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Greetings all! Now that it’s close enough that you maybe have an idea of your Pennsic schedule, please consider assisting with setup and/or teardown of East Kingdom Royal Encampment at Pennsic. It’s a great way to meet people and it’s fun to see it all come together.

Companions of the Order of the Tygers Cub will be serving cold beverages to the work crews – any children old enough to work without direct parental supervision are invited to help them.

Setup Start Times: Tues 7/30
Tygers Cubs: 9:45am
Gate Pavilion: 10am
State Kitchen: 10am
Windwalls: 11am
Vigil Chapel/Garden: 11am
Hospitality: 12pm

Teardown Start Times: Friday 8/9
State Kitchen: 11am
Hospitality: 1pm
Tygers Cubs: 1:45pm
Everything else: 2pm

We’re looking for just an hour or two of your time – with the streamlined, staggered workflow there shouldn’t be any standing around waiting. Last year teardown was complete by 3:15!

There are some small jobs that don’t require strength or the ability to stand for very long, especially in the State Kitchen, so don’t hesitate just because you’re not able to swing a hammer or carry a heavy box.

In Service to the East,
Mistress Eleanor fitzPatrick
EK Royal Pennsic Steward