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Unto the Rapier Combatants of the Kingdom of the East do I, Master Frasier MacLeod, send greetings,

We have recently changed Webministers for the EK Rapier website. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mistress Analeda Falconbridge for stepping in at a difficult time and keeping the site afloat and viable until a permanent Webminister could be found.

Our new Webminister, Lord Brian of Stonemarche, has asked me to put out the call for CONTENT! If there is an article, an essay, a class, a presentation, or anything along those lines you think would make the Rapier website better and more useful, let us know! Feel free to send it along to Brian and myself, with a copy of the SCA Creative Work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form found here: Link to Release so we can use your work legally and with your permission.

The EK Rapier website is for all of YOU, and without you we can’t make it better. Help us turn the site into something other kingdoms will look at and go “Wow, I wish my website was cool like the East’s is”.

In Service,

Master Frasier MacLeod, KRM, East