Johaness filius Nicholi Photo by Genevieve de St-Denys

Greeting unto the populace of the great East Kingdom. Now comes before you, Baron Johannes filius Nicholai, the newly invested Baron of the beloved Barony of Bergental. Baron Johannes is a late 13th Century English crusader, hailing from the era of Edward the 1st and member of his army for the 8th and 9th Crusades.

Baron Johannes has many goals and a vision he is endeavoring to bring to fruition during his term as the Baron of Bergental. His primary goal is to encourage and guide the Barony to facilitate more family inclusive activities “where there is literally something for everyone and activities to do together as a family.” His wish is for everyone to enjoy every event and bring the focus of our hobby back to the family unit and inclusion.

Baron Johannes also wishes to encourage members to try new things and take up a diverse plethora of interests and skills rather than focusing on one specific art, science, or martial form. His Excellency would enjoy a revival of the barony’s bardic community, in addition to striving to increase the pageantry of our Baronial presence both on the field and in court. Shtick has a special place in his Excellency’s heart.

Baron Johannes’ preferences and indulgences include but are not limited to Mead (sweet), Scotch, cheese, and anything research related, as one of his largest passions is learning all of the things. He is currently dabbling in the medieval art of dance, and looks forward to learning about period wood working techniques, in addition to his prior research into persona development and clothing.