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On a gorgeous fall day, 10 October AS L, Their Majesties Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri did hold a competition for the choosing of their new Rapier Champions, nicknamed the Stab and Parry Palooza.

At the start of the day, after welcome the numerous combatants, Their Majesties called before them Marguerite ingen Lachlainn. Speaking of her great service to the Kingdom, they did call forth their Order of the Silver Crescent. Marguerite was present with a medallion, and a scroll by Harold von Auerback.

Brennan and Caoilfhionn next called before them Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova. They did then ask of her a question, and called for their Order of Defense. Nataliia received a writ to determine if she would join the order at the coming Crown Tournament.

The tournament began, and the more than 60 combatants fought in eight pools. At the end of the round robin, sixteen advanced to the double elimination. The Semi-Finals were announced, Thomas of Effingham versus Nathaniel Wyatt, Donovan Shinnock versus Allerick Van Den Brueck. The finals came down to Donovan Shinnock and Thomas of Effingham. In a best three of five, Donovan emerged victorious.

Their Majesties reopened court upon the completion of the tournament, and invited before them Allerick Van Den Brueck. For his incredible display of prowess throughout the day, they named him to their Order of the Silver Rapier.

Their Majesties an hour or so later began their afternoon court, inviting Their Excellencies Smoking Rocks, as their hosts, to open up their own court. Once the Baronial court was complete, Their Majesties invited Their Excellencies of Drangonship Haven to swear fealty.

His Majesty Brennan called forth this Rapier Champion, Antonio Patrasso. Thanking him for his service, Antonio relinquished his regalia. Donovan Shinnock was called before the court to take his place as the new King’s Rapier Champion. Donovan received the regalia and a scroll by Reijnier Verplank.

Her Majesty called forth the Ladies of the Rose in attendance. Each presented tokens to gentles hey had found chivalrous and courteous during the day. They then called forth Thomas of Effingham, and presented him with the first Cloak of Perseverence. This began a new tradition for Eastern Rapier.

Her Majesty Caoilfhionn called forth her Rapier Champion, Sorcha Dhocair. Thanking her for her service, Sorcha relinquished his regalia. Per Her Majesty’s request, Sorcha called forth her successor – Llewellyn Walsh. Llewellyn came before the court to take his place as the new Queen’s Rapier Champion. He received the regalia and a scroll by Reijnier Verplank.

The participants of Her Majesty’s Children’s Service Initiative were called forth, Caleb Patrasso and Emma Lovell, and recognized for their work. Their Majesties called before them the rest of the children present, and had Tiernan Mac Alpin take them for a run after the toybox.

Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri invited before them all those attending their first, second or third event, and presented to them tokens in thanks for joining our Society.

Their Majesties next invited before them Marielle D’Arya. She was Awarded Arms, and named a Lady of the court and presenting with a scroll by Constance de St. Denis.

Next Their Majesties called before them Scrooby of Carolingia. They named him a Lord of their Court, Awarding him Arms and presenting him a scroll by Magdalena von Kirschberg.

His Majesty invited before him the Carolingian Calivers. Exclaiming how impressed he was by their melee skills on the rapier field, he named them his own melee unit, and presented them with a scroll by Marieta Charay with words by Alys Mackyntoich.

Their Majesties called before them Lucien de Wyntere. Speaking highly of his service, they informed him that they were not alone in noting his work, and called forth the Order of the Silver Crescent. They elevated him to the order. Lucien received a medallion, and a scroll by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova with words by Alys Mackyntoich.

This order still not complete, Brennan and Caoilfhionn called before them Genevra d’Angouleme. She was elevated to the order with the presentation of a medallion and a scroll by Rhonwen Glyn Conwy featuring words by Rhonwen Glyn Conwy and Eldrich Gaiman.

His Majesty called into court Remy Delmontagne de Gascogne. Remy did a turn on the catwalk for all, and Brennan pointed out how impressive Remy’s commitment and dedication to personal and period was. As such, Brennan named Remy to the Kings’ Order of Excellence. A scoll by Jonathan Blaecstan with words by Aildreda de Tamworthe was presented to him.

Their Majesties invited before them Lottieri Malocchio. Noting his success as the Rapier General at the most recent Pennsic War, they game Malocchio license to continue to raise and train the Rapier Army, and presented him with a scroll by Alys Mackyntoich.

Brennan and Caoilfhionn called before them Jean Michel LeVode. They spoke of his exceptional prowess with the rapier, and called forth his Don, Nathaniel Wyatt, to release him. Thus they called forth the companions of the Order of the Golden Rapier. Upon Jen Michel’s elevation to the order, he was presented with a medallion and a scroll by Nest verch Tangwistel.

A great day of chivalry, prowess, skill and honor complete, thus closed their court of their Majesties Brennan Ri and Caoilfhionn Banri. Long Live the King! Long Live the Queen! Long Live the Kingdom of the East!


Malcolm Bowman, Eastern Crown Herald

A thank you to the heralds for the court: Mylisant Grey, Jean de Montagne, Alesone Gray of Cranlegh, Liadin Ingen Chineada, Simona bat Leon. Addition special thank you to Rowen Cloteworthy for his organization of the list heralds, and all the heralds of the lists for the tourney.