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Pennsic has passed. The insistent drumbeats of war have faded, allowing us to once again listen to gentler melodies. If you listen carefully, you can hear the siren song of the muses, coaxing you to the arts. The weather is (FINALLY) growing cooler; the creative juices begin to flow. The urge is upon us to… make something. And yet we also still want to *crush our opponents.* And then, you know, have dinner with them. How to reconcile these urges?

Do we have a deal for you!

The Barony Beyond the Mountain is *delighted* to host our second Golden Seamstress Challenge!

Here’s how it works:

Assemble a team of up to six crazy, err… motivated sewers. READ THE RULES. Alert the event steward that you intend to drive your opposition weeping from the field, err… that you intend to compete. READ THE RULES. Plan your outfit. Assemble your tools and materials. Assemble your snacks! (WE am STILL in awe of the snacks from last year.) Arrive on site on Friday October, 26, and at 10pm… SEW! SEW LIKE THE WIND!

As an aside, we should see if we can find someone who looks reasonably like Martin Short to roam the event saying that at random intervals. But we digress.

Eighteen hours later, the judges will determine whose snack fueled visions will take bragging rights for this year. (Seriously – the snacks were amazing.) And then win or lose, you can wear it to Crown Tournament to wow the masses and casually say “Oh, this? This is just something we whipped up at Golden Seamstress.”

You know you want to.

All the details can be found via the event announcement: http://eastkingdom.org/EventDetails.php?eid=3360 Please note that only the first link to the full website is functional.

For honor and glory! And snacks!