Their Royal Majesties King Omega V and Queen Etheldreda IV held Court at Crown Tournament, in the Barny of An Dubhaigeainn on May 2. The Gazette thanks Reporting Herald Baron Ernst Nuss von Kitzingen, and additional Court Heralds Mistress Rosalind Bennett, Master Thomas de Castellon, Mistress Alys Macyntoich, Master Rowen Cloteworthy, Master Ryan McWhyte, and Lady Azure Brennan, for providing the following list of business conducted.

1. Brennan mac Feargus Prince

2. Caoilfhoinn ingan Faoilan Princess

3. Ionus Aurelius Serpentius Admiral of the Armies

4. Randall of the Dark Shield of Chvalry

5. Uilliam Twit of Witlow, called Twit Tyger of the East, scroll by Emma Makilmone

6. Sterling of House Three skulls Tyger’s Cub No scroll

7. Children of the East Presentation

8. Cassandra Backlog AoA

9. Eliayhu Al-Talhi Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Vettorio Antonello

10. Sandrine de Berry Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Jonathan Blaecstan

11. Goerijs Goriszoon Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Shadiyah Al-Zhara

12. Katheryn Fontayne Court Barony with Grant, i: Conor O Ceallaigh c: lada

13. Lucius Aurelius Serpentius Court Barony with Grant, scroll by Palotzi Marti

14. Eanraig the Bonesetter Award of Arms, scroll by Leonete d’Angely

15. Eanraig the Bonesetter Silver Rapier No scroll

16. Antonio Patrasso Order of Defense, scroll by Ro Honig von Somerfeldt

17. Frasier MacLeod Order of Defense scroll by Alexandre St. Pierre w: Alys Mackyntoich

18. Donovan Shinnock Order of Defense, scroll by Nataliia Anastasiia Evgenova


NOTE: There will be several Court Reports posted, without photographs.