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Photo by Brendan Crane.

On Friday, June 29th – Sunday, July 1st, AS LIII, Their Majesties Basilissa Caoilfhionn and Baselius Brennan, did visit their Barony of Concordia of the Snows and attended the Year 50 Celebration of the Kingdom of the East and K&Q Equestrian Championship.

Friday morning, Opening Ceremonies was held with a Grand Parade & Procession. Their Majesties welcomed everyone to the celebration, and Duncan Kerr was called in to be sent to Vigil for the Pelican.

Their Majesties reopened their court Friday evening. A representative on behalf of the Kingdom of Lochac presented gifts to Their Majesties, Johanne I Visby was sent on Vigil for the Pelican, and the following gentles were awarded:

      Name                                          Award                     Scribe(s)

Aaradyn Ghyoot Silver Brooch Kay Leigh Mac Whyte
Edmund Beneyt Silver Wheel C&I: Mairi Crawford

W: Ysmay dr Lynn

Ástríðr Musa aka Ástríðr Musi Maunche C&I: Faolán an Screcain

W: Grim the Skald

Duncan Kerr Pelican Vettorio Antonello

Their Majesties did suspend court until the following day. In the morning, Their Majesties did open their Equestrian Championship, and Sylvia du Vey was called into court and elevated to the Order of the Pelican. Scroll by Conor O Ceallaigh.

In the afternoon, on the fencing field, Catalina de Valencia was inducted in the Order of the Golden Rapier. Scroll by Tola Knityr

In the evening Their Majesties held a grand Court to commemorate the 50th anniversary. A great gathering of the populace attended to celebrate together. Representatives on behalf of the Kingdoms of Avacal, Atlantia, and Meridies presented gifts to Their Majesties. Empress Caoilfhionn and Emperor Brennan did also exchange gifts with Their Majesties of Aethelmearc and Their Graces of Acre.

The toybox was run by a courageous volunteer, many newcomers were welcomed, Sir Horic was called in and His Majesty Brennan personally recognized his contribution to the kingdom by gifting a gold chain, and the Autocrat, Duchess Avelina, spoke to the assembled crowd about the event and thanked the event staff.

Additionally, these gentles were awarded as follows:

    Name                                     Award                                       Scribe(s)

Corwin Blackthorn Silver Wheel Millicent Rowan
Deirdre of Mitgaard


Silver Wheel


C&I: Rhonwen Glyn Conwy

W: Rhonwen Glyn Conwy, Aildreda de Tamwurthe & Lucien de Pontivy

AmeliaJoan known as Molly Silver Wheel Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook
Matija Potocnik Award of Arms I&W: Lorita deSiena

C: Faolán an Screcain

Wulfstan Von Croop Award of Arms Emeline la Chauciere
Matteo Geovese Silver Mantle Nyfain merch Cohel
Magyarorszagi Zusanna Court Baroness C&I: Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova

W: Jean de Montagne

Christina Jenevra de Calvalhal Laurel Vettorio Antonello
Phaedra de Vere Silver Brooch Lada Monguligin
Eithne inghean Mael Duin Silver Brooch Henna Sinclair
Katherine Slough


Silver Brooch


C&I: Lorencio Matteo Espinosa

W: Edmund Beneyt & Lorencio Matteo Espinosa

Leonete D’Angely Silver Brooch Onora ingheann Ui Rauirc
Kassir Ni Deoraine Silver Crescent Fiona O’Maille ó Chuan Coille
Johanne I Visby Pelican S: Lada Monguligin

Cord: Alienor Salton

Margreta Gyllensteirna known as Red Writ for Pelican Basilissa Caoilfhionn

After main Court, Their Majesties did visit their ongoing Equestrian Tourney to award two additional pieces:

       Name                                     Award                             Scribe(s)

Gwenllian Rhiannon of Dragon Keep Silver Mantle Katherine Stanhope
Julian le Scot Golden Lance Onora ingheann Ui Rauirc

Finally, in the morning hours of Sunday, did Their Majesties name their new Equestrian Champions:

Kings Champion: Kiena Stewart

Queens Chamption: Leana Doucet

Scrolls by: Onora ingheann Ui Rauirc

Thus concluded East Kingdom 50 year celebration.

Thank you to Marion Kirkpatrick, Audrey Beneyt, Pagan Graeme, Malcolm Bowman, Yehuda ben Moshe, Sláine báen Ronan, Martin Wasser Speier, Simona bat Leon, Kazimierz of Carolingia, and Justinius Alexander Eternus for helping to herald court


Lady Liadan ingen Chineada