Greetings to the Populace of the East Kingdom from the Minister of Lists, Baronbadge Minister of Listsess Mylisant Grey, OP

The time has come when my term as Kingdom Minister of Lists draws to an end.  My current term ends in February 2019 and I will not be seeking another term. I am therefore soliciting applications for a successor.

Potential applicants may contact me directly at mol@eastkingdom.org if they have questions about the qualifications for the position.

Please email a letter of application to myself (mol@eastkingdom.org), the Kingdom Seneschal (seneschal@eastkingdom.org) , and the Crown (trm@eastkingdom.orgtrh@eastkingdom.org). Please include, at a minimum, your modern name, your SCA name, your reasons for applying and your qualifications for the position.

I will be accepting applications until December 1, 2018.