badge HeraldLord Yehuda ben Moshe, the East Kingdom Submissions herald, has provided the Gazette with the artwork that was submitted to the SCA College of Arms for awards recently established in the East Kingdom.  Final decisions from the College are expected in April 2016 for the Golden Lance and in June 2016 for the new armigerous awards. Until those decisions are received, this artwork is not official.

The badges can be displayed in ways other than shown in this artwork. Lord Yehuda explained how this works for those who are not familiar with the heraldic submission process. “For the purposes of submissions, all badges, including award badges, must be submitted on a square form.  While this doesn’t matter for fieldless badges (Apollo’s Arrow, the first Silver Brooch, Silver Wheel), it does affect the shape of the fielded badges (Silver Tyger, second Silver Brooch, and Golden Lance).  Badges may be displayed on any shape – period heraldic display shapes include the escutcheon (shield shape), circle, square, heart, lozenge, rectangle, etc.  As I expect a large number of people to use round badge medallions, I’ve included round versions of the Silver Tyger, second Silver Brooch, and Golden Lance badges.  These are not what was submitted to the College of Heralds, but they are acceptable renditions of the design.”

In addition, Lord Yehuda added the following information about the Silver Brooch. “Two badges are being submitted for the Silver Brooch.  This is deliberate, and either one may be used.”  Anyone who wants vector versions or high-resolution bitmap versions can contact Lord Yehuda, who can provide them.

The blazons submitted with the badges are listed below. Lord Yehuda noted that the blazon text may be changed by the College of Arms.

  • Order of the Golden Lance of the East: Per fess azure and Or, a tilting lance fesswise and a tyger courant counterchanged.
  • Order of Apollos Arrow: (Fieldless) On a sun argent an arrow azure.
  • Order of the Silver Brooch: 1) (Fieldless) A closed brooch argent. 2) Per pale argent and azure, a closed brooch counterchanged.
  • Order of the Silver Tyger:  Azure, a tyger rampant and an orle argent.
  • Order of the Silver Wheel: (Fieldless) A cartwheel argent