate your time and the opportunity to gather information so we can best serve your needs in the future.…/1_ihUYVPNPJleoLyouPvSR0A…/viewform

Countess Honor of Restormel
Society Publications Manager

An announcement regarding Crown Tourney / Une annonce au sujet de la Couronne Tourney

Greetings to the combatants in the East Kingdom’s Spring Crown Tourney!

Their Majesties have informed us that They do not want to use list
trees and personal devices for this Crown Tourney. For those of you
who were planning to bring your device for the list tree, you are
encouraged but are not required to use the device for personal display
at the tournament. For those of you planning to make a device for the
list tree, you may delay that project to a later time. On the day of
the tourney, we’d ask your help in making sure the heralds are able to
be heard across the listfield so that we can get all combatants and
their consorts to the proper lists.

Lady Rosina von Schaffhausen, Jongleur Herald
Master Rowen Cloteworthy, Troubadour Herald

En français par leurs excellences Godfroy de Falaise et Alisay de Falaise

Salutations aux participants du Tournoi printanier de la Couronne.
Nos Majestés nous ont informés qu’ils ne souhaitaient pas que les participants au Tournoi de la Couronne présentent leurs armoiries dans la lice. Ceux qui souhaitaient le faire le pourront, mais cela n’est nullement obligatoire. Pour ceux qui souhaitaient fabriquer leurs armoiries pour être présentés, peuvent remettre ce projet à plus tard. La journée du tournoi, nous demandons votre plus grande collaboration pour vous assurer que les hérauts puissent être entendus d’un bout à l’autre des lices. De cette manière les combattants et leurs consorts pourront se présenter à la bonne lice.

Lady Rosina von Schaffhausen, Jongleur Herald
Master Rowen Cloteworthy, Troubadour Herald

Les participants et format au tournoi printanier de la Couronne de l’Est.

Cet article est maintenant disponible en Français. Veuillez cliquer sur le lien ci-dessous.

Spring Crown Tourney Entrants and Format / Les participants et format au tournoi printanier de la Couronne de l’Est.

(English Translation: The following article is now available in French. Please click on the link below.)

In Memoriam: Baron Adhemar de Villarquamada


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Photo of Baron Adhemar de Villarquamada on display as part of his memorial at Balfar's Challenge on April 18th.  Photo courtesy of Cateline La Broderesse

Photo of Baron Adhemar de Villarquamada on display as part of his memorial at Balfar’s Challenge on April 18th.
Photo courtesy of Cateline La Broderesse

Baron Adhemar de Villarquamada passed away suddenly on Wednesday, April 8th, following a chronic illness. Baron Adhemar was active in the Society for more than twenty-five years. For fifteen of those years he served as the Baron of Dragonship Haven, stepping down only last month. He was recognized as a Master of the Laurel by Brion and Anna in 1999 for his skill with illumination, calligraphy, and costuming, and as a Master of the Pelican by Darius and Roxane in 2002 for his long service to the College of Heralds and his Barony.
Continue reading

Spring Crown Tourney Entrants and Format / Les participants et format au tournoi printanier de la Couronne de l’Est.


arms East Royal King QueenThe entrants in this Spring’s Crown Tourney are listed below.  The details on how Crown Tourney will be fought are as follows. The tourney will be double elimination with fighters bringing their weapon of choice for all rounds of the tourney. For the final four, two wins will be required to advance.  This means an undefeated fighter will need one win; a fighter who has already lost a bout will need two wins. The finals will be comprised of only one bout.

The entrants are listed according to the Order of Precedence, and the Gazette would like to thank Baron Rowen Cloteworthy for providing us with the ordered list.

En français par Sir Pellandres dit Le Frère

Ci-bas seront indiqués les participants au tournoi printanier de la Couronne de l’Est. Ledit tournoi sera combattu selon les règles suivantes. Item, le format sera celui d’une élimination double où chaque combattant décidera de son propre armement, et ce pour chacun des tours. Item, les quatre finalistes devront avoir deux victoires pour passer en finales. Ainsi, un combattant invaincu de tout le tournoi pourra passer avec un seul combat victorieux. Un autre qui aurait déjà perdu une joute aura besoin de deux victoires. Item, la finale ne sera décidée que d’un seul combat.

Les participants sont ordonnés en fonction de leur Précédence. La Gazette offre ses remerciement à son excellence Rown Cloteworthy pour avoir recherché et établi ledit ordre.

Continue reading

Notes from the April 18 Board Meeting


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SCA shieldThis article is republished from The Æthelmearc Gazette with permission. Our thanks to them for allowing us to share this post. Please click here to see their original post.

Master William de Montegilt attended the April 18 Board Meeting and has submitted the following notes to the [Æthelmearc] Gazette.

If you’ve never been to a Board of Directors meeting, you might want to attend one. The ceremonies are very impressive. The directors are carried in, each on his or her own palanquin, to the central meeting table laden with gold plate and jeweled cups, where they are greeted by cheering members of the populace…..

OK, fine. It’s not like that at all. This is a corporate board meeting. The directors and officers wear suits or other formal business attire. The meetings are run according to the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis. Meetings are held quarterly, and the Saturday session, which is a working meeting, is open to the public. Continue reading


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