badge HeraldThe Society College of Arms runs on monthly cycles and letters. Each month, the College processes name and armory submissions from all of the Kingdoms. Final decisions on submissions are made at the monthly meetings of the Pelican Queen of Arms (names) and the Wreath Queen of Arms (armory). Pelican and Wreath then write up their decisions in a Letter of Acceptances and Return (LoAR). After review and proofreading, LoARs generally are released two months after the meeting where the decisions are made.

An “acceptance” indicates that the item(s) listed are now registered with the Society. A “return” indicates that the item is returned to the submitter for additional work. Most items are registered without comments. Sometimes, the LoAR will address specific issues about the name or armory or will praise the submitter/herald on putting together a very nice historically accurate item.

The following results are from the October 2017 Wreath and Pelican meetings.

EAST acceptances

Ádísa Grímólfsdóttir. Name and device. Per bend argent and gules, an increscent and a unicorn contourny counterchanged crined Or.

Appearing on the Letter of Intent as Rhiannon Grímólfsdóttir, Kingdom issued a timely correction of the name to Ádísa Grímólfsdóttir. In the corrected form, it is a registerable Old Norse name.

Albrecht Østergaard. Device. Per pale Or and gules, a raven displayed sable between three towers, a bordure counterchanged.

There is a step from period practice for use of a non-eagle displayed.

Aleydis van der Veere. Name and device. Per bend embattled argent and purpure, two lotus blossoms in profile counterchanged vert and argent.

Nice 14th century Dutch/Flemish name!

Artist’s note: Please draw the lotus blossoms as cup-shaped flowers, and the embattlements bigger and bolder.

Christophe de Frisselle. Device. Azure, a pale checky sable and argent.

Nice device!

The submitter has permission to conflict with the badge of the Shire of Caer Adamant, Azure, a pale vert fimbriated Or.

Gregori Rogue Montana. Name.

Joel Messerer. Name.

Katharine Slough. Device. Or, a sexfoil and a bordure wavy purpure.

Mari Clock van Hoorne. Badge. (Fieldless) On the forehead of a skull Or a card pique sable.

Artist’s note: Please fill in the eye and nasal cavities in the tincture of the skull.

Morwill MacShane. Badge. (Fieldless) Two fish hooks in saltire sable.

Nice badge!

Ráðúlfr Grímólfsson. Name and device. Per chevron throughout raguly gules and argent, two Thor’s hammers argent and a bat-winged wolf sejant sable.

Nice 9th-10th century Icelandic name!

Sitt al-Gharb ha-niqret Khazariyya. Badge. (Fieldless) Two winged monkeys combatant each maintaining two daggers, the center daggers in saltire Or.

Symon van Moordrecht. Name change from Symon Fitz Gilbert (see RETURNS for badge).

The Letter of Intent did not document Moordrecht as a period spelling of the place name. However, after the close of commentary, Yehuda Blue Tyger found a 1625 Dutch record for a Cornelis Janszn Moordrecht. Therefore, we can register this name as submitted.

The submitter’s previous name, Symon Fitz Gilbert, is released.

Theodoric of Malagentia. Name and device. Purpure, on a natural sea tortoise Or a bear’s paw print sable.

Malagentia is the registered name of an SCA branch.

There is a step from period practice for use of a paw print.

Wilhelm van Hammaburc. Name and device. Per pale wavy argent and gules, two horses rampant addorsed counterchanged.


EAST returns

Danielle de Lorraine. Device. Azure, a serpent involved and on a chief argent a bow palewise reversed between two musical notes azure.

This device is returned for violation of SENA A2C1, which requires that charges be depicted in their period formats. The musical notes in this submission have flags that extend horizontally, like a pennon. Period musical notation, if they used flags at all, drooped them vertically, and even folded them back onto the stem, to save space on the page. This depiction of musical notes doesn’t show up until well past even the grey period.

Piers Campbell. Badge. (Fieldless) A saltire couped and overall a boar’s head couped close argent.

This badge must be returned for identifiability issues. The overall charge obscures the saltire, which is compounded by the charges being the same tincture. Upon resubmission, either one of the charges should be made a different tincture, or the head should be redrawn so as not to obscure the saltire, or both.

Symon van Moordrecht. Badge. (Fieldless) A calamarie sable.

This badge must be returned for conflict with Athanasius Lacedaemonius, Argent, a calamarie sable. There is a single DC for fieldlessness.


Mistress Alys Mackyntoich

Editor for Heraldic Matters