Throwers of the East Kingdom, will you be at Pennsic? Come and try out to join the TW Champions’ War Point Team!
There will be tryouts for the team on Sunday, August 5 at 5:30pm (sign-ups starting at 5:00pm).badge marshal thrown weapons
– Tryouts will include ax, knife, and spear. Please bring what you need, or arrange to borrow before you come up to the range.
– No practice throws on the tryout targets. There might be a practice range open, but there might not be (depends on marshal availability).
– Each thrower gets one round of tryouts; nobody gets a second round.
– We must be off the range at dusk.

If you have an interest in being on the team, come out and throw! We have 11 positions to fill (our beloved King’s Champion will be skipping Pennsic this year unfortunately) and our Allies will also be trying out for the team this year. We do not know yet how many spots will be open to the East, but we want the best throwers out there. We will also have spots for a few alternates. So please, come on out and throw and help us win this year.

(Rain Date is Tuesday, August 7 at 5:30pm, and we do know this may overlap EK Court but it’s the only time we can get the range.)