In the Barony of Dragonship Haven, on the 23rd day of February, anno societatis LIII, known in the common era as 2019, Their Majesties Wilhelm and Vienna brought their people together under one roof to witness the competition to determine the new Bardic Champions and the investing of the new Baronesses of the local lands.  Though the day was chilled, the air among the people was warm and camaraderie was had by all.

In the morning, as the bards were warming their voices and citizens milled about, Their Majesties had Their herald call for all to gather and bear pay heed to Their words.  It was early, but They had business which was immediate and required the populace to witness.

Their herald welcomed the current Baron and Baroness of Dragonship Haven, Joseph of the Red Griffin and Bronwen Rose of Greyling, called B’Rose, to join them and permitted them to share words and recognition with their people.

When at last they were done, they were called before Their Majesties.  It was with tears in their eyes, Their Majesties spoke of Baron Joseph and Baroness B’Rose with love and having taken care of Dragonship Haven in a tumultuous time following the illness of the Baron before them.  They were relieved of their duties and gifted a basket of goods to take to Their Majesties’ “farm”.

Words were shared of Baron Joseph’s good works from two scrolls of thanks, one completed by Ellesbeth Donofrey and another by Charis Accipiter.

Similarly, words were read by Their herald of the delight of Bronwen Rose of Greyling, called B’Rose and a scroll presented to her made by Mari Clock van Hoorne with words by Rowen Cloteworthy.  It was then Their Majesties made her a Baroness of Their Court.

Before they were released from Their Majesties’ presence, both swore fealty, promising to continue the Dream.

The next to be called were Mistress Renye Wurm and Lady Rhode Kephalania, for they were to be installed as the new Baronesses of Dragonship Haven.  They were charged to lead with strength and fairness. And by placing the coronets upon their head, Their Majesties did invest them as the new caretakers of the lands.  Baroness Wurm and Baroness Rhode swore fealty, promising to fight in times of war, and build in times of peace. They were also gifted with a basket of goodies, including two bottles of mead, with promise of more where they came from in case things became too stressful.  As is Their Majesties’ custom, they also shared two sets of feast gear with the Barony.

It was then their Majesties suspended Their court to allow the Baronesses to complete necessary business.  Once done, they reopened Their court.

The next to hear their name called, was one Lupold Hass.  Lupold knew this was coming, and declared his travel at Their request to be pleasant and dry, and unlike that of the whispers heard from the Kingdom of Atenveldt and Estrella War.  There was laughter among the people at this comment. Their Majesties beckoned Their Order of Defense and bade them whisk him away to sit vigil, for today, he was to consider elevation.

Lada Monguligin was called before Their Majesties next, and though she looked concerned, she smiled.  Her Majesty shared with the people that Lada had won the Pennsic War Point for the East. It was then They had Their Order of the Laurel brought forth and her Majesty demanded Lada to “go sit and think about what she did”, for she was to consider joining the Order.

Before the Order was permitted to leave, another was called.  Ysabella du Draguinin was swept into court and placed before Their Majesties.  She also was to consider what she had done, for she was her own person, and contemplate her own elevation.  It was then the Laurels swept them both away to prepare them for the day.

Medhbh ignean ui Cheallaigh was called by Their Majesties’ herald, and she was presented before them.  Their Majesties spoke of her faithful service, selfless acts, and could think of no better way to thank her.  Their herald called for the Order of the Pelican to come forward. With delight, they came, and took her away to consider what was to come.

Their Majesties bade Their herald call forth their Minister of the Lists, Mistress Mylisant Grey.  They thanked her for her work over the past few years, and Her Majesty did gift her with Her Award of Esteem.  They relieved her of her duties and called forth her replacement, Olivia Baker. Mylisant did gift the new Minister of Lists with a banner of office, and wished her well.  Olivia swore her fealty as an officer, and Their Majesties then spoke Their promise to her, thanking her for taking on such a duty.

It was then Their Majesties suspended Their court, charging the attendees to enjoy the day and bear witness to great competition.

Shortly thereafter, Their Majesties tracked down one among their populace, and cornering him in a room, They did open their Court.

They called forth Eric von Boulder and His Majesty spoke of great stories told to Him by His Grace Duke Balfar regarding the young man.  It was then Eric turned and looked wide eyed at His Grace, who only chuckled in return. The herald called forth their Order of the Silver Tyger and he was placed among them.  Their Majesties thanked him for his dedication and charged him with seeking out the other martial orders and continue to learn. As They included him in Their Order, they shared the document declaring it so would be forthcoming.

They then suspended Their court again, and joined Their people to enjoy the day.

Later in the day, after competition ended, Their Majesties again bade Their herald to call Their people together.

His Majesty had His herald call forth His Bardic Champion, Juliana Byrd.  She flitted from behind the thrones, and knelt before Him, recorders in her lap.  He thanked her for making His time on the throne joyful. He asked her for her baldric back, and with resignation, she returned it.  He released her from His service, and as she skipped down the aisle it was heard from a member of the populace she was now “a free Byrd”.

It was then His Majesty had Margretha La Fauvelle called before him.  And as she landed on her knees before Him, he grinned and placed the baldric over her shoulder, declaring her His Champion, charging her to learn music of the mythical ABBA.  A scroll created by Juliana Byrd and Audrye Beneyt was read, documenting the day. She joined His Champions behind him.

Her Majesty had her Bardic Champion, Geoffrey of Exeter, called before her.  She spoke of how She had met him around a fireplace, and he had been “instrumental” in Her reign.  With sadness, she requested he relinquish his baldric and released him, though he did not go far, resuming a spot on the edge of the stage and continuing to play his harp throughout the evening.

It was then Her Majesty spoke of a bard who had the voice of an angel.  She had Her herald call one Laila al-Sanna’ al Andalusiyya to the dais. The Queen met her, adorned her with the baldric as a scroll was presented for the occasion, created by Geoffrey of Exeter and Audrye Beneyt.  It was then Laila joined Her Majesty’s Champions.

Her Majesty then spoke of two bards who had stunned her with their performances.  One who completed a flawless performance even when the lights went out, and another who brought Shakespeare to life.  Her herald called Solveig Bjarnardottir and Phillippe LeVigneron, and they were gifted the Golden Lyre for their magnificence.

It was then Their Majesties suspended Their Court so the Baronesses of Dragonship Haven could conduct additional business.  When it was complete, they reopened Their court.

Their Majesties spoke of Their home in Dragonship Haven.  They shared how much love They had for Their family there, and how its people always strive for the best.  The Barony served the Kingdom to the fullest, and as such, Their Majesties saw fit to present them with the Company of Fellowship, an award for a group presented only twice before.

Their Majesties had Baroness Bronwen Rose of Greyling, called B’Rose, called before them once again.  And lest she worry that the people loved her husband more than she, a second scroll was presented to her, crafted by Gundormr Dengir and AEsa Feilinn Jossurdottir.

The next to hear their name called was Katla of Viborg.  Their Majesties spoke of her work on Norse clothing and felt she belonged among the Order of the Silver Brooch.  They presented her with a scroll created by Matthias Gunwold and Marietta Charay to remember the day.

Before they were sent off, another was called to the dais.  Their Majesties’s herald called one Edmund Beneyt. Her Majesty said recognition of wordsmiths doesn’t happen as often as it should, and she was honored to do so, also including him in the Order of Silver Brooch.  He was gifted with a scroll by Aurelia Colleoni a’Buccafurno.

Just as they were about to leave, another herald stepped out and Their Majesties had Audrye Beneyt step from behind the thrones.  They shared that her work on scrolls were what made her belong in the Order of Silver Brooch, and a scroll to commemorate the moment crafted by Katherine Stanhope and Nicol MacDonnachaidh was shared with her.  Finally, the Order of the Silver Brooch was permitted to leave, taking with it their new siblings.

But Audrye Beneyt was made to stay.  Their Majesties spoke of her work on Their Crown Tournament.  The power had gone out and a great storm had rolled in, and yet she still pulled it off.  For this, they included her in the Order of the Burdened Tyger, gifting her a medallion crafted by Her Majesty.

Margretha La Fauvelle was called back before Their Majesties and they spoke of her being instrumental in Coronations, providing music to be enjoyed by all.  It was then a hat she had previously owned was returned to her, only six pearls had been added to it. Their Majesties made her a Baroness of Their court, gifting to her a scroll by Sabine de Kerbriant and Mairi Crawford.

The next to hear their name was one Bartholomew Sharp.  His Majesty spoke of how much effort and care he put in to his dream.  He felt it only just and right to provide him with the Award of Excellence, passing to him a scroll crafted by Eleanor Catlyng so he may remember the moment.

Next, the herald called Ysabella du Draguinin before Their Majesties, for They wished to know the answer to the question put before her.  On her knees before Them, she said she would accept Their offer. Jarl Thorvald Halvarsson and Duke Balfar von Grunwald came forward to speak on her behalf for the Chivalry.  They spoke of the smell of youthful joy and glee she shares and that she was brave to be good at what she wants. Efeilian Gathfach ferch Owain ap Bleddyn, called Parsley, stepped forward to speak for the Pelicans, stating she was filled with good service, including patience and generosity.  Thomas of Effingham rose as a Master of Defence to speak of her grit and perseverance, commending her as a Peer. Her Grace, Duchess Luna Athanwulf stepped down the aisle, stating Ysabella to be filled with undeniable courtesy, therefore recommended by the Roses. Last to speak was Mahin Banu Tabrizi of the Laurels, who spoke of the candidates utter joy in all things including those which pour, making special note of a fountain from which wine flowed.  She was especially interested in that. Hearing the words of the Peers, Their Majesties saw fit to adorn Ysabella in the regalia befitting her Order, including a medallion and hood. A scroll created just for her by Mahin Banu Tabrizi, Musa Thorsonsdottir, Tola Knityr and Leonete d’Angeley was presented to remember the day. Ysabella swore her fealty to Their Majesties, and They swore Their promise to her, and the Order took her away to welcome her.

It was then Their Majesties requested Joel Messerer brought forward.  Their Majesties said he had an answer for everything during the recent concerns about Kingdom finances, and was like a cowboy, shooting answers from the hip.  Her Majesty wanted so much to make him a Saint, but said it was not within her power to do so. Instead, his Cap of Maintenance was returned to him, though it now bore pearls and with a scroll created by Eleanore MacCarthaigh read, They made him a Baron of Their Court.

It was then a family was called before them–Bjorn Hrafnson, Katryne Morgant Telardottier, Brigid Bjornsdottir and Ahri Bjornsdottir.  Their Majesties spoke of the family’s work for the Crown, their dedication, and said that the parents would now be made a Lord and Lady of Their Court, promising them scrolls to come.  Not wanting to leave the young girls out, they called forth their Order of the Tyger’s Cub, including them in it and gifting them with scrolls created by Her Majesty which the girls could color in, much to their delight.

It was then all the children of the East were brought forward, for they had been waiting for this moment all day.  His Majesty hefted the much beloved toybox on His shoulder, stating only one man could run it this day. He called forth the Captain of Her Majesty’s Guard, Klaus Winterhalter and put the box in his arms.  He bade him run, and though he tried to keep the children at bay, they barely made it to a count of three before chasing after the Captain with much glee.

Douglas Doan, Chatelaine of the East Kingdom College of Performers invited in to court to share information and encourage the growth of the bards in the East.  He shared that a new tradition would be formed, and the Travelling Notebook was created, being put first in the hands of Solveig Bjarnardottir. It was then he spoke of two upcoming events for the College of Performers, and encouraged their attendance.

The next to hear their name was Aurora of Dragonship Haven.  Their Majesties had known her a long time, and her service to the Barony had been noticed and as such, she should be made a Lady of Their Court gifting her a scroll created by Jonathan Blaecstan.

It was then Hulda Ahonen was called before Their Majesties.  They spoke of her passion for learning new arts, and her increased involvement.  They could do no less than make her a Lady of Their Court also, and a scroll by Donnchadh mac Eoin was read by the herald to commemorate the moment.

Their Majesties then had Lupold Hass called before Them, for They required an answer to the question posed of him just that morning.  A booming voice brought him in, and Lupold knelt before Them, stating he would join Their Order of Defense. Antonio Patrasso, a member of the Order of Chivalry spoke to Lupold’s bravery, stating he entered every list knowing his life was on the line.  Camille des Jardins, of the Laurels, stepped forward speaking of his dedication to the “art of defense”, studying many forms deeply. Her Grace Avelina Keyes shared words sent from the wilds of Atenveldt where Marguerite Ingen Lachlainn, a member of the Pelicans, waged war at Estrella.  Marguerite shared that Lupold analyzes all things, and breaks actions down to their component parts and that is service. Her Grace Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, of the Roses, stated she had opinions about courtesy, and about Lupold. She stated Lupold had confidence, courtesy, and heart, and those were important.  Thomas of Effingham rose once again, for he had the right to share words for the Order of Defense. He stated that dwarves were not meant to teach elves how to fence, and yet Lupold was not afraid to do things the hard way. Their Majesties, in agreement with the Peers of the realm, adorned him in a collar, cape and medallion.  Once done, Her Majesty threw a glove at Lupold’s feet, challenging him to accept. He did, and a rock to commemorate the moment was shared with him, crafted by Eva Woderose, Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain, Sorcha Dhocair, and Randall Vihari-Farkas. The Order of Defense escorted Lupold from the dais to welcome him.

It was then that all newcomers to their first, second or third event were called before Their Majesties and cups gifted to them as was the new tradition.  It was noted by the herald that most of the newcomers were youth, and that was exciting.

Patrick Michael was the next to hear his name called.  Their Majesties spoke of his dedication to the Dream, volunteering without praise and having joined at a young age.  They felt it only right to have Their Order of the Silver Wheel called forth and he placed among them. They promised a scroll would be coming to him.

It was then Elena Hylton was brought from behind the thrones to kneel before Their Majesties.  The spoke of her dedication to the Crown and acknowledged her work in crafting the clothing they wore that day.  A silver coronet adorned with six pearls was placed upon her brow, and They did make her a Baroness of Their Court.  A scroll crafted by Violet Hughes and Onora ingheann ui Ruairc was displayed and drew much awe from the crowd. His Majesty stated it was in the top five He’d ever seen.

Their Majesties had Medhbh inghean ui Cheallaigh called to the dais, for They sought the answer to The question They asked just that morning.  His Grace Duke Brennan mac Fearghus spoke as a Knight, stating Medbh had faith and her dedication to the people was astounding. Anne of Framingham, speaking words of the Laurels, said she was a noble lady and filled with good sense.  It was then Donovan Shinnock strode down the aisles to speak for the Order of Defence, stating Medhbh was “bonkers for always taking the big jobs” but that she never let the the little things slide. She always stopped to give kind words.  Her Grace, Duchess Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain stepped forward as a Rose, telling Their Majesties this woman had “bucketloads of courtesy” and declaring her a “protector of the Dream”. Her Grace Avelina Keyes rose as a Pelican, and said that Medhbh was one of those people who “helps us SCA” and when she needed something while organizing the East Kingdom 50 Year Celebration, Medhbh had it it done within hours.  Hearing the words of Their people, Their Majesties nodded agreement, and placed the regalia of her station upon her–a cloak, hood, and medallion. A scroll crafted by Saerlith ingen Chennetig and Aneleda Falconbridge was shared with her to remember the day. It was then the newest Pelican swore fealty to Their Majesties, and They, in turn, swore their promise. The Order swept her up and carried her away to celebrate.

Now before Their Majesties came Lada Monguligin, for she had been beckoned by the herald to answer the question put upon her in surprise that morning.  Before she knelt, words were spoken to her by her former Laurel Kayleigh McWhyte, declaring she would always be a part of their family. Then, As Lada knelt, the Peers of the Realm spoke words in support.  Edward Gendy, a Simple Country Knight, spoke of her dedication, stating he’d seen her travel through snow to ensure a scroll made it to an event. Ryan Mac Whyte came upon the people, standing as a Pelican, stating she and Kayleigh had been two peas in a pod and that she was a force to be reckoned with, being the Vicerine of Ostgardr.  Donovan Shinnock returned, to speak for the Defense, stating that Lada had persevered when she needed to learn how to learn again, because she was good right out of the gate. Her Grace Thyra Eiriksdottir rose, to share words of Brekke Franksdottir of the Roses, who stated Lada was courteous and a just law giver. It was then that Vettorio Antonello, a member of the Laurels, stood and spoke of Lada’s being a force of teaching and leadership and her passion for her art being one of a kind.  Having heard the words of so many, Their Majesties stood and brought forth the regalia of her station, a medallion, two cloaks (one of great lineage), a collar, hat and bracers. A scroll made with love by Kay Leigh Mac Whyte was gifted to her. She swore her fealty, and Their Majesties gave her Their own.

But before the Laurels were able to take her away, Lada’s beloved Viceroy Suuder Saran stepped up beside her.  He spoke to her of their first conversations in the Society, and how much it meant to them. And dropping to one knee, he asked her to build a family with him, presenting her with a ring.  Through tears of joy, she said yes, and then was taken away to be welcomed by the Laurels.

Their Majesties thanked the staff of the event, and with no further business, thus closed Their Court.

These are the moments throughout the day as remembered by me.

Always In Service,
Audrye Beneyt, Court Herald