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Lady Esnede O Muirrin made 100 of these lovely pilgrims badges for the volunteers who set-up and tear-down EK Royal at Pennsic!


2018 EK Royal Encampment set-up/tear-down pilgrim’s badges. Made by Lady Esnede O Muirrin, photo used with her permission.

Please join us for set up/tear down! It’ll be fun, you’ll get to be the first to see the fancy new stuff, and you get an exclusive “I was there” pin. I’m gonna put mine on my hat.

Companions of the Order of the Tygers Cub will be serving cold beverages to the work crews – any children old enough to work without direct parental supervision are invited to help them.

Set-up Start Times: Tues 7/31
Tygers Cubs: 9:45 am
Gate Pavilion: 10:00 am
State Kitchen: 10:00 am
Windwalls: 11:00 am
Vigil Chapel/Garden: 11:00 am
Hospitality: 12:00 pm

Tear-down Start Times: Friday, 8/10
State Kitchen: 11:00 am
Hospitality: 1:00 pm
Tygers Cubs: 1:45 pm
Everything else: 2:00 pm

My plan is to only need each volunteer to put in two hours or less. We’ve put a lot of effort in over the winter to streamline and optimize so it can all go up and come down very quickly with a good-sized crew. There are some small jobs that don’t require strength or the ability to stand for very long, especially in the State Kitchen, so don’t hesitate just because you’re not able to swing a hammer or carry a heavy box!

-Mistress Eleanor FitzPatrick