imagesOn September 12, ambassadors are coming from all corners of the East Kingdom – Anglespur, Bergental, Carolingia, Concordia, Rusted Woodlands and Smoking Rocks, to share their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills.  The Arts and Sciences Salon, in Scotia, New York, will be a day full of explorations into a wide variety of interests.

Of course the topics you might expect will be covered – culinary arts, embroidery, and glass bead making. But there will also be those areas of interest that might surprise you, such as dance, health sciences, heraldry and parchment making. A total of 20 different topics are planned for the day. There will be something for everyone, young and old, beginner and seasoned pro. Less structured than a schola, this will be an event where everyone is encouraged to share what they know.

Some ambassadors are planning informal classes throughout the day. Others will structure their room for round table discussions, demonstrations, or one-to-one instruction. In every case there will be a chance for hands-on work and play. In addition to rooms devoted to specific arts or sciences, a reference library is planned, which will include interesting and hard to find books and publications on many topics to advance your research, and room to relax and discuss whatever art or science takes your fancy.images (8)

Everyone is encouraged to bring a project to work on during the day or exhibit at the grand A&S Display. This will be a chance to highlight the great skills of the East Kingdom, and mingle with all the day’s participants. Be sure to bring your tokens to show your appreciation.