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Good Morning East Kingdom!

Children guard the East Kingdom Royal encampment at Pennsic 43.

My name is Mistress Elizabeth Eleanore Lovell and I have the honor of volunteering as the East Kingdom Royal encampments Majordomo this year. As Majordomo I am in charge of scheduling for the public areas including Hospitality, Gate Guards, use of the Battlefield Pavilion, the Vigil Chapel & Queens Garden, Royal Hall, and State Kitchen.

I have put together a schedule for Pennsic that encompasses both Hospitality and Gate Guard duty and it is hosted on the website Teamup.com It is also accessible via the Teamup app if you choose to download. You *DO NOT* need to download anything or signup for any new accounts to sign up for a volunteer shift. Simply follow this link:


and scroll to August 3rd on the calendar to find the beginning of the schedule.Then click on any shift that you are interested in signing up for. There are shifts from August 3rd through August 8th.

We already have several Barony groups signed up as well as Teens/Tweens who have taken shifts. We are happy to teach the next generation how to run Royal 🙂

You may ask, “Mistress Elizabeth, what is Hospitality?”

I would be happy to answer that question!

Hospitality is the public face of East Kingdom Royal and, aside from our Gate Guards when they are on duty, one of the first things people encounter when they walk through our gates. You will be available to: Answer the questions of anyone who comes in our gates. Take down a message for the Royalty or Staff. Take delivery of scrolls. Offer a cool drink, light snack and electronic device charging facilities to our guests while they rest in the shade of the Queens Garden. (which is open to all as long as there is not a function scheduled). If you have never volunteered in Hospitality before, we have experienced staff to explain what needs to be done. Volunteering at Hospitality for a few hours also might be the perfect opportunity for your Household, Shire, Barony, or group of friends to show off some of its cooking talent. While East Kingdom Royal provides cool water, pretzels, and oranges for our guests we would be happy to provide space in the Hospitality tent should your group like to offer other tidbits to visitors during your shift. We only ask that, for the safety of all visitors to Royal, everything be clearly labeled with ingredients.

“But WHO are we guarding East Kingdom Royal Encampment from Mistress Elizabeth?”

That’s a great question! No one, really, because people are super nice and respectful of each others spaces.There may be Shenanigans between Kingdoms, but generally the Guards pretend they are sleeping when those happen 😉

Guard duty is a ceremonial position and a great way for Households, groups of friends, groups of children, Shires, Baronies, or even people who have never done this type of thing before to come and hang out at East Kingdom Royal for a few hours to help the Kingdom look SPIFFY. You dress neatly (doesn’t have to be fancy) and take turns with the other people scheduled in your time slot standing outside the gates of Royal helping to make our Kingdom look welcoming and friendly. If people need directions to our Hospitality tent inside you can make sure they get there. If someone walking by looks like they really could use some water, offer them some and a seat in the shade of The Queens Garden (as long as it isn’t in use). We are all about being friendly and meeting new people.

This year Their Majesties have requested that Guard duty not be overly burdensome for the Populace. To that end I have created a schedule that covers the main functions and times when the camp could use people at the gate. IF your group would like to guard gate and all the time slots are filled please reach out to me via email pennsic.major-domo@eastkingdom.org.  I will create a time slot for you so that you have the opportunity to serve.

We hope you will consider donating some of your vacation time to service at East Kingdom Royal.

~Mistress Elizabeth