Greetings and good news!

We are excited to announce the format for the King’s and Queen’s A & S Champions Competition for 2019!

One of our goals for the A&S Office is to get information published as early as possible. We want to keep people well informed so that they can be better prepared and have better experiences.

To those ends, here is the initial format for the King’s and Queen’s A & S Champions Copetition to be held in 2019.

This has all been posted to the Kingdom A&S webpage which will continue to be updated as we get closer to the event. The webpage also includes the rubrics used for the competition as well as guidelines for preparing documentation for the competition.


Another goal is to continue providing artisans resources on how to have a better experience being a part of this competition.

Here is what entrants can expect (though all people are welcome to these resources):

* Documentation training – Date: Wednesday, June 20th, 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm EST
* A&S Consultation tables at East Kingdom 50 Year, GNEW, and Pennsic

Still to come:

* Event details to be published after a group/site has been chosen for the event.
* Artisan registration
* Judges registration
* Judges rubric training and calibration at East Kingdom 50 Year and Pennsic

Thanks and appreciation to:

The Kingdom A&S Special Deputies who led (and continue to lead) this effort, Mistress Elysabeth Underhill (Lissa Underhill) and Master Magnus Hvalmagi (Peter Olsen) along with their team who helped with feedback and editing.

Support and feedback from Lord Doroga Voronin, Queen’s Champion of Arts and Sciences, and Mistress Elena Hylton (Jeanne Clifton) King’s Champion of Arts and Sciences.

Support and feedback from Their Highness, Prince Wilhelm von Ostenbrücke and Princess Vienna de la Mer (Jackie Lauersdorf Van Ostenbridge).

Your Servant to Command,


King’s and Queen’s Arts & Sciences Champions 2019