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Mistress Laura Hawkwood (also known as Laura de Segovia), 43rd Laurel of the East, passed away in Carolingia on Tuesday, April 12th. She was awarded arms in AS X at the coronation of Alaric and Yseult, and was one of only 14 inductees into the now closed Order of Fatima, which honored illustrious clothiers and seamstresses. (She also helped design the badge for this order, as well as the badge for the Queen’s Order of Courtesy which is still in use today.) In AS XX, she was recognized as a companion of the Order of the Moon by the Baron of Carolingia for her achievements in the arts which further the progress of those arts in the Barony of Carolingia. She was a founder of House Silverwing, and active in the heraldic community.

Her obituary is available on-line here.