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Greetings unto the Populace of the Great Kingdom of the
East. I hereby bring you news that I have assumed the
position of Kingdom Archivist. It was with slight
trepidation that I then unloaded a sizable pile of boxes
into my basement!

What is in these boxes? Documents. Many, many documents.
Documents that need to be kept for real world or Kingdom
legal reasons, mostly boring stuff, like waivers and such.
I have the daunting task ahead of me of sorting through it
all and tidying things up. I will put forth the effort to
bring it all into the 21’st century and transfer that which
is suitable to a digital format, greatly simplifying the
task of Archiving.

But I have also discovered that there are documents that
are of historical interest. Documents with pretty
illumination, calligraphy and many signatures. Of course
these will be preserved in their physical format, but I
intend to be working with the Web Ministers to bring
digital images of them to the Kingdom Website and
accessible for the enjoyment of all.

As things progress I will be bringing you updates here!

YIS, Baron Goerijs “the Unpronounceable” Goriszoon, OSC