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badge ExchequerHave you ever wondered just how Pennsic happens, the planning, the expense, where your fees go? Do you have the time, energy and commitment to become a Pennsic Officer? If so, apply to be the Pennsic Exchequer. This is a volunteer position involving a very large commitment of time and energy. Only serious applicants should reply.

Hourly commitment expected:

  • During Pennsic, 6-8 hours per day from Staff Week through final Saturday.
  • Attend both weekend planning sessions, November and May.
  • 5-15 hours per week for the remainder of the year.


  • Work with the Pennsic Mayors to create and maintain a budget, with detail down to department expense levels.
  • Report regularly to the Pennsic Financial Committee and the Kingdom Seneschal Group on activities relating to Pennsic finances.
  • Report directly to the Society Exchequer using SCA standard financial reporting forms.
  • Serve as a subject-matter expert in determining allowable expenditures.
  • Travel to two planning meetings (November & May)
  • Be on-site for the entire Pennsic War, and be available on site during the week preceding the war if possible.
  • Hold regular “office hours” during war, and monitor a radio and/or pager for the entire war.
  • Work with the Cooper’s Lake staff to coordinate resources and funds transfers.

Skills and resources required:

  • Moderate to expert knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • Moderate to expert knowledge of QuickBooks.
  • Moderate to expert knowledge of SCA reports
  • Experience as an SCA Exchequer preferred, but not required
  • Accounting/bookkeeping experience desired.
  • Reliable phone and email access.
  • Ability and willingness to communicate to several people over long distances.

Successful applicants will be expected to attend Pennsic 47 and spend part of 3-4 days working with the current Exchequer to experience the requirements and meet staff members. A final decision will be made following Pennsic War

Please send applications (modern resume and SCA activity summary) to resume@pennsicwar.com. Application period closes 05/01/2018