badge East Tyger Clerk of the SignetGreetings to the Artisans of the East,

With changes that have been introduced at the last Curia to the existing award system, I decided this was a prime time to initiate a request from the Tyger Clerk of the Signet’s Office. Especially since Her Majesty also happened to mention getting people who are not traditional scribes involved in the creation of scrolls. If you have ever though you might like to help out this is the time to start. We are likely to get a good number of new assignments from the changes in the award system, so we are looking for talented people willing to help.

As you sit in court listening to the awards going out, surely you have noticed some that were not the traditional paper scroll. We have given out a variety of different items representing a wide range of artistic practices over the years. During the last year I have seen stone carvings, embroidery, woodburning, wood block printing, pottery and painting on non-paper media. In the past I have also seen a painted windwall, carved horn and a painted lute. We welcome artists who work in techniques other than the traditional paper scrolls to become members of the scribes for the East Kingdom. Typically an assignment is given to the scribe at least a month before it is due to go out in court, sometimes up to three months is available. A great many projects can be completed in that amount of time. Therefore if you do anything that can be turned into an award, and think you might like to try this out get in touch with the Signet’s Office.

The Tyger clerk of the Signet’s Office has a webpage at: http://signet.eastkingdom.org/wp/  At our homepage you can find the handbook and sample wordings under the “New Scribe” heading. There are also many examples of scrolls in the gallery.
You can send a message to either the Signet at: Signet@Eastkingdom.org
Or the New Scribe deputy at: newscribe.deputy@Eastkingdom.org

Thank you all for your attention,
Nest verch Tangwistel
Tyger Clerk of the Signet