At the East Kingdom 50 Year Order of High Merit meeting, Their
Highnesses encouraged the Orders to organize and hold their own Order

To that end, I did a survey of best times on the Silver Crescent
Discussion List and came up with the time of Sunday, August 5, 2018,
from 1 pm to 2 pm at the meeting tent in East Kingdom Royal for an
Order of the Silver Crescent Meeting.

1. A welcome for new Order members.
2. Hopefully Their Highnesses will have Their first poll issued before
then so we can discuss the candidates; if not, we’ll skip this part
until the next meeting which someone else will arrange.
3. Suggestions of potential pollees and individual queries about
dependents (if any).
4. General Discussion, including any standards, reminders, announcements, etc.

There are whole lot of Companions of this Order and I’m hoping I get a
chance to meet many of you I don’t already know at this time.

Thank you.
Mari Clock, Caer Adamant