Eighteen months ago, Baron Adolphus Benner had an audacious idea. As a physical representation of the lineage of Royalty of the East, he proposed making dolls – 115 dolls, in total – representing each of the individuals who has served the East Kingdom as sovereign.

Since then a team of about 13 volunteers, led by Lady Laurena Mouchot, and drawn largely from the Shire of Caer Adamant has been working hard to build, stuff, and dress the dolls for this ambitious project. Many other Easterners have contributed trims, jewellery, and other materials. 115 stands to display the dolls were made and donated by Lord Malcom Macleod.

At most recent count, 50 dolls are completed, with 65 more in the pipeline. Volunteers spent months tracking down photos of each Crown couple taken during their reign, and then modeled the dolls’ outfits on the garb worn in the photo. As a result of this, the doll project team has assembled what is probably one of the largest known collections of East Kingdom photographic history, and the photographs will be displayed in an album at East Kingdom 50 years along with the dolls.

Following their display at the East Kingdom 50 Year event, the group plans to hold an on-line auction for the dolls in September (after Pennsic) with proceeds to benefit the Kingdom.

As the June 28th deadline draws near, the team can still use more hands to help finish dressing the dolls. If you would like to volunteer, there is a Facebook group used for coordination or you can email Lady Laurena.

All photos provided by the East Kingdom Doll Project