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badge SeneschalGreetings unto the Kingdom.

Their Majesties and I have received many emails and seen many opinions on Facebook concerning the upcoming proposed EK Law changes. One of the advantages to posting an agenda a few weeks prior to a Curia is that we are able to see the opinions of the populace, as well as receive ideas to proposals that may not have been presented before.

We had all hoped to be able to provide financial information to explain why the Kingdom needs alternative revenue sources. Unfortunately, due to circumstances, we have not been able to provide that in time. When making decisions that affect the financial stability of the Kingdom, we all believe that transparency is necessary.

At this point, Their Majesties still intend to present a modified law change concerning the profit-share provision of Royal Progress events. The fact is that the Kingdom has been run on a deficit for too many years. There have been discussions occurring for years now on how to rectify the annual monetary loss.

However, this law will not affect events taking place prior to January 1, 2020. This will allow time for the Kingdom Exchequer and the Kingdom Financial Committee to make the necessary financial information available to the Kingdom. This will also allow for Their Highnesses, as well as Their Heirs, to make adjustments in their upcoming curias. Further, this lines up with the SCA fiscal year. Their Majesties are considering placing a monetary cap on the amount that the Kingdom would receive from any share of profits from Royal Progress Events.

Master Joel Messerer and I will be available at Birka this Saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon to discuss some of the factors behind the Kingdom’s financial status. This discussion is open to all who wish to attend. The location is to be determined due to the renovations of the hotel. As I get further information on where this can be held, I will post it here.

Katherine Barr, East Kingdom Seneschal